Get Paid to Write: 21 Fresh Health & Wellness Markets to Pitch


Want to get paid to write about health and wellness?

Even before COVID-19, demand for content in this niche was growing.

And it’s not just health magazines. You can get paid to write about health and wellness for:

  • Local, regional and national health and wellness magazines
  • University and hospital publications
  • Trade pubs and association magazines
  • Gyms, supplement companies, fitness equipment businesses
  • Personal trainers, wellness coaches, health professionals, and more

Sound good? If you’re new to freelancing, you’ve been struggling to get paid to write about health and wellness, or you want to move up and earn more in this niche, now what?

Know this….You’re one pitch away from landing an assignment to get paid to write about health and wellness topics.

It’s like working out or eating healthy. Carve out some time to exercise every day or make a plan to improve your diet, and you’ll get results. Pitching and landing freelance writing jobs works the same way.

How about a little help to get paid to write about health and wellness?

Check out these fresh markets and start pitching.

Get Paid to Write: Acquarian

1. The Aquarian

This publication has a quarterly in addition to its online version. It focuses on holistic health and progressive issues. There are different guidelines for in-print and online submissions. You can reach out by email to managing editor Kristi Dorian.

Rates: Range from $25 to $50 for print, $10-$25 for online.


2. Best Self Atlanta

This self-help magazine for the Atlanta area offers articles on various subjects, one being health. You can reach out to editor Cory Olesen at

Rates: $50-$75 for health and wellness round-ups; $200 for a multi-page features


Get Paid to Write: Climbing

3. Climbing

Published six times a year, Climbing is looking for feature writing and photography around the hobby of climbing, lifestyle, and wellness. Make sure to look at all the magazine’s departments before pitching. You can find editor Matt Samet on LinkedIn.

Rates: $0.35 a word


4. Common Ground

Get paid to write for this Canadian publication by pitching article ideas on on health and wellness, preferably by Canadian authors. They accept fiction and poetry jobs, however, only in rare cases. You can pitch the editor and contact publisher Joseph Roberts by email.

Rates: $0.10 a word


5. Desire Health Magazine

This magazine’s primary audience is African-American communities across southern California. Get paid to write by pitching article ideas on health and wellness. Contact publisher John Banks-Morgan by email.

Rates: $50 per article (average 550 words) with no limits on contributions


Get Paid to Write: Eating Well

6. Eating Well

You can get paid to write for Eating Well by pitching story ideas on healthy eating and nutrition. There are various section editors, so check the guidelines for names and contact information.

Rate: $1 a word


7. Elemental

This Medium pub offers readers information and opinions on health and wellness, as long as they’re backed by science. Want to get paid to write for Elemental? Get ideas  by checking out past articles on mind and body topics here. Pitch executive editor Sarah Collins on Twitter.

Rates: $0.83 to $1 per word


8. Experience Life

This membership magazine publishes 10 times a year. It features articles on healthy living and fitness. You can reach out to deputy editor Michael Dregni by email.

Rates: $1 a word


9. Healthcare Innovation

This publication (formerly Health Management Technology) has an online and print version. Its readers are senior executives across the medical and insurance industries. Get paid to write for Healthcare Innovation by pitching feature-story ideas and case studies. You can reach out to editor-in-chief Mark Hagland at

Rate: Depends on assignment


Get Paid to Write: IdeaFit

10. Idea Fitness Journal

This is a trade magazine published by the IDEA Health and Fitness Association. The target audience is fitness and health professionals. Recent articles covered online personal training, goal-setting strategies, exercise for older clients, and digital tools for fitness professionals. Want to get paid to write for the Idea Fitness Journal? Pitch ideas via email to editor-in-chief Sandy Todd Webster

Rates: Depends on assignment.


11. Natural Awakenings

This national magazine runs more than 60 local versions. Its focus is on all things related to natural living, from fitness to personal growth. Look for your local editor before pitching.

Rates: $0.22 a word


12. PCC Markets Magazine

This local Seattle pub is all about produce, farming, and feeding its community well. Want to get paid to write for PCC Markets Magazine? Pitch relevant regional and seasonal articles to editor Rebekah Denn via email.

Rates: $250-800 range per assignment


Get Paid to Write: Colorado Health & Wellness

13-14. Premium Physician Profiles by Solve Health Media
& Colorado Health & Wellness magazine

Publisher Peter Solveson created these two magazines for Colorado hospitals and health care professionals. They include health articles and physician profiles. You can reach out to Peter via email.

