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Trade Magazines: 22 Niche Pubs That Pay Writers Up to $2,000

Trade Magazines: 22 Niche Pubs That Pay Writers Up to $2,000

22 Trade Magazines That Pay Up to $2,000.

Want to write for trade magazines?

The idea probably conjures up images of your byline in glossy, newsstand publications.

But there’s another type of publication that many freelance writers overlook, trade magazines, and the pay rate can be on par with high-profile, consumer mags.

Writers who’ve gotten in with trade magazines often find that the market is stable and can provide opportunities for regular work.

And because trade magazines cover virtually every major industry (along with some you may never even have heard of), there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find ones that focus on topics you’d like to write about.

TIP: Before pitching any of these trade magazines, make sure you study the publication and read the writer’s guidelines (when available), so you get a strong grasp of the kind of content they publish.

In many cases, you can read recent articles on the magazine’s website or request a sample copy. Some trade pubs are highly specialized, so you need to make sure your pitch is relevant.

In this post, we’re going to introduce you to 22 trade magazines that pay up to $2,000 per assignment.

Make Money Writing in 2022: The Monster List of 115 Markets

Make Money Writing in 2022: The Monster List of 115 Markets

Make Money Writing: Monster List of 115 Paying Markets.

Ready to make money writing in 2022?

While 2021 was a rough year, there are still plenty of opportunities for freelance writers in the year ahead.

And if you’re looking to get off to a productive start in 2022, we’ve got you covered. This monster list includes 115 markets spanning more than 20 industries. So there’s something for just about everyone!

You’ll find a wide range of places to pitch to help you make money writing, including:

  • Content writing and guest blogging opportunities for new writers and pros breaking into different niches.

  • Print and web-based writing jobs for writers of all levels, from those still building portfolios to writers with substantial experience or expertise in specific industries.

  • Pro-rate gigs at top publishers, like glossy magazines and popular news and lifestyle sites geared toward mid-career and seasoned writers.

    We focused on gigs that offer competitive rates – the top five in each niche – and we’ve updated the pay and editor contact information for each market. That way, you’ll have a good idea of what to expect before getting started on your pitch.

  • Write About Pets: 19 Friendly Markets That Pay Up to $600

    Write About Pets: 19 Friendly Markets That Pay Up to $600

    Write About Pets: 19 Friendly Markets for Freelancers Want to get paid to write about pets?

    If you’re a writer who loves pets, consider combining your passions and becoming a pet-care writer.

    If you want to write about pets, there’s some good news: the pet industry is enormous. In North America alone, it’s currently worth over $225 billion, and many pet care businesses and publications need freelancers who can write about pets.

    The majority of the market consists of non-veterinary-related products and services, meaning that there are lots of opportunities to write about pets within the niche regardless of your educational background.

    This list features 19 markets that pay freelancers to write about pets and cover topics about animals and pet care. It includes publications that focus on all kinds of animals, including cats, dogs, horses, birds, and even reptiles.

    The 2022 Monster List of 75+ Content Writing Jobs

    The 2022 Monster List of 75+ Content Writing Jobs

    The Monster List of 75+ Content Writing Jobs.

    Ready to snag some more content writing jobs? While the past few months have been pretty rough for the U.S economy, you may be surprised to know that the demand for writers to fill content writing jobs has actually remained quite stable throughout the pandemic. 

    In fact, there’s been a huge boost in the availability of content writing jobs since 2020, in part because of the continued popularity of remote work. According to a report by CNBC, listings for freelance gigs rose by 41 percent during the second quarter of 2020 in comparison to the same period in 2019. 

    And experts believe the increased use of freelancers by businesses will be a long-lasting or even permanent trend, so there’s no better time than the present to ramp up your efforts to land new clients and book more content writing jobs.

    Who is this list for?

    This list includes content writing jobs across a variety of niches, including:

    • Content writing jobs for beginners looking to launch their careers or break into a new niche.
    • Blogging and online content writing jobs suitable for writers of all levels – from those with minimal experience to seasoned writers with expertise in a specific industry.
    • High-paying opportunities geared toward experienced writers looking to be published in top publications, like leading news websites or magazines.

