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Fired Up? Pitch This Monster List of 200+ Freelance Writing Jobs


Table of Contents

Are you fired up to land more freelance writing jobs in 2021?

What better way to say goodbye to the disaster that was 2020 than with a ton of awesome freelance writing jobs to pitch. You don’t even have to wait until the New Year. Now is always the best time to start.

This past year has seen a wobbly but still robust gig economy, freelance writing jobs included. While travel mags like Delta’s Sky Magazine folded, other niches thrived and even raised their rates, like Elite Personal Finance.

Bottom line, if you’re on the hunt for more freelance writing jobs in 2021, there’s plenty of reasons to hope for the best.

This list includes freelance writing jobs for every level:

  • Guest blogging opportunities in several niches that don’t pay but provide fast clips for snagging the bigger fish
  • Freelance writing jobs for beginners that will give feedback AND pay
  • Markets for experienced freelancers looking to get their name in a leading pub, like the New York Times Magazine, Forbes, and Cosmopolitan

This monster list also includes the main niches, from marketing and tech to science and health. We’ve done all the hard work for you, listing updated rates and editors’ contact info, to help you land more freelance writing jobs.

Fired up and ready to start pitching? Check out this  monster list of 200+ freelance writing jobs:

Freelance writing jobs: Table of contents


1. Coaches Training Blog

If you want to add coaching to your business or turn your industry knowledge into a coaching program or service, where do you start?

That’s what Coaches Training Blog founder Jeffrey Sooey teaches people via his blog, videos, courses, and training. And you can score freelance writing jobs here to write about this stuff.

Contact: Jeffrey Sooey by email.

Rate: Based on assignment.

2. Freelance Mom

Lisa Stern runs the Freelance Mom website designed to help moms build a freelance business to make money from home.

Blog posts include a mix of personal experience and how-to guides to teach moms how to run a freelance business.

Plus, every post includes a 20 to 30-minute action plan to help moms take the next step, instead of the classic, “I’ll do it tomorrow,” (which really means never) response.

Contact: Send pitches to Lisa Stein at lisa@freelancemom.com.

Rate: $75 to $100 per assignment, plus potential $150 bonus for traffic.

3. GetAbstract

This is a site pays for freelance writing jobs that summarize business books, articles, and videos into short abstracts for an elite readership of Fortune 100 organizations. You can learn about joining their team of freelancers through their career opportunities page

Contact: Co-founder Thomas Bergen on LinkedIn.

Rate: Based on assignment.

4. 99 Designs

99 Designs founders Mark Harbottle and Matt Mickiewicz launched the company in 2008, and now it’s a hub for designers and entrepreneurs.

Tips, advice, and how-to design topics are the staple of this site’s content.

But 99 Designs also covers the business of freelancing, entrepreneurship, and crowdsourcing. 

Contact: Brand Content Manager Antonia Zimmerlich

Rate: Based on assignment.

5. Technical.ly

You’ll need to know the intersection of business and technology in Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Delaware, Baltimore and Washington, D.C, to write for Technical.ly.

This niche business site features content about start-ups, data analytics, internet activism, and new ways to leverage social media, among other topics. 

Contact: Managing Editor Julie Zeglen on LinkedIn

Rate: Based on assignment.


6. Big Buds

Big Buds is an authority pub for the cannabis industry, including policy makers, growers and retailers, and users (medicinal and recreational). They assign freelance writing jobs to cover reviews, interviews and features as well as cannabis news and list writers.

Contact: Send pitches by email.

Rate: Competitive rates, per assignment.

7. The Bold Italic

This Medium blog covers San Francisco culture in all its forms. You can get freelance writing jobs here, witing a variety of content from reported stories and personal essays to humor and “as-told-to” pieces. Send pitches by email.

Contact: Clara Hogan, Editor-in-Chief, on LinkedIn.

Rate: $50 and up, based on assignment.

8. Cannabis Culture

Cannabis Culture is an online Canadian publication that covers all things pro-pot, including activism. They’re looking for works of journalism, not listicles, promo content, etc. News briefs average 300 to 1,000 words with one to three photos. Feature articles are longer at 1,200 words with three to five photos.

Contact: Managing Editor Dan Kres by email.

Rate: $0.10 per word and $10 per (original/high-res/publishable) image.

9. Cannabis Now

Cannabis Now is one of just a handful of specialty magazines about the cannabis industry and culture sold in major bookstores, airports, and grocery-store chains. It’s garnered a massive following of readers and subscribers in just eight years, and it’s a great place to land freelance writing jobs in this niche.

Contact: Senior Editor Ellen Holland on Twitter.

Pays: Competitive rates per assignment.

10. Cannabis Tech

With more and more states legalizing marijuana for medicinal and recreational use, demand is up, and so is technology and innovation to meet those needs. Got a story idea about B2B technology in the cannabis industry? Pitch Cannabis Tech.

Contact: Editorial team via email.

Rate: Based on assignment.

11. Dope Magazine

In the old-school world of marijuana, “dope” was just another name for the plant like “weed” and “pot.” But that changed when Dope Magazine was founded in 2011 as a niche magazine that features news and content about cannabis culture, business, and legalization. Based on the magazine’s mission, D.O.P.E. stands for Defending Our Plant Everywhere.

Contact: Editor David Bailey on LinkedIn.

Rate: Up to $150 per assignment.

12. Green Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur magazine launched GreenEntrepreneur.com, to give readers the latest news about the cannabis industry. Land freelance writing jobs for this pub by pitching stories about entrepreneurship, business, technology and lifestyle to get into this pub.

Contact: Executive Editor Jonathan Small on Twitter.

Rate: Up to $1.50 per word, based on assignment.

13. High Times

High Times has covered all things cannabis since 1974. This includes news, culture, history, legalization, and more, all with an activist slant.

Contact: Editor-in-Chief Mike Gianakos on LinkedIn.

Rate: $0.40 per word.

14. Leafly

Leafly started out as a resource to help medical marijuana patients learn more about different strains available to help treat various health conditions. But it’s evolved since then to serve a larger audience of recreational marijuana users, too.

Want to land freelance writing jobs for Leafly? Include a brief description of your proposed story for the news section, a tentative word count, and any relevant clips in your pitch. Send to news@leafly.com.

Contact: Editor Janessa Bailey on LinkedIn. 

Rate: Based on assignment.

15. Maximum Yield

Maximum Yield is a trade pub for the cannabis industry. This pub assigns freelance writing jobs for stories that provides tips, information, and updates on equipment and technology to improve growing and harvesting cannabis.

Contact: Editor-in-Chief Toby Gorman on LinkedIn.

Rate: Honorarium per assignment

16. Nugg

There’s an estimated 3.5 million people who get a prescription to use marijuana for medicinal purposes. And that’s the market Nugg serves, connecting patients with dispensaries and even facilitating doctor-patient telemedicine calls via NuggMD.

Contact: Alex Milligan, co-founder and marketing director: alex@getnugg.com.

Rate: $0.07 to $0.10 per word based on assignment 

Digital Magazines

Digital Magazines: Business

17. The Atlantic

The Atlantic assigns freelance writing jobs on a broad spectrum of topics, from health and science to culture and business. There are multiple editors to pitch depending on the topic. 

Contact: Deputy Editor Denise Wills on Twitter.

Rate: As high as $0.56 a word. 

18. Forbes

Pitching to Forbes will take time and connections. But, it can be done! Just ask Carol 😉 You can send ideas by email.

Contact: Senior Editor Steven Bertoni on LinkedIn.

Rate: Once you get in, they pay more than $100 per digital piece.

19. Foreign Policy

Foregin Police assigns freelance writing jobs for stories with a unique angle on an issue in politics, culture, or world events that challenges readers. Do some original reporting, then pitch.

Contact: Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Tepperman at jonathan.tepperman@foreignpolicy.com.

Rate: Average $0.45 a word.

20. Fortune

Have connections to a business exec or company that needs no introduction? Get to know their journalists over time to become a trusted source, then pitch.

Contact: Digital Editor Andrew Nusca by email

Rate: $0.35 to $0.67 a word for digital stories.

Digital Magazines: Lifestyle

21. Early American Life

New writers looking for freelance writing jobs are encouraged to submit queries on American life from colonial times to the mid-1800s to this magazine. Topics related to antiques, architecture and decorating, history, studio crafts, and travel are welcome. 

Contact: Email to editor JeanMarie Andrews. 

Rate: Estimated $500 for new writers. 

