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Find Freelance Writing Jobs

Find Freelance Writing Jobs

In order to thrive, freelance writers always need to be discovering new opportunities for writing jobs. That’s why here at Make a Living Writing, we’re dedicated to create new lists of paying markets, every single month.

Not content mills or freelancer sites to join, or job ads you ‘apply’ for – and compete with 500 other applicants. We bring you lists of publications, websites and blogs that pay for articles and content. You pitch your idea or write your draft (depending on their submission rules), get hired, and get paid.

We know one of the best ways we can help you is to scour the internet for information on who’s paying writers – especially, who pays well. Our blog team works hard to bring you new leads!

Our lists of markets that pay writers include

Our lists of markets that pay writers include:

Find Freelance Writing Jobs Some tips for using these market lists:

Study the publication or site. Know what they’ve recently covered, so you don’t pitch the same topic. See if you can take popular topics they have and add some new angle or update.

Follow writers’ guidelines. Look for and follow instructions about how to pitch any market you want to write for.

Bring your ‘A’ game. Remember, what you write in your pitch letter is a writing audition. Make sure your prose sparkles!

Keep marketing. Don’t sit around waiting for one editor or content manager to get back to you – keep right on pitching!

We hope these lists help you find good writing opportunities!