Make Money on Medium: Pitch These 17 Pubs That Pay Writers


Want to make money on Medium?

Real money. Not pennies for your thoughts.

Sure, you could start publishing your own work on this popular platform…for free.

But if you know where to look, you can make money on Medium and get paid pro-freelancer rates.


Medium is the brainchild of Evan Williams, co-founder of Twitter and Blogger. It’s been around for about a decade and has upwards of 100 million readers. And an estimated 400,000 subscribers pay for full access to the site’s content.

That’s great news for freelance writers. Why?

Medium has 10 official pubs, and more than 10,000 others that use the platform to publish content and connect with readers on a wide range of topics in different niches.

Translation: There’s more than 10,000 opportunities to get published so you get started writing for money on Medium.

You can get paid to write for Medium pubs, and earn more through Medium’s Partner Program (basically, it gives you the opportunity to earn more for writing content readers like.).

If you want to earn well on Medium, land an assignment with a pub that pays and participate in the Medium Partner Program.

Want to make money on Medium as a freelancer? Check out these 17 Medium pubs that pay pro rates.

1. The Ascent

This Medium partner pub focuses on the happy things in life, and how its writer got there. It’s looking to inspire and encourage its readers with personal essays.

Contact: Reach out to Editor Steven Campbell on Twitter.

Rate: Partner Program – pay will vary.

2. Better Humans

Better Humans has more than 300,000 followers. They publish self-improvement pieces of a specific vein. Editor Terri Schweitzer looks for well-written pieces, and nothing short of great. Make sure you look over their submission guidelines first.

Contact: Pitch to Schweitzer on Twitter.

Rate: Partner Program plus a possible fee – up to $500 per assignment.

3. Creative Café

The Creative Cafe welcomes all creative writers to share their passions and words. This pub can be a great starting point for newer writers who just want to see their words on the web. But well-done pieces that get views will be get paid through the Partner Program.

Contact: Follow the guidelines to submit, or reach out to Editor Alexandria Brown on Twitter.

Rate: Partner Program – pay will vary.

4. Better Programming

This programming pub was the fastest growing on Medium last year – hitting 5 million monthly pageviews in record time. They’re looking for tutorials, think pieces, and advice to help programmers learn and improve in their field.

Contact: Pitch Editor Zack Shapiro on Twitter.

Rate: Partner Program – pay will vary.

5. Elemental

Elemental offers readers information and opinions on health and wellness, as long as it’s backed by science. From coronavirus to meditation, all things for the mind and body can be found here.

Contact: You can pitch Executive Editor Sarah Collins on Twitter.

Rate: Pay ranges from $0.83 to $1 per word

6. Forge

Forge puts out content on how to navigate this complicated world we’re living in. Don’t bring “inspiration speak” or quick fixes to complex personal problems. Do bring sharp journalistic skills and science-backed facts from credible sources.

Contact: Find Editor Indrani Sen on Twitter.

Rate: Pay ranges from $0.83 to $1 per word

7. Gen

Gen is one of the largest publications on Medium. Editors here are looking for articles on culture, power, and politics.

Contact: Send pitches to, or track down Editor-in-Chief Brendan Vaughan on Twitter.

Rate: Pay ranges from $0.83 to $1 per word

8. Heated

This pub isn’t just for foodies, but for anything related to the food industry, be it politics, culture, or history. They’re looking for diverse voices and perspectives.

Contact: To pitch, you can reach out to editors Melissa McCart or Mark Bittman on Twitter.

Rate: Reported $1 a word

9. Human Parts

Human Parts is Medium’s essay pub. They’re interested in all kinds of stories, as long as they’re personal and preferably from unique perspectives.

Contact: Pitch Deputy Editor Harris Sockel via Twitter.

Rate: Pay ranges from $0.83 to $1.00 per word

10. Level

Level is one of Medium’s newest pubs, whose primary audience is Black and Brown men over 30. From sex, to friendship, to race, they’re looking for smart, thought-provoking personal essays and articles. Topics include culture, race, and life in general.

Contact: To pitch, you can follow the guidelines or find Executive Editor Peter Rubin on Twitter.

Rate: Pay ranges from $0.83 to $1.00 per word

11. Marker

Marker, one of the newer Medium pubs, focuses on the business niche. They’re looking for news and analysis from owners and entrepreneurs. Journalism pieces are welcome.

Contact: To pitch, reach out to Editor-in-Chief Danielle Sacks on Twitter or by email at

Rate: Pay varies

12. Modus

With 29,000 followers, this pub for UX/UI designers to improve their game. They’re looking for trends in the tech and design industry, and deep dives into relevant subtopics.

Contact: Pitch the editor your article idea via email at

Rate: Pay varies

13. OneZero

OneZero is the tech and science pub for Medium, discovering what’s next in these industries. They champion editorial independence, from Medium and any brands they may cover or review.

Contact: You can pitch to Editor-in-Chief, Damon Beres, via email or find him on Twitter.

Rate: Pay ranges from $0.83 to $1 per word

14. P.S. I Love You

This popular Medium pub is all about the heart. They take everything from fiction to non-fiction and poetry jobs. The subtopics vary widely, so think outside the box.