22. Harper’s Magazine

The oldest general-interest magazine of its kind, Harpers accepts both nonfiction and fiction submissions by mail

Contact: Deputy Editor Rachel Poser is on Twitter. Email her at rachel@harpers.org.

Rate: $0.70 a word average.

23. High Country News

A monthly magazine with a digital version, High Country News pays for freelance writing jobs, including stories and essays on the modern American West.

Contact: Section editors listed on guidelines.

Rate: Varies. Between $0.50 and $1.50 a word for stories, up to $400 for essays. 

24. Hoofbeats

About 70 percent of Hoofbeats content comes from assigned freelance writing jobs. Send your ideas on Standardbreds and harness racing along with samples to hoofbeats@ustrotting.com.

Contact: Editor Kim French by email at kim.french@ustrotting.com.

Rate: $100 to $500 for features. 

25. New York Magazine

Pulitzer Prize winning New York Magazine pays for freelance writing jobs! You can pitch your articles by email

Contact: Editor-in-Chief David Haskell on LinkedIn.

Rate: About $0.65 a word. 

26. Vox

Vox publishes content on a variety of topics, from health and science to culture. They are looking for candid pieces that stand out from typical coverage. Find the appropriate editor to pitch to on the masthead.

Contact: Executive Editor Allison Rockey at allison@vox.com.

Rate: Around $0.50 a word.

Digital Magazines: Science

27. Audubon

Calling all birders. Send your ideas for stories on birds and their habitats to Audubon.

Contact: Editor Martha Harbison via Twitter. 

Rate: As much as $0.40 per word.

28. Discover

Like to geek-out on science and land freelance writing jobs? Writers with proven expertise in medicine, physics, technology, space travel, paleontology, and other science-based topics wanted. For print, submit pitches via the general email address. Digital story ideas go to digital content coordinator Megan Schmidt except astronomy-related pitches which go to Jake Parks.

Contact: Associate Editor Ann Funk on LinkedIn.

Rate: $1 a word for print, $300 for a 600-1,000 word digital story.

29. Hakai Magazine

Hakai uses short- and long-form journalism to report on coastal ecosystems. This magazine publishes work from freelance writers in two different sections; News & Views (300-800 words) and Features (1,000-1,500 words).

Contact: Senior Editor Shanna Baker or Managing Editor Adrienne Mason on Twitter.

Rate: As much as $1.05 a word.

30. National Geographic

Love to explore the natural world? Send your ideas on beautiful, unique, and wild places to editor@natgeo.com, and they’ll direct you to the right section. Or check out the guidelines for specific section editors.

Contact: Managing Editor David Brindly is on LinkedIn.

Rate: Varies by section, but begins at $.50 a word.

31. Smithsonian Mag

Unsolicited proposals are accepted by Smithsonian Magazine from experienced freelancers pitching stories on art, history, science & innovation, and travel. Use the submission form to query the print magazine or the website.

Contact: Print Executive Editor Terence Monmaney or Digital Editorial Editor Brian Wolly on Twitter.

Rate: Varies. Reported $0.36 a word or as much as $3.50 a word for print.

Digital Magazines: Stories and Essays

32. The American Scholar

The magazine of the Phi Beta Kappa Society accepts nonfiction submissions from new and established writers. 

Contact: Editor Robert Wilson via email or through the link on Submittable.

Rate: $100+ per article.  

33. Boston Globe Mag

New freelance writers can contribute to the Perspectives and Connections columns of the Boston Globe Magazine.

Contact: Editor Veronica Chao on Twitter. 

Rate: About $0.78 a word. 

34. Buzzfeed News

Pitch longform personal essays and cultural criticism that wows to BuzzFeed Reader. 

Contact: Editor Samantha Henig is on Twitter. 

Rate: About $0.50 a word.

35. Longreads

Longreads publishes personal essays and narratives, longform journalism, features, investigative projects, and even book excerpts. There are various editors to pitch, so check the guidelines for names and contact information. 

Contact: Senior Editor Cheri Lucas Rowlands is on LinkedIn.

Rate: $0.23 a word for articles, $500 for personal and critical essays.

36. The Sun

Send daring personal essays, fiction, and poetry to this ad-free magazine to land freelance writing jobs. You can pitch editors Sy Safransky or David Mahaffey by submitting online. 

Contact: Associate Editor Finn Cohen is on Twitter.

Rate: Varies. As much as $2,000 for longform essays.

Digital Magazines: Women

37. Cosmopolitan

Cosmo has an annual readership of 16 million. Last year they were paying as much as $0.25 a word for digital content in alignment with their brand, which is focused on the empowerment of young women.

Contact: Senior Editor Emma Barker by email.

Rate: Average $1.05 per word.

38. Glamour Mag

Into women’s style, beauty, entertainment, wellness, or culture? Pitch Glamour! And if you know anyone that makes skin care, makeup, body care, and hair products? Tell them about Glamour’s upcoming 2021 Beauty Awards.

Contact: Digital Editor Perrie Samotin on Twitter

Rate: $0.27 a word reported.

39. Good Housekeeping

The majority of GH’s 25 million readers are women who are married, have children, and work outside the home. This mag pays for short narratives on “blessings” and overcoming health challenges. 

Contact: Digital Director Lauren Matthews on Twitter.

Rate: As much as $0.67 a word.

40. LiisBeth

LiisBeth publishes content focused on feminist entrepreneurs, creators, and leaders committed to gender equality. Writers of all gender expressions can email pitches to Margaret Webb.

Contact: Margaret Webb on Twitter

Rates: $250 for personal essays to $800+ for policy/issue analysis.

41. Oprah Mag

Oprah Magazine launched a new digital version this fall to continue inspiring women to live their best lives – online. 

Contact: Digital Director Arianna Davis on Twitter

Rates: The print version has paid $2 a word, but expect less for digital. 

42. Teen Vogue

Understand style, politics, identity, and culture according to teens? You can land freelance writing jobs by pitching Teen Vogue. They’re looking for bold stories on teens taking on the world.

Contact: Editor Samhita Mukhopadya via email

Rate: $0.30 a word for digital publication.


43. American Theatre

The only general-circulation pub for the theatre, this magazine was founded in 1984 by the Theatre Communications Group. Covering stage artists, theatrical events and trends, and the impact of financial and legal issues on the arts, the mag’s main audience is professional, not-for-profit theatres including notable international venues.

Contact: Rob Weinert-Kendt, Editor-in-Chief, by email.

Rate: $0.25 a word

44. Atlantic Books Today

Run by the Atlantic Publishers Marketing Association, Atlantic Books Today publishes content on everything readers want to know about the books and authors of eastern Canada. The magazine is published bi-annually in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland, and Labrador. Check out the digital version of the mag here.

Contact: Chris Benjamin, Editor-in-Chief, by email.

Rate: $0.15 a word

45. The A.V. Club

The A.V. Club is owned by the media group that puts out The Onion. However, they publish true entertainment content including interviews, reviews, features, and other entertainment-related articles. They accept freelance submissions and occasionally have staff writing positions

Contact: Editor-in-Chief Patrick Gomez on LinkedIn.

Rate: Average $0.21 a word reported.

46. Backstage

A casting service for entertainment professionals, Backstage has over 100,000 members and has been a resource for performing artists for over half a century.

Contact: Briana Rodriguez, Editor-in-Chief, on LinkedIn.

Rate: $0.14 a word.

47. Bustle

Bustle is looking for timely entertainment pieces as a subcategory in their magazine. There are multiple editors to pitch to depending on the topic.

Contact: Editor-in-Chief Emma Rosenblum on Twitter.

Rate: $0.25 a word.

48. C Magazine

A forum for the exploration of contemporary art, each issue of C Magazine explores a theme through writing, criticism, and projects. Content features Canadian artists, with particular focus on equity-seeking communities (Black, Indigenous, diasporic) and international perspectives.

Contact: Editor Jaclyn Bruneau by email.

Rate: $0.23 a word.

49. Chicago Reader

The Chicago reader assigns freelance writing jobs in the form of narrative features, neighborhood news stories, criticism, videos, and audio. The pub has a group of dedicated freelancers but accepts pitches on an ongoing basis from new writers. Pitches highlighting underrepresented communities and stories are especially encouraged from women, nonbinary writers, and contributors of color in the Chicago area.

Contact: Section editors by email.

Rate: $0.23 a word.

50. Cineaste

Cineaste readers love the cinema for its beauty, and social and political statements. This quarterly mag covers old and new films from around the world. Deadlines are posted in the guidelines. 

Contact: Section editors by email at cineaste@cineaste.com.

