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Writing Jobs: 14 Small-Business Markets That Pay Freelancers


Looking for writing jobs? Don’t overlook the small-business niche.

Small business owners are scrambling to adapt to a pandemic-ridden economy. Both print and online publications are looking for expert content to help their readers navigate these unfamiliar waters.

And that’s great news for freelancers. Do you know the small-business niche? Or at least know who to call and where to find story ideas? You can land writing jobs in the small-business market.

Whether it’s small business, startup, or entrepreneurial ventures you’re targeting, experience is always a bonus when pitching to these pubs. But it’s not a requirement.

What editors want for these writing jobs is freelancers who:

  • Interview subject matter experts
  • Follow small-business trends
  • Write about business issues, problems, and solutions
  • Are well-connected with business owners and professionals

Your brain churning over small-business story ideas? Good.

You can land writing jobs in the small-business niche for privately-owned businesses, business-related publications, and industry organizations.

And the process to land an assignment is pretty universal. Take a look at the popular articles and blog posts on these sites. Study the guidelines. And pitch the editor with an original idea.

Check out these 14 markets that pay for writing jobs related to small business to get started.

Atlantic Business

1. Atlantic Business Magazine 

Rate: $0.40 cents a word for print/online content; website-only content negotiated per project

This Canadian online and print magazine is looking for great business stories specific to their region. Review the editorial calendar and pitch entertaining ideas that captivate readers’ attention and go beyond the facts.

Editor: Email editor Dawn Chafe at dchafe@atlanticbusinessmagazine.com.

BC Business

2. BC Business

Rate: $0.56-0.75/word reported on ‘who pays writers’ (2017)

This Canadian publication is looking for well-thought out pieces that tap into deeper stories. 

Editor: Email editor-in-Chief Nick Rockel at nrockel@canadawide.com.

Blue Vine

3. BlueVine Business Blog

Rate: Determined on contract

This small business loan company has an active blog for small business owners looking for advice and expertise. They’re open to pitches for future writing jobs and assignments. Be sure to read the blog and get a feel for the content they publish, before pitching.

Editor’s note: The editor listed at the time of the post writing has left the company and can’t accept pitches. You may find the current editor and see if they are still working with freelance writers.

Douglas Magazine

4. Douglas Business Magazine

Rate: $0.40 a word

This Vancouver Island-based pub is looking for regional stories of business-related people, trends and issues. Upon acceptance, the editor will contact writers to confirm the direction of the article and supply a contract stating deadlines, rates, rights, etc.

Editor: Send queries to this Canadian magazine’s editor Kerry Slavens at kslavens@pageonepublishing.ca.


5. Entrepreneur

Rate: $1 a word

Entrepreneur considers inspirations, trends and advice pieces their “bread and butter.” They’re looking for original story ideas geared towards the sophisticated entrepreneur.

Editor: Email digital content editorial director Dan Bova at dbova@entrepreneur.com.

Home Business

6. Home Business Magazine

Rate: $0.20 a word.

Home Business Magazine showcases a variety of topics, including small business, startup and entrepreneur sections. Their content is for home-based business owners and telecommuters alike. They offer both online and traditional publications and are especially interested in business success stories.

Editor: Submit your pitch or article to the editor, Sherilyn Colleen, at sherilyn@homebusinessmag.com.

Inc. magazine

7. Inc

Rate: $.33 a word

This business pub is looking for contributors who are willing to commit to a six-month (minimum) writing gig. Check out the guidelines and apply to be a contributor if they fit your niche.

Editor: Reach out to Editor-at-large Leigh Buchanan on Twitter. 

Writing Jobs - IBT

8. International Business Times

Rate: $0.28 a word

IBT reaches a global audience interested in all things economics, business and politics. IBT is looking for experienced small business freelancers for writing jobs to contribute to their glossary of business terms (500 words per term) and to write instructional articles on business-related activities on a continuous basis.

Editor: Find editor Anne Torpey on Twitter or LinkedIn

Writing Jobs - I Work Well

9. I Work Well

Rate: $200+ per article

This blog for HR professionals pays its contributing writers. It has a variety of topics, including staffing, leadership, and employee relations. Apply to be one of their subject matter experts and become an ongoing contributor to I Work Well.

Editor: Email chairman and founder Robert Padulo at rpadulo@iworkwell.com.

Writing Jobs - Lendio

10. Lendio

Rate: $0.14-0.28 cents per word (varies based on experience)

This small-business loan company maintains a regular roster of experienced freelance writers, most of whom specialize in small business and finance. They prefer to assign writing jobs to freelancers who have ongoing availability and can contribute high-quality content on a regular basis.

Editor: Email pitches to senior director of content marketing Melissa Zehner.

Writing Jobs - Medium

11. Medium

Rate: Varies

Editor: Join the partner program and earn money based on how many reads your piece receives. Multiple pubs to choose from, including business-focused Marker and The Startup, their largest active publications. 

Editor: Find editor-at-large Steve Levine on Twitter.

Writing Jobs - Michelle Pippin

12. Michelle Pippin

Rate: $50-$150 an article

Michelle Pippin’s blog is geared toward women entrepreneurs, who are “seriously driven.” Review the site and its style before pitching articles on how to be a “woman who wows in business”! Note, B. Michelle Pippin is looking for writers with first-hand experience in business with particular interest in booking national media spots and speaking gigs, tax advice, productivity tips, automation hacks, and using Youtube to make sales and money.

Editor: Pitch to B. Michelle Pippin, at michelle@womenwhowow.com.

Writing Jobs - Smart Business Trends

13. Smart Business Trends

Rate: Unpaid guest posts are frequent. But Smart Business Trends does pays $100-$200 for well-done tutorials, case studies, and product reviews.

Pitches on online marketing and blogging topics can be submitted to the pub here. Be sure to include relevant experience, links to samples of your work, and that the pitch is intended for paid content consideration (unless you’re just looking for a good clip, in which case, state that it’s for a guest post).

Editor: Reach out to editor and founder Chris Fong on Facebook.

Writing Jobs - Your Online Biz

14. Your Online Biz

Rate: $100 per post

This site looks for success stories, product experiences and lessons learned. Read why they’re paying $100 for guest posts (with a shoutout to our very own Carol Tice!) and submit your name and email for further instructions. 

Editor: Reach founder Darnell Jackson on Twitter.

Get writing jobs in the small-business niche

Small business expertise can pay off BIG with a little hustle and the right pitch. Use what you’ve learned to help entrepreneurs survive and thrive through the pandemic and beyond. To maximize your chances of breaking into this niche, be sure to take time to:

  • Thoroughly research the market
  • Study the submission guidelines
  • Read the pubs content
  • Write the perfect query or pitch letter
  • Send, and repeat

If you want to land niche assignments writing about small business, check out the list, and start pitching. Or go pitch businesses and industry publications in your niche.

Need help landing small-business writing jobs? Let’s discuss in the comments below.

Kathie Bullard Harris is a freelance health and wellness writer living in the Southern United States. When she isn’t writing copy, she’s working on her forever-in-progress first novel.

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