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How to Find Nurse Freelance Writing Jobs (+ Make Good Money)

Jackie Pearce

When it comes to freelance writing jobs, nurses have special qualifications that enable them to find unique jobs. If you come from the medical industry and are wondering how to find nurse freelance writing jobs, you’re in the right place.

The healthcare industry is complex, and it’s important for publications to employ writers who understand the industry and are qualified to write about the topics medical publications cover.

Why Become a Freelance Nurse Writer?

Due to their advanced training and education, nurses have access to a variety of freelance writing opportunities.

The nursing industry is demanding and exhausting. Freelance writing can be intense too, but it can be a sustainable alternative for nurses who are looking for a change of pace or want more flexibility. It’s also a nice option for those who want to start a side hustle.

We recommend taking on a few nurse freelance writing jobs before you go all in. Breaking into the industry can take a while so give yourself time and space for that to happen.

What Do Nurse Writers Write About?

If you’re a nurse freelance writer then you’re writing about a specialized niche in the healthcare vertical.

Registered Nursing describes nurse writing like this:

A nurse writer is a nursing professional who is passionate about educating readers on healthcare topics through their personal knowledge and experience.

Nurse Writer, RegisteredNursing.org

These writers have specialized knowledge and experience that most other freelance writers wouldn’t have, so they’re able to write about topics that other writers can’t. This gives them the ability to charge premium rates due to their topical expertise.

Google’s Medic update rewards sites that cover healthcare and medical news to have writers that are certified in these fields. It’s to make sure that the advice is accurate and not harming people. Because of this change, there’s a need for qualified writers to cover these medical and nursing topics.

Nurse writers have a special skillset where they’re able to take complicated information and make it easy to understand for people who do not have medical expertise. You’ll often find their work in medical journals, academic papers, grant applications, and health-related publications such as guides, newspapers, magazines, websites, etc.

Who is Qualified for Nurse Freelance Writing Jobs?

It depends on the organization or publication, but in most cases, writers don’t require additional certifications to write in this field. However, you will need decent writing skills and a background in nursing most likely.

If you’re looking for specialized writing jobs, there may be additional qualifications or expertise requirements so watch for that. This also applies to style switching. For example, if you’ve only ever done academic writing but you want to break into a more casual style of writing such as blogging, it’s a good idea to study that style of writing and learn how to write for that particular audience before sending out pitches.

What Kind of Nurse Freelance Writing Jobs Are Available?

If you decide to look for nurse freelance writing jobs, here’s an overview of some jobs you may come across:

  • Articles and blog posts
  • Recruitment materials
  • Clinical studies
  • Patient brochures
  • White papers and case studies
  • Technical writing
  • Newsletters
  • Professional materials
  • Medical journals
  • Course materials
  • Website copywriting
  • Product descriptions for medical products
  • Grant writing

Some specialized industries include:

  • Health writing
  • Non-profits
  • Medical writing (e.g. medical tools or medical advice)
  • Educational institutions
  • Hospitals
  • Television (some medical shows will bring on experts to help with the writing)

You get to decide if you do a particular type of writing, or if you want to try it all. You can often make more money if you specialize in a particular type of writing such as grants or technical writing, but narrowing in that far is not for everyone. Try a few things, see what works, and make your own freelance mix.

How Much Do You Get Paid for Nurse Freelance Writing Jobs?

According to Registered Nursing, the median annual salary for nurse writers is $68,481 US.

Keep in mind, this ranks both freelance and professional salaries in this calculation.

It’s difficult to list a specific number for this specialization, but we’ve heard in our Den Community that nurse writers are charging $400+ per 1,000 word article. After a few years of experience, great nurse writers are earning $800+ per article.

Keep in mind that case studies and writing other professional materials can bring in even more than articles.

Make sure you do your research before taking on a freelance writing job that doesn’t pay what you need it to. With your specialized knowledge and writing skills, you should be able to make a good hourly rate as you build your reputation in this niche.

Where to Find Nurse Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelance writing requires effort on the freelance writer’s side because they have to discover these writing opportunities on their own. Here are three ways we recommend getting started.

Specialized Job Boards

Some of the most popular job boards to choose from include Indeed, Upwork, and Freelancer. However, there are also specialized industry job boards that will likely provide better leads than general sites.

You can narrow your search by looking specifically for the type of medical or nurse freelance writing jobs you’re looking for, so you don’t have to filter past irrelevant postings.

Networking and Pitching

Some of your best freelance writing jobs will come from your own networking and pitching.

For networking:

When networking, your goal is to connect with people who are already in the industry or working at publications you’d like to publish in. You can do this by attending networking events or reaching out on LinkedIn or other social media platforms.

Your focus will be on building relationships but if you get an invitation or opportunity to pitch, do it!

For pitching:

First, think about publications you’d like to write for or businesses want to work with.

Next, research the topics they cover and how your ideas will compliment what they’re already doing.

Once you have those, now it’s time to brainstorm pitches to send out.

Building your Reputation

If you choose the personal branding route, you might experience clients coming to you due to your reputation.

This happens through SEO, having a strong online presence (usually through having a website that showcases your work and excellent writing skills—take the time to put together a solid portfolio and keep it updated), and networking.

It’s optional, but you can also find clients through social media as you build your following on platforms. With enough dedication and persistence you should be able to get your first job.

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