Rate: $18 for short reviews, $36 for book or DVD reviews, $45 for film reviews or short articles, $90 for features.

51. Culture Eater

Culture Eater is looking for features among these categories; the arts, gaming, film and TV, literature, fashion, podcasts and personal essays. To submit, email sixo@cultureeater.com.au.

Contact: Editor Ezekiel Rodofili is on Twitter

Rate: $25-$100 per piece.

52. Current

Current’s readership is made up mostly of people in the public media industry. So if your skill set includes critical, in-depth reporting on issues relevant to public radio and television stations, networks, and production companies, send a pitch their way.

Contact: Digital Editor Mike Janssen on Twitter.

Rate: $0.75 a word.

53. Deadspin

Sports fans, get cracking on your pitch to Deadspin. This pub offers in-depth guidance on how to pitch them with real examples from writers they’ve published. They even consider non-sports stories with relevance to their readers, like this example of Native American lacrosse players who were suspended after reporting racial abuse. Make sure to also check out our full guide to sports writing jobs

Contact: Find Managing Editor Chris Baud on LinkedIn.

Rate: Average $0.11 a word, as high as $0.17.

54. Entertainment Weekly

From TV and movies, to gaming and celebrity interviews, EW does it all. One of the Meredith Corporation pubs, EW shifted from a weekly to a monthly magazine in 2019.

Contact: Executive Editor Sarah Rodman on LinkedIn

Rate: As much as $0.40 a word.

55. Esquire Magazine

Esquire has been writing about “the interests, the curiosity, the passions, of men” for 70 years. Their entertainment section covers TV, movies, books, music, food and drinks, and more. 

Contact: Managing Editor John Kenney at jmkenney@hearst.com. Literary editor, Amy Grace Loyd on Twitter; food and drinks editor Jeff Gordinier by email.

Rate: Digital mag pays as much as $0.15 a word.

56. FanByteMedia

This pub focuses on video games, and pays for freelance writing jobs. But it’s not just about gaming. FanByteMedia will consider pitches on TV, movies, anime, manga, comics, and even wrestling! 

Contact: John Warren, head of FanByte, on Twitter.

Rate: $100-150 a piece.

57. Film School Rejects

Founder Neil Miller describes his site as “a movie blog for the people.” And while these filmmaking aficionados are not currently accepting freelance pitches for stand-alone pieces, they are accepting pitches for recurring columns and limited series

Contact: Neil Miller on Twitter.

Rate: $0.05 a word.

58. Hollywood Reporter

This pub reports on the influence of Hollywood on all aspects of U.S. society from business, style, and tech to politics.

Contact: Kim Masters, Editor-at-Large, on Twitter. Or check out the masthead to find the right editor to pitch.

Rate: $0.33 a word.

59. Jezebel

You can get paid to write for this feminist-focused website about culture, books. Believe it or not, there’s even a section entirely devoted to The Bachelorette.

Contact: Editor-in-Chief Julianne Escobedo Shepherd via email.

Rate: Average $0.20 a word reported

60. Literary Hub

Write about literary life and culture for this pub dedicated to “all things books.” In addition to reviews, essays, criticism, and craft pieces, Literary Hub puts a literary spin on every lifestyle, human interest, and news vertical imaginable.

Contact: Editor-in-Chief Jonny Diamond on Twitter.

Rate: $0.13 a word

61. The New York Times Book Review

While there are no staff writers assigned to the weekend Book Review, it’s no easy feat to land this gig with the New York Times. However, the six editors who sort through the 50-60 books submitted weekly, assign reviews to writers, most of whom are not Times reporters, up to six months ahead of publication.

Contact: Editor Pamela Paul on LinkedIn.

Rate: $0.80 a word reported

62. Paper Magazine

Paper puts out the latest on film, music, celebrities, internet culture, and nightlife in its entertainment section. Assigns a variety of freelance writing jobs based on pitches received.

Contact: Kat Gillespie on Twitter or by email.

Rate: $0.25 a word

63. Paste Magazine

Paste Magazine focuses on a variety of topics in the entertainment world. For example, TV, games, comedy, and even travel. They like to focus on independent artists and go a little deeper into the industry.

Contact: Introduce yourself with an LOI (letter of introduction) or story idea to any of the editors on the masthead.

Rate: Average $.08 a word reported 

64. The Root

If you want to get paid to write “meaningful stories that move the needle on issues surrounding race,” consider pitching to The Root. Content reflects original thought on the intersection of blackness and society. The It’s Lit! section explores books by African American and Black authors, and The Glow Up covers lifestyle and entertainment.

Contact: Editor-in-Chief Danielle Belton on Twitter.

Rate: $0.20 a word.

65. Slate

Slate is known for its unique voice and sharp wit. The culture section accepts freelance submissions on movies, music, TV, and books. 

Contact: Send well-researched pitches to Slate’s culture editors: Forrest Wickman (movies, music); Sam Adams (tv); Marissa Martinelli (books, fiction); Seth Maxon (books, non-fiction).

Rate: $0.24 a word. 

66. The Smart Set

The Smart Set covers a ton of lifestyle topics including the arts, literature, sports, shopping, and food. Freelance submissions are considered in the form of:

  • Critical essays
  • Cultural critiques and analyses
  • Scholarly articles
  • Food and travel writing
  • Personal essays and memoirs
  • Books
  • Film
  • Television reviews and unpublished excerpts

Contact: Email pitches to Editor Melinda Lewis at smartsetmag@drexel.edu.

Rate: $0.20 a word reported.

67. Star Trek

Does everything that happens make you think of a Star Trek episode?

Star Trek publishes personal essays, reported pieces, or features that deeply examine an issue presented in the show. In addition, you can also get paid to write interviews with Star Trek one-off guest stars.

Contact: Managing Editor Kendra James at StarTrekPitches@cbs.com or LinkedIn.

Rate: $0.20 a word.

68. SyFy Wire

Write about science fiction, fantasy, and supernatural horror for Syfy Wire. Pitch an idea for an original news story related to books, movies, tv, games, or genre figures.

Contact: Managing Editor Cher Martinetti on Twitter.

Rate: $0.14 a word.

69. TV Guide

Even if you aren’t from the generation that relied on the printed version of TV Guide to know “what’s on”, you can still land freelance writing jobs with this iconic pub. Pitch your ideas for content for the TV obsessed to this iconic digital media brand.

Contact: Senior Editor Mandi Bierly on LinkedIn.

Rate: $0.19 a word.

70. Variety

Variety publishes entertainment business news for a readership affluent influencers. Got an expert take on the business side of film, TV, music, or theater to offer? Pitch your idea. 

Contact: Find the right editor here and send your pitch by email. Or try managing editor Lesley McKenzie on Twitter.

Rate: $0.31 a word average.

71. Vulture

Vulture is New York Magazine’s entertainment pub. They cover a wide range of topics, from TV and movies to podcasts and books. Pitch to editorialsubmissions@nymag.com

Contact: Editor Neil Janowitz on LinkedIn.

Rate: $0.32 a word.

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging: Writing

72. The Blog Herald

Category/Niche: Blogging

Contact: Send your pitch via the contact form.

Rate: None.

73. DailyBlogTips

Category/niche: Blogging, Marketing, Writing

Contact info: Submissions can be emailed to founder, Daniel Scocco.

Rate: None.

74. WritetoDone

Category/niche: Writing, Blogging

Contact: Email Editor Laura Tong, or connect with her on Twitter.

Rate: None.

Guest Blogging: Business

75. Accounting Web

Category/Niche: Business

Contact: Email managing editor Seth Fineberg.

Rate: None.

76. AllBusiness

Category/Niche: Marketing, Business

Contact: Follow the guidelines and submit your blog post via the submission form.

Rate: None

77. BizSugar

Category/Niche: Business

Contact: Find Executive Editor Shawn Hessinger  on Twitter..

Rate: None.

78. Business Opportunities

Look over the website to understand the kind of content they’re looking for.

Contact: Submit your pitches to Nicolas Bennett via email.

Rate: None.

79. Careermetis

Follow the submission guidelines and send in your guest post via email.

Contact: You can find founder Nissar Ahamed on Twitter.

Rate: None.

80. CustomerThink

You must register for an author account first. Submit your blog posts from there.

Contact: If you have any questions, you can reach out to the managing editor via email. You can find editor-in-chief Bob Thompson on Twitter.

Rate: None.

81. Entrepreneur

Category/Niche: Business

Contact: You can reach digital content editorial director Dan Bova via email.

Rate: $1 a word.