Contact: Pitch to editors Dan Moore or Kay Bolden KayBolden on Twitter.

Rate: Partner program – pay will vary.

15. Slackjaw

Slackjaw is Medium’s top comedy publication. They’re looking for funny pieces of all types, and publish their monthly theme on the guidelines page. You have a better chance of getting into their popular weekly newsletter “Yapjaw” if you pitch to their theme.

Contact: Reach out to Editor Alex Baia on Twitter.

Rate: Partner Program writers receive an average pay between $25 and $100 per piece, but their top earner this year made $1,800 on one piece.

16. Writing Cooperative

This pub is all about writing! From getting started through to publishing, this community of writers gives advice and lessons learned. Check out this article about how one writer started to make money on Medium with the help of Smart Blogger Founder Jon Morrow.

Contact: Follow the guidelines to submit, or pitch Editor Justin Cox on Twitter.

Rate: Partner Program – pay will vary

17. Zora

Zora is Medium’s publication by and for women of color. They’re interested in stories that range from the simple to the complex, from personal to current events.

Contact: Send your pitches to Executive Editor Vanessa K. DeLuca on Twitter.

Rate: Pay ranges from $0.83 to $1 per word

Get paid to write for Medium pubs

Can you really make money on Medium as a freelance writer? It depends. The average writer on Medium makes around $150 a month. But pitch the right pubs + Partner Program profits, and some writers make thousands off just one piece.

The trick…Keep pitching. Write often and consistently. Work your way up to the bigger pubs. And pay attention to feedback from Medium editors.

Do you make money on Medium as a freelance writer? Let’s discuss in the comments.

Kathie Bullard Harris is a freelance health and wellness writer living in the Southern United States. When she isn’t writing copy, she’s working on her forever-in-progress first novel.


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  1. Vanessa Morrison

    Thank you for such great information! I have been trying to break through in other markets. Especially, the business niches.

  2. Anne Kruse

    This is super helpful! Pitching on Twitter seems to be the lifeline for so many writing opportunities – making the tweet-pitch skill even more important to learn and perfect. Thank you for gathering all these resources. I contemplated joining the Partners Program a few months ago. This sold me for sure. I got an article “Recommended” by the Editors (they promote it on the home page of sections and allow non-Medium peeps to click past the firewall) at the beginning of the pandemic and it boosted my views tenfold. I love Medium. Onward!

    • Carol Tice

      It’s been ages since I pitched on Twitter… seems like I don’t spent that much time there anymore. But once upon a time, I did one reachout on there that resulted in $14,000 worth of article work for a major financial-services firm. 😉 Glad to hear some are still seeing wins with it.

  3. Sasha Kildare

    I had never thought of Medium in this way. There were several Medium pubs that would be a natural fit for me. Thank you.

  4. Jason Lee

    id like an in depth conversation about the means to get paid to write as well as get my writings read.

    • Angie Mansfield

      Hi, Jason –

      A blog comment is not the space for an in-depth conversation, but you can join the Freelance Writers Den and get training on all aspects of freelance writing.

      • Carol Tice

        Angie’s right — we’ve got 24/7 forums, 300 hours of trainings on how to do well-paid types of writing and market your business, how to identify prospects, price jobs… the works! You can also get your writing peer-reviewed, we have a forum for that. We have pros who review pitch letters and writer websites… lotta resources.

    • Carol Tice

      You mean, how to set up a paypal account or something? Means of payment secret is: You do it however the client is willing to pay you. Credit card, Stripe, paypal, they overnight a check. Whatever it takes.

  5. E. Twaiting

    Incredibly misleading to suggest pitching on social media. That’s a good way to piss off editors. Every publication has submissions guidelines.

    • Angie Mansfield

      It depends on the publication and how you’re approaching them. I know writers who have had great success contacting editors on Twitter.

    • Carol Tice

      As someone who got a $14,000 contract once tweeting to an editor, I’ll respectfully disagree.

      • Monjoa Likine

        How did you go about pitching? I’ve heard of slowly building a relationship via twitter by commenting on their replies, but that’s about it!

        • Carol Tice

          I haven’t personally pitched Medium — and I gather since we did this post, Medium shut down their own paid pubs, dang it.

          But… writing a pitch letter is a skill we’re currently working on in Freelance Writers Den, with our Pitching 101 course. If you need to learn how to pitch a story for a magazine, or a business for content, you might want to check out the community:

  6. Katherine Adams

    Can you please add some pubs which pay in advance, like Better Humans ?

  7. Rena

    So if I wanted to write within a specific Niche, how is the pub created?

    • Angie Mansfield

      Hi, Rena –

      Are you asking how to build a publication on Medium? If so, that’s outside our scope here. If that’s not what you’re asking, please clarify and we’ll be happy to help if we can.

    • Carol Tice

      Rena, these were pubs Medium created and was paying for…sadly I believe these days they’ve stopped doing them. You’re still free to build your own audience on Medium and earn in the usual way — see their TOS.


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