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18 Literary Magazines Accepting Submissions in 2024

Erin Duchesne

Are you a creative or literary writer looking to share your words with a larger audience of your peers? Then look no further than these literary magazines accepting submissions!

The new year is just around the corner and there are plenty of literary magazines looking for high-quality writing for their next issue. Here is a list of some of the best literary magazines accepting submissions for next year. 

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Literary Magazines Accepting Submissions in 2024

Literary magazines are periodicals, which are dedicated to publishing poetry, short stories, essays and more from writers at every stage of their careers. Here are 18 now accepting submissions. Unless otherwise indicated, all payments are in American Dollars.


AGNI, Boston University’s literary magazine, accepts a wide variety of works for their online and print publications. The publication accepts poems, short stories, think pieces, essays, reviews and memoirs from writers all around the world. 

  • Submission dates: September 1 to December 15; February 14 to May 31
  • Payment: $20 per page for prose; $40 per page for poetry (to a maximum of $300)

Asimov’s Science Fiction

The world’s leading science fiction magazine, Asimov’s Science Fiction, seeks character-oriented stories examining the human experience. They accept stories between 1,000 and 20,000 words from a wide range of topics in the science fiction genre. 

  • Submission dates: Rolling
  • Payment: $0.08 to $0.10 per word for stories up to 7,500 words; $0.08 per word for stories over 7,500 words; $1 per line of poetry, up to 40 lines

The Georgia Review

Since 1947, the University of Georgia has published The Georgia Review. The goal of this publication is to promote essays, poems, book reviews and fiction that challenges readers and creates dialogue.

  • Submission dates: August 16 to May 14
  • Payment: $50 per page of prose (up to $800); $4 per line of poetry (up to $800); $150 for book reviews

The Gettysburg Review

Printed at the University of Gettysburg, The Gettysburg Review is one of the top literary magazines in the United States. This publication seeks high-quality submissions of poetry, fiction, essays and essay reviews for their tri-annual issues. 

  • Submission dates: September 1 to May 31; graphics accepted year-round
  • Payment: $3 per line of poetry (maximum $300); $30 per page of prose 


Granta is a literary magazine devoted to promoting talented new voices in the literary writing world. Each year, this publication accepts unsolicited poetry, fiction and nonfiction work during their four reading periods. Granta strives to open doors and remove barriers by offering 200 free submissions per year to low-income and/or marginalized writers. 

  • Submission dates: March 1 to 31; June 1 to 30; September 1 to 30; December 1 to 31
  • Payment: The website states they pay “professional rates”

Harper’s Magazine

Harper’s Magazine publishes fiction and non-fiction pieces in each of their monthly issues. To submit a non-fiction piece, writers must send a query to their New York City office. For fiction, Harper’s Magazine accepts unsolicited submissions of physical copies. 

  • Submission dates: Rolling
  • Payment: Unspecified

The Iowa Review

Published three times a year through the University of Iowa, The Iowa Review has been continuously published for more than 50 years. The Iowa Review accepts online and hard copy submissions of unpublished poetry, fiction and non-fiction work.

  • Submission dates: August 1 to October 1 for fiction and poetry; August 1 to November 1 for non-fiction
  • Payment: $1.50 per line of poetry (minimum $100); $0.08 per word of prose (minimum $100)

The Kenyon Review

The 2024 themes for The Kenyon Review are extinction, writing from rural spaces and literary curiosities. This literary magazine accepting submissions is seeking essays, short fiction, flash fiction, poetry, plays and excerpts of larger works through their online portal.

  • Submission dates: September 1 to 30
  • Payment: $80 to $450 for prose ($0.08 per word); $40 to $200 for poetry ($0.16 per word)

Narrative Magazine

Narrative is a nonprofit organization devoted to supporting and promoting literary writers and improving literacy worldwide. Narrative Magazine accepts a wide variety of submissions through their online portal and also awards annual prizes for the best works in multiple categories. 

  • Submission dates: Rolling
  • Payment: $200 minimum for poems; $250 to $500 for manuscripts between 500 and 2,000 words; $500 to $1,000 for manuscripts between 2,000 and 15,000 words; $100 for reader’s narratives

New England Review

New England Review is seeking submissions for all genres, particularly fiction, non-fiction, dramatic writing and poetry from writers of all backgrounds. Writers can submit their unpublished work to New England Review online portal or through the mail along with a cover letter.

  • Submission dates: September 1 to November 1; March 1 to May 1
  • Payment: $50 and one-year magazine subscription (for publication in NER Digital); $20 per page plus two copies of the issue and a one-year subscription (for publication in the journal)

The New Yorker

The New Yorker, often thought of as the top literary magazine in the world, accepts submissions of cartoons, letters to the editor, shouts and murmurs, fiction and poetry. 

  • Submission dates: Rolling
  • Payment: Unspecified

One Story

As the name suggests, One Story focuses on publishing one story at a time. This literary publication launched in 2002, after the publishers noticed many small literary magazines shutting down and short stories disappearing from mainstream publications. One Story is seeking submissions of short stories of any style and topic between 3,000 and 8,000 words.

  • Submission dates: Opening in early 2024
  • Payment: $500 and 25 contributors copies

The Paris Review

The Paris Review accepts hard-copy unpublished works of prose and poetry at different points of the year for their quarterly issues. 


Ploughshares at Emerson College is a leading literary magazines and publishes short-form and long-form works including fiction, nonfiction and poetry. 

  • Submission dates: June 1 to January 15 
  • Payment: $45 per printed page; $90 minimum per title; $450 maximum per author

POETRY Magazine

POETRY Magazine publishes all types of unpublished poetry, including text, audio, video and visual formats as well as some prose works. 

  • Submission dates: September 16 to June 14
  • Payment: $10 per line (minimum $300) for text poems; $300 for visual, audio and video poems; $150 per page for prose

The Sewanee Review

Dating back to 1892, The Sewanee Review is the oldest continuously published quarterly literary magazine in America. The publication accepts submissions of essays, poems and book reviews through their online portal most of the year. 

The Sun Magazine

The Sun Magazine publishes thought-provoking poems, essays, short stories and black-and-white photographs by new and established contributors from around the world. 

  • Submission dates: Rolling
  • Payment: $200+ based on length

swamp pink

Formerly Crazyhorse, swamp pink publishes a semi-monthly online literary magazine featuring fiction, non-fiction and poetry. 

  • Submission dates: September 1 to December 31; February 1 to May 31; prize submissions are accepted in January
  • Payment: $40 for poems; $0.05 per word for prose

Whether you’re new to the literary world or well-versed, submitting your best creative or thought-provoking pieces to a variety of literary magazines is a great way to get your work and name out there.

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