82. HR Zone

Category/Niche: Business

Contact: Find editor Becky Norman on LI or email her here.

Rate: None.

83. I Work Well

This blog for HR professionals pays its contributing writers.

Contact: Follow the guidelines and apply to be one of their subject matter experts.

Rate: $200+ per article.

84. Killer Startups

Category/Niche: Business

Contact: Submit your post via email to news@killerstartups.com.

Rate: None.

85. My Corporation

Category/Niche: Business

Contact: Submit your guest post via the online form. You can also reach out to social media manager Heather Taylor on LinkedIn.

Rate: None.

86. My Customer

Category/Niche: Business

Contact: Find editor Becky Norman no LinkedIn.

Rate: None.

87. The Secrets of Entrepreneurship

Category/Niche: Business

Contact: Founder Fisayo Sanyaolu can be found on Twitter.

Rate: None.

88. Small Business Bonfire

Review the guidelines before submitting your blog post.

Contact: Submit via email, attaching your blog post in a Word or Google Doc format. Find Founder Alyssa Gregory on Twitter.

Rate: None.

89. Small Business CEO (SMBCEO)

Category/Niche: Business

Contact: Find the Owner/Editor Ivan Widjaya on Twitter. For questions or feedback email smbceo@previsomedia.com.

Rate: None.

90. Startup Nation

Category/Niche: Business

Contact: Submit your guest post via the contact form or you can also email content director Cara O’Bleness.

Rate: None.

91. Training Zone

Category/Niche: Business

Contact: Find editor Becky Norman on LinkedIn.

Rate: None.

92. Tweak Your Biz

Category/Niche: Business

Contact: After reviewing the guidelines, submit your guest post here. You can also reach out to the publisher, Clayton Johnson on Twitter.

Rate: None.

93. Women On Business

Category/Niche: Business

Contact: Reach out directly to founder Susan Gunelius via Twitter, LinkedIn, or email, and submit your guest post online. 

Rate: None.

94. Young Upstarts

Young Upstarts is looking for subject matter experts, not freelance writers doing research. So your experience is key in submitting your post. Read the guidelines before submitting via email.

Contact: You can also reach out to the Founder Daniel Goh on Twitter.

Rate: None.

95. Your Online Biz

Read the guidelines, then submit your name and email for further instructions.

Contact: You can also reach the founder, Darnell Jackson, on Twitter.

Rate: $100 per post.

Guest Blogging: Finance

96. Benzinga

Category/Niche: Finance

Contact: Review the guidelines before submitting. You can reach out with questions via email.

Rate: None.

97. Elite Personal Finance

This site has four blogs with niche topics under the finance umbrella.

Contact: Take the time to read the guidelines before submitting a pitch via email.

Rate: $300 per post.

98. Famous Bloggers

Category/Niche: Marketing

Contact: Follow the submission guidelines and use the contact form to send questions.

Rate: None.

99. Her Money

Category/Niche: Finance

Contact: Submit a pitch via the editor’s link on the Contact Page. You can also reach out to Senior Writer/Editor Dayana Yochim via Twitter.

Rate: Varies.

100. IncomeDiary

Category/Niche: Marketing

Contact: You can find Editor Barry Dunlop on LinkedIn to pitch an article idea along with your rate quote.

Rate: For in-depth and well-written articles, IncomeDiary pays anywhere from $200-$500. 

101. Money Saving Mom

Category/niche: Finance

Contact: Reach out to site manager Crystal Paine on LinkedIn.

Rate: None.

102. Penny Hoarder

Category/Niche: Finance

Contact: You can reach out to Managing Editor John Schlander via Twitter. Submissions accepted online. 

Rate: Varies, reportedly $0.09 a word.

103. Smart Business Trends

Unpaid guest posts are common, but they pay for well-done tutorials, case studies, and product reviews.

Contact: You can reach out to editor and founder Chris Fong on Facebook. If you’re ready to pitch, follow this link to send in your pitch. 

Rate: Typical pay rates range from $200-$500.

104. TechWyse

Category/Niche: Marketing

Contact: You can send your blog post via email or reach out to digital content manager Shannon Purcell on LinkedIn.

Rate: None

105. Wise Bread

Category/Niche: Finance

Contact: Email your submission or reach out to the Editor-in-Chief Lynn Truong on Twitter. recruiting@wisebread.com.

Rate: None.

Guest Blogging: Lifestyle

106. Backpacker

Category/Niche: Lifestyle

Contact: To submit a query to their blog, reach out to senior digital editor Adam Roy via email.

Rate: Varies.

107. BlogHer

Category/Niche: Women/Lifestyle

Contact: Find senior editor Amelia Edelman on LinkedIn.

Rate: None.

108. Capper’s Farmer

Category/niche: Lifestyle

Contact: Send pitches to Traci Smith via email. If you’re interested in becoming a part of the blogging team, contact Allison Sarkesian.

Rate: Based on assignment.

109. Dumb Little Man

Check the writer’s guide and submission rules before filling out the contact form.

Contact: You can find site creator, Jay White, on Twitter.

Rate: None.

110. IWA Wine

Category/Niche: Wine/Lifestyle

Contact: IWA Wine wants completed articles only. Submit your Google Doc via email.

Rate: $25-$50 per blog post.

111. ListVerse

Category/Niche: Lifestyle

Contact: Submit your list post via the online form.

Rate: $100 per post

112. PickTheBrain

Category/Niche: Lifestyle

Contact: Reach out to site-runner Erin Falconer via email.

Rate: None.

113. Scary Mommy

Read the guidelines and fill out the submission form online.

Contact: You can find Senior Editor Liz Henry on LinkedIn.

Rate: Varies.

114. SelfGrowth

Category/Niche: Wellness, Lifestyle, Health

Contact: Email Managing Editor Samantha Etkin.

Rate: None.

115. WikiHow

Category/Niche: Lifestyle

Contact: Submit completed articles via email. Questions can be emailed to the community liaison.

Rate: None.

116. WonderHowTo

Category/Niche: Lifestyle/Tech

Contact: Send your pitch via email to Managing Editor Justin Myers.

Rate: None

Guest Blogging: Technology

117. Codepen

Category/Niche: Web Design/ Tech

Contact: Get in touch with editor Marie Mosley on Twitter.

Rate: None.

118. Dragdropr

Category/Niche: Tech

Contact: Reach out to Norbert Strappler on LinkedIn or email him at office@atipso.com.

Rate: None.

119. My WP Tips

Category/Niche: Web Design/Tech

Contact: Submit your pitch via email.

Rate: None.

120. SiteProNews

Follow the guidelines and submit your post via the online form.

Contact: Reach out via email or on Twitter with questions.

Rate: None.

121. Tidy Repo

Category/Niche: Tech

Contact: Submit your pitch through the contact form or via email.

Rate: None.

122. Tutorial Board

Tutorial board asks for completed pieces.

Contact: You can email for feedback on your idea before submitting.  

Rate: $150 per tutorial.

123. Animal Wellness Magazine

Category/Niche: Lifestyle/Pets

Contact: Contact the editor Ann Brightman via email.

Rate: Varies.

124. Back to College

Follow the guidelines before submitting your pitch.

Contact:  You can find publisher Donna Rickerd on LinkedIn.

Rate: $55 and up for original work of 1,000-1,500 words.

125. Howl Round

You can write pieces for their Journal, participate in a variety of online media events, or propose other content for publication. Read the guidelines and use the online form to submit.

Contact: Content editor May Antaki can be reached by email.

Rate: $200 per article.

Health and Wellness

126. The Aquarian

This publication has a quarterly in addition to its online version. It focuses on holistic health and progressive issues. There are different guidelines for in-print and online submissions. 

Contact: Email Managing Editor Kristi Dorian.

Rates: $25 to $50 for print, $10-$25 for online.

127. Best Self Atlanta

This self-help magazine for the Atlanta area offers articles on various subjects, one being health. 

Contact: Editor Cory Olesen at colesen@atlantabestmedia.com.

Rate: $50-$75 for health and wellness round-ups; $200 for multi-page features.

128. Chicago Health & Caregiving

These Chicago-based magazines have bi-annual print and bi-weekly online editions. They publish people-centered stories about health issues. 

Contact: Send your pitch and some clips to editor [REDACTED]. 

Rate: $0.50 a word for print, $150 for online stories.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This publication requested we remove them because they received too high a volume of queries that don’t match their topic or audience. Please read guidelines carefully before submitting to any website or magazine.