    All of the content writing jobs in this monster list are paid opportunities, and we’ve focused especially on those with competitive rates. It includes a variety of popular niches, from business to personal finance to travel. We’ve also listed updated contact info for editors and average pay rates – so you can jump right in and start finding work.

    Writing for Money: 13 Finance Markets for Freelancers to Pitch

    Writing for Money: 13 Finance Markets for Freelancers to Pitch

    Writing for Money_ 13 Finance Markets for Freelancers to Pitch Social .

    If you’re writing for money, chances are pretty good you think about money…a lot.


    But besides paying your bills, freelance writing rates, or the cost of doing business, you can also turn writing for money into your niche writing about money.

    Looking to settle into a niche that pays well and offers plenty of opportunities for ongoing work?

    If you’re serious about writing for money, there’s a profitable niche you need to consider.

    Writing for personal finance markets. It’s a huge industry. For example…

    • Consumers spend millions of dollars every year using credit cards and loans, and nearly 95 percent of all Americans use banking services. 
    • There’s also growing interest in web-based financial platforms
    • And in the COVID era of financial uncertainty, there’s demand for solid advice on saving, investing, budgeting, planning for retirement, and basically all things related to—money.

    No doubt the demand is there for freelancers writing for money who can craft high-quality content on a variety of personal finance topics.

    Want some help finding clients, landing assignments, and writing for money?

    Check out these 13 outlets to find writing opportunities in this niche.

    14 Freelance Comedy Writing Jobs That Pay You to Make People Laugh

    14 Freelance Comedy Writing Jobs That Pay You to Make People Laugh

    Humor Writing: Get Paid to Make People Laugh.

    Need a good laugh? Humor writing can serve up just the right dose of feel-good vibes to put a smile on your face.

    If you’ve got a knack for telling funny stories, humor writing can also be a great way to make money as a freelancer.

    Heard any good stories or had any crazy experiences that you could use to land a humor writing assignment?

    That’s usually where great story ideas in this niche begin.

    Some consumer magazines still have a place carved out for humor writing, like the The Last Page feature in Smithsonian magazine.

    A few markets like Cracked and The Onion, still exist that exclusively publish satirical and humor writing.

    And there’s plenty of other markets that expect a mix of humor writing in every story to please their readers.

    Have a funny story to tell? Or want to take a crack at humor writing?

    Check out these 15 humor writing markets:

    Business Writing: 14 E-Commerce Markets That Pay Freelancers

    Business Writing: 14 E-Commerce Markets That Pay Freelancers

    Business Writing: 14 E-Commerce Markets to Pitch  .

    Are you looking for business writing gigs?

    There’s a niche industry that’s absolutely killing it.

    And chances are pretty good you know more about this business-writing niche than you think.

    Why? Because it’s become a part of everyday life. E-commerce is a massive global industry that refers to the buying and selling of goods or services online.

    Retail sales alone in the U.S amounted to over $700 billion in 2020. Experts expect the industry to sustain exponential growth as COVID-19 drives more people to conduct business online.

    That means there’s ample business writing opportunities in e-commerce if you tap into the right markets. And those opportunities are for both B2C and B2B audiences.

    To successfully land business-writing gigs in e-commerce, you’ll need to:

    • Identify potential clients you want to write for
    • Carefully study the submission guidelines
    • Come up with a strong idea for a story
    • Write your pitch, and send it to an editor
    • Keep on pitching!

    If you do these things, you’ll be well on your way to getting paid business writing assignments related to e-commerce. But you’ll need to find the right markets to pitch, first.

    And remember, if you’re really want to start landing more jobs and making more money, the Freelance Writers Den has 300+ hours of on-demand training videos and materials, community support from seasoned pros and fellow freelancers, and all the tools you need to grow your writing business. There’s even a members-only job board with new listings posted regularly. Get on the waiting list now to take your career to new heights.

    Learn to find, price & land great gigs! Banner ad for freelance writers den.

    Check out these 14 markets to find business writing opportunities in this booming niche.

    Get Paid to Write Poetry: 14 Markets for Freelance Writers

    Get Paid to Write Poetry: 14 Markets for Freelance Writers

    Get Paid to Write Poetry.

    Want to get paid to write poetry?

    If that sounds like a far-fetched idea, you’re not the first writer to think poetry is a low-paying dead end.

