How to Make Money Writing

Are you a hard-working freelance writer who’s not earning what you want? This resource page is for you.

Our Make a Living Writing blog founder Carol Tice has 20+ years of freelance experience and ramped her writing biz to six figures during the ’08 recession. She’s also coached hundreds of other writers to six-figure success, through her Freelance Writers Den 2X Income Accelerator mastermind program.

So we’re able to bring you the internet’s best collection of tips for struggling, mid-career writers who’re ready to claim the lucrative freelance lifestyle they deserve.

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How To Make Money Writing
Our resources for busy, working freelance writers help you

Our resources for busy, working freelance writers help you:

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We’re here to help you get serious about your freelance-writing biz, level-up your income, and get the great clients you deserve. You work hard, as a freelance writer, and what you do has great value to your clients. You deserve to be well-paid for it!

Let’s put the ‘free’ back in freelance and help you achieve true freelance-writing success – the kind where you get to go on vacations, have a retirement account, live where you want, and have a savings account. Right?

Check out our top mid-career freelance writer resources below:

How to Make Money Writing

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