129. Climbing

Published six times a year, Climbing is looking for feature writing and photography around the hobby of climbing, lifestyle, and wellness. Make sure to look at all the magazine’s departments before pitching. 

Contact: Editor Matt Samet on LinkedIn.

Rate: $0.35 a word.

130. Common Ground

This Canadian publication is looking for articles on health and wellness preferably by Canadian authors. They accept fiction and poetry, however, only in rare cases. 

Contact: The editor and publisher Joseph Roberts by email.

Rate: $0.10 a word.

131. Desire Health Magazine

This magazine’s primary audience is African-American communities across southern California. It offers several content topics, including health. 

Contact: Publisher John Banks-Morgan by email.

Rate: $50 per article (average 550 words) with no limits on contributions.

132. Eating Well

Reported in a journalistic-style, Eating Well’s science-based content covers all aspects of healthy eating: food originals and social networks; eating culture, traditions, and recipes; and of course, nutrition. There are various section editors, so check the guidelines for names and contact information. 

Contact: Editor-in-Chief Jessie Price on Twitter.

Rate: $1.00 a word. 

133. Elemental

This Medium pub offers readers information and opinions on health and wellness, as long as they’re backed by science. All topics for the mind and body can be found here. 

Contact: Executive Editor Sarah Collins on Twitter.

Rate: $0.83 to $1.00 per word.

134. Experience Life

This membership magazine publishes 10 times a year. It features articles on healthy living and fitness. 

Contact: Deputy Editor Michael Dregni by email.

Rate: $1 a word.

135. FitnessRxWomen Online

If you want to get paid to write for a female-focused health and fitness site, connect with FitnessRxWomen Online Editor Callie Bundy by pitching an idea for an article. Articles should focus on training, weight loss, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle habits for women.

Contact: Email Callie at editor@fitnessrxwomen.com or reach out on Twitter.

Rate: Based on assignment.

136. Healthcare Innovation

This publication (formerly Health Management Technology) has an online and print version. Its readers are senior executives across the medical and insurance industries. Healthcare Innovation is looking for features and case studies. 

Contact: Editor-in-Chief Mark Hagland at mhagland@hcinnovationgroup.com.

Rate: Based on assignment.

137. Idea Fitness Journal

This is a trade magazine published by the IDEA Health and Fitness Association. The target audience is fitness and health professionals. Recent articles covered online personal training, goal-setting strategies, exercise for older clients, and digital tools for fitness professionals. 

Contact: Editor-in-Chief Sandy Todd Webster by email.

Rate: Based on assignment.

138. Natural Awakenings

This national magazine runs more than 60 local versions. Its focus is on all things related to natural living, from fitness to personal growth. 

Contact: Find your local editor here before pitching. 

Rate: $0.22 a word.

139. PCC Markets Magazine

This local Seattle pub is all about produce, farming, and feeding its community well. 

Contact: Editor Rebekah Denn via email.

Rate: $250-$800 range per assignment.

140. Premium Physician Profiles by Solve Health Media & Colorado Health & Wellness magazine [Editor’s note: These periodicals are no longer being published.]

Publisher Peter Solveson created these two magazines for Colorado hospitals and health care professionals. They include health articles and physician profiles. 

Rate: $0.60 and $0.70 a word. 

141. Runner’s World

An avid backtracker, adventure runner, or ultramarathoner? Write about all things running for RW. 

Contact: Editor David Willey on Twitter. 

Rate: $1.00 per word for content that runs in both print and online. 

142. Spirituality and Health

This broad-reaching publication covers health and spirituality, from the mainstream to the fringe. 

Contact: Editor and publisher Ben Nussbaum on LinkedIn.  

Rate: About $1 a word. 

143. Vibrant Life

Vibrant Life is looking for positive, beneficial stories on all aspects of health and wellness, from physical and mental health to spiritual wellbeing. 

Contact: Submit completed articles via email to Editor Heather Quintana.

Rate: Ranges from $100-$300 per article.

144. Vice

Vice publishes unique angles on all sorts of topics, including health. They’re looking for clear pitches on original takes. Editors want to shape the story with their writers, so no completed drafts. 

Contact: Editor Kate Lowenstein at kate.lowenstein@vice.com.

Rate: $0.32 a word.

145.Whole Life Times

This holistic and integrative health magazine is interested in anything regarding a progressive healthy lifestyle, from spiritual growth to sustainability and yoga. They rely heavily on freelance contributions, and pay rates vary by topic section within the magazine. 

Contact: Editor Gina Salvati on Twitter.

Rate: $25 to $150, depending on article placement and length  

Home & Garden

146. American Gardener

Recently featured in the Writer’s Digest, American Gardener is a publication of the American Horticulture Society. From plant hunting, horticultural therapy, and “appropriate” gardening, to plant lore and literature, there are ample opportunities to freelance for this pub dedicated to environmentally responsible gardening.

Contact: Editor David Ellis on LinkedIn.

Rate: $300 to $600 for features and $150 to $200 for departments.

147. Architectural Digest

If you have a story on “the next best thing” in international design, pitch AD! Be sure that you have a unique point of view and amazing photos before sending your pitch to have a shot with this iconic mag.

Contact: Find Features Director Samuel Cochran on LinkedIn

Rate: Anywhere from $0.56 to $1.00 a word.

148. Coastal Living

Coastal Living accepts pitches for their home and garden section eight months prior to publication, so get those ideas in early! Send well-developed ideas on coastal homes, travel, food and lifestyle (with photos!) for best consideration.

Contact: Email home and garden section Editor Ellen McGauley at ellen.mcgauley@timeinc.com.

Rate: $1 a word. 

149. Dwell

Dwell offers multiple options for freelance content, so check the guidelines for specific submission info. They’re looking for stories about modern home design, budget breakdowns, and lessons learned, among others.

Contact: Find Editor-in-Chief William Hanley on LinkedIn.

Rate: $1.00 a word. 

150. ELLE Decor

Have a flair for decorating? This article gives the lowdown on pitching to magazines like Elle and others in the interior design space. Be sure to follow their tips when emailing your pitch!

Contact: Senior Editor Vanessa Lawrence is on LinkedIn.

Rate: $0.42 a word average (for ELLE magazine).

151. Fine Gardening

Write about all aspects of garden care in your region of the US or Canada for Fine Gardening. Owned by Taunton Press, this magazine also puts out three other pubs devoted to the crafts of woodworking, homebuilding, and sewing.

Contact: Find Editor Steve Aitkin on LinkedIn.

Rate: Pays between $100 to $200 per page for feature articles, and $35 to $400 for department pieces depending upon length and complexity.

152. Garden Gate Magazine

Have some advice for fellow gardeners? Garden Gate pays for garden design tips like this article on how to select plants that thrive in shade. 

Contact: Find Senior Editor Sherri Ribbey on LinkedIn.

Rate: $25 per tip.

153. Green Prints

Editor Pat Stone wants the best personal garden writing on the human side of the artform out there. They publish four times a year, so it’s best to submit for an upcoming issue well in advance.

Contact: Email Editor Pat Stone.

Rate: They pay up to $150 for pieces (up to 2,000 words).

154. Hobby Farms

Into urban farming or part of a generational farming legacy? Provide tips for small-scale farmers and those just getting started by pitching Hobby Farms.

Contact: Editor Roger Sipe on Twitter.

Rate: $300 and up for features. 

155. Home Energy

Home Energy is a small nonprofit that publishes a variety of content exclusively on residential energy consumption in the following sections:

  • Trends
  • Features
  • Side bars
  • Field notes
  • Columns

This pub values concise writing tailored to their highly specific audience of energy officials, contractors, program managers, weatherization crew members, and manufacturers of energy-efficient products. 

Contact: Senior Editor Jim Gunshinan is on Twitter.

Rate: $0.20 per word up to a maximum of $500, plus $10 for each piece of usable art. 

156. Homestead

This pub accepts work from experienced homesteaders who can write well and capture readers’ interest. Check out their writer’s guidelines for details on submitting proposals, photographs or illustrations, and completed manuscripts (1000-2500 words).

Contact: Find Editor Jessica Shelton on LinkedIn.

Rate: $100.

157. Luxe Design and Interiors

A magazine for affluent design enthusiasts, Luxe covers the entire design industry. They accept project articles, home tour pieces, and more.

Contact: Send digital story ideas to Senior Web Editor, Ileana Llorens on LinkedIn.

Rate: $0.50 a word.

158. Maine Organic Farmer and Gardener

This magazine is published four times a year by staff writers, but includes several articles by freelancers in each issue. Find a detailed list of agricultural topics in the guidelines to hone your idea and pitch with photos for an added edge.