Rates: $0.60 and $0.70 a word

Get Paid to Write: FitnessRx

15. FitnessRxWomen Online

If you want to get paid to write for a female-focused health and fitness site, connect with FitnessRxWomen Online Editor Callie Bundy by pitching an idea for an article. Articles should focus on training, weight loss, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle habits for women.

Rate: Depends on assignment.


16. Runner’s World

For the running enthusiast, this magazine features articles on training, nutrition, injuries, and more.  Hailey Middlebrook is the digital editor.

Rates: $1 a word


17. Spirituality and Health

This broad-reaching publication covers health and spirituality, from the mainstream to the fringe. You can reach out to editor and publisher Ben Nussbaum on LinkedIn.

Rates: reported around $1 a word


Get Paid to Write: Vice

18. Vice

Vice publishes unique angles on all sorts of topics, including health. They’re looking for clear pitches on original takes. Editors want to shape the story with their writers, so no completed drafts. You can pitch editor Kate Lowenstein at

Rates: $0.32 a word


19. Vibrant Life

Vibrant Life is looking for positive, beneficial stories on all aspects of health and wellness, from physical and mental health to spiritual wellbeing. You can submit completed articles via email to editor Heather Quintana.

Rates: Ranges from $100-$300 per article


20. Vox

Vox’s Health and Science section encompasses all aspects of health, from infectious disease to mental health. Pitch editor Eliza Barclay by email.

Rates: $0.43 a word


21. Whole Life Times

This holistic and integrative health magazine is interested in anything regarding a progressive healthy lifestyle, from spiritual growth to sustainability and yoga. They rely heavily on freelance contributions, and pay rates vary by topic section within the magazine. You can find editor Gina Salvati on Twitter.

Rates: $25 to $150, depending on article placement and length


Pitch & get paid to write about health and wellness

Ready to work your pitching muscles to get paid to write about health and wellness? These editors are looking for strong writers who understand the niches and audience in this space.

Here’s your writing workout to get results:

  • Read the guidelines
  • Get familiar with the pub, business, site or magazine
  • Write a solid pitch, and send it
  • Repeat until you’re fully booked

Build your writing muscles one pitch at a time to move up, earn more, and make a living writing.

Want to get paid to write about health & wellness? Let’s discuss in the comments.

Kathie Bullard Harris is a freelance health and wellness writer living in the Southern United States. When she isn’t writing copy, she’s working on her forever-in-progress first novel.

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  1. Angela Holmes-Abrams

    This is exciting news – thanks Carol!
    With my background in human sciences + health & wellness there might finally be some work in my realm of expertise. Yippee!🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️

  2. Kristen Susienka

    As a freelance health and fitness writer looking for more places to pitch, this is such a great piece to have as a reference. Thank you for putting it together!

  3. Raymond

    Thank you Carol. This is very helpful. I’m excited to exercise my pitching muscles. I’ll definitely give you feedback on how it goes.

    • Carol Tice

      Please do!

      FYI, I almost spiked off your URL because it sounds like a content mill, rather than a writer website. You might want to think about going to market in the plural and say ‘we help you’ when it appears to be just you…creates confusion. People think you’re an agency and expect a team to be on their account… leads to some awkward conversations with prospects.

  4. Sonali Sengupta

    A great read! And extremely useful info. Thanks for sharing this Kathie!

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    it’s a good opportunity for health writers

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    This is super-helpful.

    I write for Health and Wellness niche.

    Thank you so much.

    • Carol Tice

      You’re welcome, Panafrick!

  9. Bobbi Rudin

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  10. Alicia Michelle

    Awesome list! I’m in the health and wellness niche as well; thank you for providing this helpful resource!

  11. Namuya

    I am happy I’m almost approaching my space and write for a far I’ve been doing it for fun.iam happy I would like to expedite and start receiving reward.
    Thanks for an eye openner

  12. Gus

    Thanks for the tips! I’m just starting out as a freelance writer but have been a nurse for 12 years and an Army medic before that. Health and Wellness seems like the perfect niche for me. Thanks again!

  13. Patricia Sutton

    What a treasure chest. Thanks.

  14. Lisa Banu

    Thank you for this very useful list. Excited to explore and share what I have learned as a yoga teacher, food writer, and grief counselor. Wishing you the best on your “forever-in-progress” first novel!


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