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You CAN Write a Query Letter That Gets a “Yes”: 5 Resources

Freelance writer getting a gig after learning to write a query letter.

Love them or hate them, queries are one of the most important marketing tools for any freelancer who wants to write for magazines. And the skills you learn from writing a good query letter also help business writers and copywriters pitch their potential clients.

If you’ve been sending queries off into space and never getting a reply, you may think it’s impossible to break into new magazines. But it’s not true! Editors are always looking for new talent.

To help you learn to write a query letter that will get you the gig, we’ve pulled together a collection of five of our best posts on pitching:

9 Journalist Interview Tips from a Successful Freelance Writer

9 Journalist Interview Tips from a Successful Freelance Writer

Have you been struggling to interview sources for your freelance articles? Then these 9 interview tips are for you. These journalist interview tips will help boost your interviewing confidence and make you better prepared to take your freelance article to the next...

7 Ways Writers Can Find LinkedIn Freelance Writing Jobs

7 Ways Writers Can Find LinkedIn Freelance Writing Jobs

Finding freelance writing gigs online can be frustrating. But of all the types of social media out there you can use to promote your freelance writing, LinkedIn is one of the most useful. It's a powerful way to find freelance jobs so you can make money writing. In...

How I Wrote a $2,000 Freelance Article in One Week Flat

How I Wrote a $2,000 Freelance Article in One Week Flat

How to Write a Freelance Article for $2K in One Week Most freelance writers I know have some dream magazines they’d looove to write a freelance article for. I’m no different.

For years, I’ve wanted to move up from writing for Entrepreneur to writing for Forbes. When Forbes poached me to write for their blog, I hoped I was getting closer.

I’ve pitched them a few things for the magazine in the year I’ve blogged, and come close a couple times.

I imagined I’d find some great trend idea and be given a month or so to meticulously report and write it. I’d be sure to do an amazing job with that first article and make them want me back.

But nothing had panned out. That is, nothing until just a few weeks ago, when my editor called with a rush assignment they needed for an upcoming special section of the print magazine.

It’s a profile of a hot startup beauty company in Seattle, Julep. It requires an in-person interview — am I available? It was 1200 words and would pay $2,000.

Here was my opportunity to break into print with them. Didn’t look anything like what I’d hoped my first article for Forbes would be… but it was a print article for Forbes. And a chance to prove myself.

Freelance Writing Gigs With Great Pay: 50 Niches to Explore

Freelance Writing Gigs With Great Pay: 50 Niches to Explore

Niche Nectar. Get the best-paid freelance writing gigs.

Do you ever wonder where the better-paying freelance writing gigs are hiding? It can be hard to believe a good income is even possible, especially if you’re trapped in low-pay assignments that don’t even earn you the minimum wage.

The good news is, there are plenty of niches that pay better than writing, say, a 300-word blog post or a 50-word online product description — to name just two classic bottom-of-the-barrel niches where pay is often miniscule.

The problem is, many writers aren’t aware of all the different types of freelance writing gigs that offer better pay.

Below is a list of writing niches that I can report writers are seeing strong rates for. I’ve noted rate ranges as I’m aware of them, from talking to thousands of writers through Freelance Writers Den and my coaching. I’ve also included tips on industries and approaches for connecting with these clients.

How Freelance Writers Can Get More Clients by Cold Calling

How Freelance Writers Can Get More Clients by Cold Calling

In June 2010, I quit my job as a school counselor in Thailand, moved back to the States, and started my own freelance writing business. Looking back, it was probably a stupid thing to do. I had no clips and no pro writing credits. I couldn't really fall back on my...

How to Land White Paper Writing Jobs with Huge Pay

How to Land White Paper Writing Jobs with Huge Pay

One of the biggest moves a freelance writer can make to earn more is to move into better-paying types of gigs, like white paper writing jobs. When you go from, say, writing $20 blog posts to writing white papers that can pay $1,500-$10,000, it’s a big leap. But just...

Freelance Writers: Are Sleazebag Clients Getting You Pregnant?

Freelance Writers: Are Sleazebag Clients Getting You Pregnant?

How to Write a Product Review to Hook Readers.

Here’s a question for freelance writers, you probably haven’t thought about. Are sleazebag clients getting you pregnant?

Sounds ridiculous, right? You wouldn’t do that.

You’re smarter than that. You wouldn’t fall for some sleazebag taking advantage of freelance writers.

Here’s the thing. Most freelancer writers don’t go looking for sleazebag clients. It kind of just…you know…happens.

One day you’re trying to stand out in the sea of freelance writers to land a gig, make money writing…even a little money.

And then one day, you realize you’re screwed.

I’ve seen this happen to freelance writers over and over. And I’m sick and tired of watching freelance writers get played, taken advantage of, and stripped of the money they deserve.

Have you ever been screwed by a sleazebag client? Want to avoid the pitfalls of making this mistake?

In this post, I’m going to show freelance writers what a sleazebag client looks like, how they try and use you, and what you can do to tell these losers to get lost so you can move up and earn more

3 Simple Ways to Find Better-Paying Freelance Writing Clients in 2022

3 Simple Ways to Find Better-Paying Freelance Writing Clients in 2022

Smart ways to find freelance writing jobs.

Note: If you’ve been looking for freelance writing jobs on content-mill sites and job boards, you’re probably frustrated. Most pay bottom feeder rates. It’s something I’ve been  hearing from writers for a long time. But great freelance writing jobs are out there, you just need to know how to find them. Check out this post from the past to learn how. —Carol.

Do you feel like it’s a pipe dream to find freelance writing jobs that pay pro rates?

I hear a lot of comments like this from writers who are about ready to give up on their writing dreams.

They write me to say:

“It just seems like there aren’t any good-paying clients out there.”

Have to say, I disagree. But whether you think freelance writing is a land of unlimited opportunity or a field no one can earn a living at seems to depend on your personal experience.

If you want to start landing well-paying freelance writing jobs, you probably need to do two things. Here’s what you need to know:

10 Mistakes I Made Publishing My eBook, and How You Can Do it Better

Back in 2008, I started this blog with the idea that I could post a lot of advice for freelance writers, and that eventually, I could expand that into an eBook. It sounded so empowering. No editor! No waiting! Just write it, have a designer pretty it up, and poof --...

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