Contact: Email Editor Jean English at jenglish@mofga.org.

Rate: $0.20 a word.

159. Midwest Home

Write about Minnesota home and garden projects completed within the last three years for Midwest Home. This pub is interested in pieces on:

  • Architecture
  • Remodels
  • Interior design
  • Landscape
  • Garden design

But they ask that you don’t pitch the same story to multiple media outlets while waiting to hear about your query.

Contact: Email Senior Editor Anna Bjorlin at abjorlin@midwesthome.com.

Rate: Pays for unpublished work.

160. Morning Chores

Morning Chores is looking for writers knowledgeable and experienced in sustainability. Write about practicable actions their readers can use in their daily lives in areas like homesteading, gardening and animal care. 

Contact: Visit the about page for team bios. Contributor Steph Coelho is on Twitter.

Rate: $50.

161. Mother Earth News

This site accepts submissions with quality photographs for its Country Lore section. They range from 100-300 words in length. Features are often assigned to contributing editors, but an experienced writer can break in with a query and one-page outline. 

Contact: Send submissions to Editor Oscar “Hank” Will by email.

Rate: $25-$100.

162. Oregon Home

Oregon Home offers practical advice and guidance to Oregonians transforming their interior spaces. Know up-and-coming craftspeople or other makers in OR? Pitch these and other home, garden, DIY, and style ideas to this Beaver state pub.

Contact: Email editor Emily Grosvenor or find her on LinkedIn

Rate: About $0.59-$1 a word for features and sponsored content.

163. Our Homes

This glossy mag is directed towards a high-income Canadian readership. They’re looking for lively and inviting stories that include interviews and research on home interiors, exteriors, and home life; renovating and real estate; gardening, landscaping, and building.

Contact: Email Georgette McCulloch, Editor-in-Chief, at georgette.mcculloch@ourhomes.ca.

Rate: $0.25 per assigned word for freelance writing, and, if there is travel required, $ 0.40 a km after the first 60 kilometers travelled (in Canada).

164. ProBuilder

Professional Builder has multiple construction publication brands, including ProBuilder, ProRemodeler, Building Design and Construction, and more. They pay for feature-length articles for their print version and more recently for shorter online-only content.

Rate: Varies depending on the experience of the writer and the length of the article; anywhere from between $0.75 a word and $1.15 a word. Occasionally for large articles or series they’ll negotiate a fee. 

Contact: Email Rich Binsacca, Editor-in-Chief.

165. Sunset Magazine

Sunset covers outdoor living and home design in the 13 western United States, British Columbia, and Mexico. Freelance submissions are accepted for articles on new homes and renovations, preferably with “before” photos!.

Contact: Editor Sally Kuchar is on LinkedIn.

Rate: average is $1.17 a word.

166. Texas Gardener

This bi-monthly magazine is specific to the LoneStar state and offers various ways to break in as a regular contributor. They have a personal essay column called “Between Neighbors” that’s open to submissions of 600-700 words. Most feature articles are assigned, but you can break in with a unique perspective on Texas gardening.

Contact: Submissions and queries should be directed to the publisher, Jay White.

Rate: $50 to $200 range, depending on type, quality and length.


167. Clubhouse

Clubhouse magazines is published by the Christian organization, Focus on the Family. It’s a children’s magazine aimed at 8- to 12-year-old kids that publishes both fiction and non-fiction humor writing. It’s a great place to land a freelance comedy writing job

Contact: Find Associate Editor Rachel Pfeiffer on LinkedIn

Rates: $150 to $200.

168. Country

Do you live on a farm? Out in the country? Or maybe, you just leave the city or suburbs every chance you get for a taste of country life. Write about it for Country, a custom mag published by RDA Enthusiast Brands. You can find links pertaining to submission guidelines, the list of desired topics and the media kit here

Contact: Pitch Copy Chief Deb Mulvey.

Rates: Up to $250 per assignment

169. Funds for Writers

Making money writing isn’t always easy, but it’s possible when you learn the business and craft of freelancing and work hard. Funds for Writers founder C. Hope Clark accepts guest posts for the site about how to make money writing. Review the guidelines, and don’t overlook the last line for tips on what can help land you an assignment: “a dash of humor, if possible; a positive note and a happy ending.”

Contact: Send manuscripts without attachments to hope@chopeclark.com.

Rates: Pays $50 per assignment.

170. The Funny Times

Self-described “publishers and troublemakers” Ray Lesser and Susan Wolpert laugh about this every day. They’ve been publishing The Funny Times for more than 30 years, and the magazine doesn’t include any advertising.

Their print publication pokes fun at politics, news, relationships, food, technology, pets, work, death, environmental issues, business, religion (yes, even religion) and the human condition in general. Length for stories is typically 500 to 700 words. 

Contact: Submit your humorous pieces by mail via the address on the submissions page.

Rates: $60 per assignment.

171. Guide

In this Christian-focused magazine for tweens and teens (ages 10 to 14), a little humor can help teach a lesson and build confidence to manage those sometimes stormy years of adolescence. Length for stories is typically 450 to 1,200 words. Submissions can be sent to guide@pacificpress.com.

Contact: Managing Editor Laura Sámano on LinkedIn.

Rates: $0.07 to $0.10 per word.

172. The Imperfect Parent

Instead of cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all solutions to parenting, The Imperfect Parent publishes parenting articles to make readers think and laugh about things like the euphoria of the school bus taking the kids away, managing an angry-cup-throwing toddler, or strategic ways to embarrass your kids as a twisted form of discipline and control. 

Contact: Pitch Editor Preston Carlson via the online form.

Rates: $25 and up.

173. Minnesota Monthly

What do you know about life and culture in the Twin Cities, the North Star state, and the Upper Midwest? If it’s anything close to Garrison Keillor’s Minnesota Bucket List, you’re bound to have some laugh-out-loud stories to write about for Minnesota Monthly. 

Contact: Email Senior Editor Reed Fischer at rfischer@minnesotamonthly.com.

Rate: Depends on assignment.

174. Mother.ly

Parenting isn’t exactly a cakewalk. If you can serve up parenting advice with a dose of humor, pitch a personal narrative or essay to Mother.ly. Like it or not, this pub prefers writers’ pitch via Submittable. They are currently looking for inspiring essays or expert pieces.

Contact: Editor-in-Chief A. Karell Roxas via LinkedIn.

Rates: $50 and up per assignment.

175. The New Yorker

Want to combine humor writing and fiction, but not ready to commit to crafting a full-length novel? Check out Shouts & Murmurs in The New Yorker magazine.

This isn’t essay writing. It’s pure fiction and satire like “Shakespeare, Off the Cuff,” “Trump I.Q Test,” “Family Vacation Breakdown,” and many others. Study published Shouts & Murmurs articles, and start thinking like the editors by following Daily Shouts, before submitting.

Contact: Send pdf submissions by email.

Rates: Depends on assignment.

176. Reader’s Digest

If you haven’t looked at a copy of Reader’s Digest recently, it’s not the same magazine it was when it launched way back in 1920. It’s still half the size of the typical magazine, but it’s been redesigned to keep up with competing pubs in the general interest and lifestyle niche. One regular feature includes jokes, gags, quotes and funny stories written by freelancers. 

Contact: Summit queries via email to editors@saturdayeveningpost.com with your category of interest in the subject line.

Rates: $25 to $100 per assignment.

177. Sasee

Sasee is a women’s lifestyle magazine that features stories and art about fashion, food, travel, and family life near Charlotte, South Carolina. “Essays, humor, satire, personal experience, and features on topics relating to women are our primary editorial focus.”

Contact: Email pitches to Editor Sarah Hawkinson.

Rates: Depends on assignment.

178. Saturday Evening Post

Only a few magazines in the U.S. have been around longer than the Saturday Evening Post, which was first published in 1897. They’re looking for fiction, nonfiction, and cartoons. 

Contact: Pitch ideas to the editors via email.

Rates: $25 and up, per assignment.


179. Michelle Pippin

Michelle Pippin is the founder of Women Who Wow, a platform that supports and encourages female entrepreneurs. They accept guest bloggers in several areas of business, including marketing. Their focus is on personal experiences, and they pay more for exclusive stories. 

Contact: Find Michelle on Twitter. Submit ideas by email to michelle@womenwhowow.com.

Rate: $50 to $150. 

180. CopyHackers

CopyHackers is a website for helping freelancers market and grow their business. They cover classic topics related to copywriting and branding. But the site also accepts guest posts about running a business, user interface design, A/B testing, and digital marketing strategies.