    You’re not going to get paid to write poetry for most magazines, trade pubs, businesses, or blogs.

    But it’s not impossible to get paid for your prose, and get a byline for publishing poetry.

    I’ve done it. Should you quit your day job to become a poet? Probably not. Consider writing poetry one way to earn an income as a freelancer writer.

    But you can actually get paid to write poetry? Yes. I’ve written poetry for a long list of publications, and ultimately published a book of poetry. It’s not the only way I make a living writing, but writing poetry is certainly one of my income streams.

    If you want to tap into your more creative side, write poetry, and get paid for your musings, check out these poetry markets:

    Fired Up? Pitch This Monster List of 200+ Freelance Writing Jobs

    Fired Up? Pitch This Monster List of 200+ Freelance Writing Jobs

    The Monster List of 200+ Freelance Writing Jobs.

    Are you fired up to land more freelance writing jobs in 2021?

    What better way to say goodbye to the disaster that was 2020 than with a ton of awesome freelance writing jobs to pitch. You don’t even have to wait until the New Year. Now is always the best time to start.

    This past year has seen a wobbly but still robust gig economy, freelance writing jobs included. While travel mags like Delta’s Sky Magazine folded, other niches thrived and even raised their rates, like Elite Personal Finance.

    Bottom line, if you’re on the hunt for more freelance writing jobs in 2021, there’s plenty of reasons to hope for the best.

    This list includes freelance writing jobs for every level:

    • Guest blogging opportunities in several niches that don’t pay but provide fast clips for snagging the bigger fish
    • Markets for new writers that will give feedback AND pay
    • Markets for experienced freelancers looking to get their name in a leading pub, like the New York Times Magazine, Forbes, and Cosmopolitan

    This monster list also includes the main niches, from marketing and tech to science and health. We’ve done all the hard work for you, listing updated rates and editors’ contact info, to help you land more freelance writing jobs.

    Fired up and ready to start pitching? Check out this  monster list of 200+ freelance writing jobs:

    Get Paid to Write: 31 Buzz-Worthy Entertainment Markets to Pitch

    Get Paid to Write: 31 Buzz-Worthy Entertainment Markets to Pitch

    Get Paid to Write: 31 Buzz-Worthy Entertainment Markets.

    Want to get paid to write about entertainment?

    Even before COVID-19 locked the country up, entertainment content absorbed plenty of space in the universe.

    Now people are home a lot more. They’re hungrier than ever for ways to cure boredom, ward off worry, and be entertained. And that’s actually good news for freelance writers.

    With the world seeking more to keep them busy and distracted, you get get paid to write in the entertainment niche.

    Think…TV, movies, books, sports, music, games, wherever people spend time and money looking for an escape.

    With the fast pace of consumers devouring content, there’s always a need for more. If you want to get paid to write, now is a great time to pitch niche pubs and markets in entertainment.

    Where do you start? Writing a book, TV, movie, or game review can be an easy way to break into some of these markets. But there’s bigger opportunities to get paid to write in the entertainment niche, too.

    Check out this list of entertainment markets and start pitching:

    Get Paid to Write: 21 Fresh Health & Wellness Markets to Pitch

    Get Paid to Write: 21 Fresh Health & Wellness Markets to Pitch

    Get Paid to Write for 23 Health & Wellness Pubs.

    Want to get paid to write about health and wellness?

    Even before COVID-19, demand for content in this niche was growing.

    And it’s not just health magazines. You can get paid to write about health and wellness for:

    • Local, regional and national health and wellness magazines
    • University and hospital publications
    • Trade pubs and association magazines
    • Gyms, supplement companies, fitness equipment businesses
    • Personal trainers, wellness coaches, health professionals, and more

    Sound good? If you’re new to freelancing, you’ve been struggling to get paid to write about health and wellness, or you want to move up and earn more in this niche, now what?

    Know this….You’re one pitch away from landing an assignment to get paid to write about health and wellness topics.

    It’s like working out or eating healthy. Carve out some time to exercise every day or make a plan to improve your diet, and you’ll get results. Pitching and landing freelance writing jobs works the same way.

    How about a little help to get paid to write about health and wellness?

    Check out these 23 fresh markets and start pitching.

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