Contact: Founder, Editor, and Director Joanna Bain (Wiebe) via email. Or use the submission link. 

Rate: $325 upon completion and acceptance.

181. DivvyHQ

DivvyHQ is an automated marketing platform website, covering marketing campaigns, case studies, and all things content marketing. The pay rate is based on experience, and only approved posts are paid.

Contact: Get in touch with Editor, Brody Dorland, via Twitter.

Rate: $250 to $400 per article.


182. The Ascent

This Medium partner pub focuses on the happy things in life, and how its writer got there. It’s looking to inspire and encourage its readers with personal essays. 

Contact: Reach out to Editor Steven Campbell on Twitter.

Rate: Partner Program. Pay will vary.

183. Better Humans

Better Humans has more than 300,000 followers. They publish self-improvement pieces of a specific vein. Editor Terri Schweitzer looks for well-written pieces, and nothing short of great. Make sure you look over their submission guidelines first. 

Contact: Pitch to Schweitzer on Twitter.

Rate: Partner Program plus a possible fee. Up to $500 apiece.

184. Better Programming

This programming pub was the fastest growing on Medium last year – hitting 5 million monthly pageviews in record time. They’re looking for tutorials, think pieces, and advice to help programmers learn and improve in their field. 

Contact: Pitch Editor Zack Shapiro on Twitter.

Rate: Partner Program. Pay will vary.

185. Creative Café

The Creative Cafe welcomes all creative writers to share their passions and words. This pub can be a great starting point for newer writers who just want to see their words on the web. But well-done pieces that get views will be paid through the partner program. 

Contact: Follow the guidelines to submit, or reach out to Editor Alexandria Brown on Twitter

Rate: Partner Program. Pay will vary.

186. Elemental

Elemental offers readers information and opinions on health and wellness, as long as it’s backed by science. From coronavirus to meditation, all things for the mind and body can be found here. 

Contact: Pitch executive editor Sarah Collins on Twitter.

Rate: $0.83 to $1.00 per word.

187. Forge

Forge puts out content on how to navigate this complicated world we’re living in. Don’t bring “inspiration speak” or quick fixes to complex personal problems. Do bring sharp journalistic skills and science-backed facts from credible sources.

Contact: Find Editor Indrani Sen on Twitter.

Rate: $0.83 to $1.00 per word.

188. Gen

Gen is one of the largest publications on Medium. Editors here are looking for articles on culture, power, and politics. 

Contact: Send pitches to gen@medium.com, or track down Editor-in-Chief Brendan Vaughan on Twitter.

Rate: $0.83 to $1.00 per word.

189. Heated 

This pub isn’t just for foodies, but for anything related to the food industry, be it politics, culture, or history. They’re looking for diverse voices and perspectives. 

Contact: Reach out to editors Melissa McCart or Mark Bittman on Twitter.

Rate: $1 a word.

190. Human Parts

Human Parts is Medium’s essay pub. They’re interested in all kinds of stories, as long as they’re personal and preferably from unique perspectives.

Contact: Deputy Editor Harris Sockel via Twitter.

Rate: $0.83 to $1.00 per word.

191. Level

Level is one of Medium’s newest pubs, whose primary audience is Black and Brown men over 30. From sex, to friendship, to race, they’re looking for smart, thought-provoking personal essays and articles. 

Contact: Executive Editor, Peter Rubin, on Twitter.

Rate: $0.83 to $1.00 per word.

192. Marker 

Marker, one of the newer Medium pubs, focuses on the business niche. They’re looking for news and analysis from owners and entrepreneurs. Journalism pieces are welcome. 

Contact: Reach out to Editor-in-Chief Danielle Sacks on Twitter or email them at marker@medium.com.

Rate: Varies.

193. Modus

With 29,000 followers, this pub for UX/UI designers to improve their game. They’re looking for trends in the tech and design industry, and deep dives into relevant subtopics.

Contact: Pitch the editor your article idea via email at modus@medium.com.

Rate: Varies.

194. OneZero

OneZero is the tech and science pub for Medium, discovering what’s next in these industries. They champion editorial independence, from Medium and any brands they may cover or review. 

Contact: Pitch Editor-in-Chief, Damon Beres, via email or find him on Twitter.

Rate: Pay ranges from $0.83 to $1.00 per word.

195. PS I Love You

This popular Medium pub is all about the heart. They take everything from fiction to non-fiction and poetry. The subtopics vary widely, so think outside the box. 

Contact: Pitch to editors Dan Moore or Kay Bolden KayBolden on Twitter.

Rate: Partner program. Pay will vary.

196. Slackjaw

Slackjaw is Medium’s top comedy publication. They’re looking for funny pieces of all types, and publish their monthly theme on the guidelines page. You have a better chance of getting into their popular weekly newsletter “Yapjaw” if you pitch to their theme. 

Contact: Reach out to editor Alex Baia on Twitter.

Rate: Partner Program. Writers received an average pay between $25 and $100 per piece, but their top earner this year made $1,800 on one piece.

197. Writing Cooperative

This pub is all about writing! Assigns freelance writing jobs on topics from getting started through to publishing, this community of writers gives advice and lessons learned. 

Contact: Follow the guidelines to submit, or pitch editor Justin Cox on Twitter.

Rate: Partner program. Pay will vary

198. Zora

Zora is Medium’s publication by and for women of color. They’re interested in stories that range from the simple to the complex, from personal matters to current events. 

Contact: Send pitches to executive editor Vanessa K. DeLuca on Twitter.

Rate: $0.83 to $1.00 per word.


199. ADDitude Magazine

About 11 percent of kids (6.4 million) have attention deficit, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Managing editor Wayne Kalyn is always looking for fresh pitches that include first-person articles by parents, employers, and teachers with personal experience working with ADHD kids. Send submission by email

Contact: Editor-in-Chief Susan Caughman is on LinkedIn.

Rate: Pays an average of $100 to $200 per assignment.

200. Adoptive Families

Based on census data and information from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, about 2 million people in the U.S. were raised by adoptive parents. It’s a life-changing event for kids and parents, and managing editor Eve Gilman says she’s always on the lookout for stories that help parents through the adoption process and provide practical tips on parenting.

Contact: Eve is on LinkedIn.

Rate: Varies, depending on assignment.

201. Alaska Parent

Know what it’s like to be a parent with kids in the state also known as “The Last Frontier?” Check out this call for submissions and then get pitching.

Contact: Editors can be reached by email.

Rate: $40 to $200 per assignment.

202. Atlanta Parent

Know where all the family-friendly hot-spots are in Atlanta, Ga.? Want to write about issues that impact parents and children in the community? Have an idea for an Atlanta-based profile on a parent, kid, or family with a compelling story to tell? Pitch Atlanta Parent to land freelance writing jobs.

Contact: Email associate publisher Laura Powell at Lpowell@atlantaparent.com.

Rate: $100 and up for features.

203. Bay Area Parent

Know where the kid-friendly hangouts are in the Bay Area: Marin County, San Francisco, the Peninsula, the East Bay, Santa Clara, or Santa Cruz? Read the guidelines and pitch a feature story idea or a Q&A profile for the Mom’s Minute department.

Contact: Email Editor Jill Wolfson

Rate: $0.25 per word.

204. Carolina Parent 

This monthly magazine features stories and content for parents in North Carolina. Contributions should be written for a readership of “local, engaged, and involved” families in the Triangle. 

Contact: Pitch ideas to Executive Editor Andy Smith.

Rate: $75 to $300 per assignment.

205. Charlotte Parent

Stories, events, and ideas that provide useful advice and resources for parents with kids in the Charlotte area are welcomed at this NC magazine. Submit queries three months in advance of publication for your best shot at acceptance.

Contact: Pitch ideas to Executive Editor Andy Smith.

Rate: $50 to $150 per assignment.

206. Chesapeake Family Life

Your best bet for breaking into Chesapeake Family Life is pitching a feature story on a person, place, family, or special event with an original angle about family-friendly living in Maryland.

Contact: Email Ann Levelle at Ann@JeCoAnnapolis.com.

Rate: $75 to $200 per assignment.

207. Chicago Parent

If you’ve heard the chatter about paid essay writing becoming extinct, Chicago Parent hasn’t received the memo. A 400 to 500-word first-person essay with your take on raising kids in the “Windy City” is one of the best ways to break in says editor Tamara O’Shaughnessy. The magazine also publishes news and features about parenting and family life in Chicago. 

Contact: For digital only, Digital Editor Katina Beniaris at katina@chicagoparent.com.

Rate: $25 to $100-plus per assignment.

208. Cincinnati Parent

What do you know about Cincinnati that’s off the beaten path, different, or unexpected that even locals might not know about? If you can identify a story idea with a fresh angle, or something completely new to Cincinnati parents, send an idea to this mag.

Contact: Email Editor Nicole Sipe at nicolesipe@indyschild.com.

Rate: Varies, depending on assignment.

209. Fatherly

Mom’s aren’t the only ones who swap stories about grocery-store meltdowns, parenting advice, money matters, and the curiosities of raising kids. Dads do too. Got some “fatherly” advice that might help other dads, or a funny experience with your kids to share? Fatherly pays for freelance writing jobs like this. Pitch first. 

Contact: Editor-in-Chief Tyghe Trimble is on Twitter.

Rate: $0.15 a word.

210. Georgia Family

When Olya Fessard launched Georgia Family magazine about 26 years ago, she did it to help parents find opportunities in the area to help their kids learn and develop. Since then, the magazine has grown to over 15,000 subscribers who want to read about Georgia-based events, travel, family matters, and lifestyle. 

Contact: Submit queries by email to editor and publisher Olya Fessard. 

Rate: $20 to $80 per assignment.

211. The Green Parent

This UK-based magazine covers green-living (UK) topics on raising children, alternative health, and environmental concerns. “We are particularly keen on features written in the first person about a real-life experience,” says editor Melissa Corkill.

Contact: Email submissions to Melissa.

Rate: About $0.11 a word, 75 pounds per 1000 words.

212. Grown and Flown

Your kids may be grown and gone, but you never really stop being a parent. Plus, you might have some advice to share for new parents, or a story idea for this blog. 

Contact: Pitch guest post ideas to grownandflown@gmail.com.

Rate: Based on assignment.

213. Hudson Valley Parent

If you’ve got a story idea about summer camp, school, health, family life, and things to do for parents and kids in Hudson Valley, send a query to editor@excitingread.com. While the magazine mainly works with local writers, they are open to pitches from writers outside the area.

Contact: Editors by email.

Rate: $80 to $120 per assignment.

214. Indy’s Child

This magazine focuses on parenting in Indiana, and more often than not wants stories that only Indianians will love. Occasionally they’ll take a more nationally focused story. 

Contact: Email Editor Nicole Sipe to be considered for freelance opportunities.

Rate: Varies, depending on assignment.

215. MetroParent

If you want to tap into this magazine for parents and kids in southeast Michigan, study back issues and get familiar with sections and departments before pitching.

Contact: Editor Julia Elliott on LinkedIn.

Rate: $50 to $350 per assignment.

216. Minnesota Parent

This parenting magazine assigns freelance writing jobs on a wide range of topics about parenting, family life, and kid-friendly things to do in Minnesota. 

Contact: Editors by email.

Rate: Based on assignment.

217. Mommy Nearest

Can having kids make you crazy? The next time your kids whine in agony, “Mom, I’m so bored,” what should you do? What are the best board games for kids and parents to play together? Those are just a few of the blog posts you”ll read on the blog Mommy Nearest. 

Contact: Editor-in-Chief Rory Halperin is on LinkedIn.

Rate: Based on assignment.

218. Mothering

Want to write about natural and eco-conscious living for parents with kids? Mothering covers topics like alternative childbirth options, breastfeeding, natural family planning, homeschooling, healthy nutrition, and co-sleeping. To break in, you’ll need to be able to validate your ideas with research, interview expert sources, and write in journalistic style.

Contact: Email Editor Amy Tokic at atokic@verticalscope.com.

Rate: $200 to $500 per article.

219. Nashville Parent

If you want to write about family-friendly events in Nashville, this is the magazine to pitch. Managing editor Michael Aldrich says the magazine mainly covers topics, events, and issues for families and parents with kids from newborn to age 14. And he should know, he’s been at the helm of every issue for more than a decade. 

Contact: Email Michael at michael@daycommedia.com.

Rate: Based on assignment.

220. New Jersey Family

This local magazine covers parenting life in the Garden State. From childcare, education and fun, to health and legal advice, this pub offers a wide variety of content for New Jersey families.

Contact: Find Managing Editor Angel Madison on LinkedIn.

Rate: $25 to $100 depending on assignment.

221. North State Parent

If you want to break into North State Parent, a magazine that covers family life in northern California, you’ll need to do your homework before you pitch editor Kate Hiller. You’ll get her attention with stories that nurture the bonds of “family” and community, especially if you can find an angle for a story that promotes healthy and developmentally-appropriate environments for children. 

Contact: Kate Hiller by email.

Rate: Varies depending on assignment.

222. Raising Arizona Kids

If you didn’t get the manual on how to raise a child, Raising Arizona Kids was created to be the next best thing. Its target audience is adults, ages 25 to 59, trying to navigate the sometimes murky waters of being a new parent to raising teenagers in Arizona. They accept freelance contributions from Arizona writers only.

Contact: Editor Kara Morrison on Twitter.

Rate: $50 to $200, depending on assignment.

223. Ravishly

Can you convince a toddler to eat broccoli, like a kind of child-whisperer? Or maybe you’ve got a story idea to tackle a tough issue like miscarriages, gender identity, pregnancy, or parenting? Ravishly’s “Families” section is perfect for guest posts of that nature, and pays for freelance writing jobs like this.

Contact: Editor-in-Chief Joni Edelman on LinkedIn.

Rate: $0.11 a word average.

224. Romper

This Bustle Digital Group site gets millions of views every month. Mostly female readers interested in content about pregnancy, motherhood, relationships, fashion tips, and the latest in news and entertainment. Got a guest post idea for Romper? Spend some time writing a highly-clickable headline. 

Contact: Managing Editor and “badass headline writer” April Daniel Hussar by email

Rate: Based on assignment.

225. San Diego Family

San Diego Family Magazine connects readers to businesses in the San Diego County,” says Publisher Sharon Bay. “It focuses on families with children between zero and 16.” They mostly use local writers with local resources, but they’re in constant need for helpful articles for families with special needs. If you want to write for this magazine, check out the editorial calendar that includes a list of hot topics, along with themes and deadlines for upcoming issues. 

Contact: Managing Editor Lisa Gipson at lisa@sandiegofamily.com.

Rate: About $0.11 a word for 800-word articles.

226. She Knows

SheKnows publishes a mix of content for a female audience, including the kind of girlfriend talk you’d likely hear a group of moms discussing over coffee after dropping the kids off at school. Food, family, health, entertainment. 

Contact: Pitch story ideas to the appropriate editor.

Rate: Based on assignment.

227. Simply Family

With over 157,000 people living in the area, Simply Family is the magazine for stories about parenting and family life for people living in Billings, Montana. Executive Editor Stephanie Toews says the best way to break into the magazine is to pitch a story idea with a strong local angle of interest to parents of a newborn to college-bound teens.

Contact: Reach Stephanie by email.

Rate: Based on assignment.

228. Western New York Family Magazine

The odds are ever in your favor for landing an assignment for Western New York Family Magazine. About 90 percent of the magazine is written by freelancers. They’re currently looking for content for their “Tweens & Teens” column. 

Contact: Find Editor Michelle Miller on LinkedIn

Rate: Range of $40 to $150, depending on type of article or assignment.

229. Working Mother

What’s it really like to be a working mom and parent? It’s not always easy, but it’s certainly possible to make it work, enjoy life, and be a role model for your kids. That’s the focus of Working Mother magazine. Have an idea for a story? 

Contact: Check out the list of contacts for each subject here 

Rate: $100 to $300 per assignment.

230. Your Teen

And you thought being a teenager was hard? It’s just as challenging for parents, and it’s why Your Teen exists. This print magazine, website, and blog assigns freelance writing jobs and publishes content aimed at helping parents guide their kids from the teenage years into adulthood on a wide range of topics. 

Contact: Pitch story ideas to Parenting Editor Sharon Holbrook.

Rate: $0.10 to $0.50 per word, based on assignment.


231. The American Journal of Nursing 

A nursing journal that publishes poetry? Yes. The American Journal of Nursing publishes poems about health and health care, but not necessarily nursing. Check out their instructions or guidelines for submissions here. And make sure to check out our full guide on how to get paid to write poetry.

Contact: Diane Szulecki at diane.szulecki@wolterskluwer.com.

Rate: $150 per poem.

232. The Antigonish Review

This is a lovely literary journal published in Canada. It doesn’t have an agenda about edgy vs. formal poetry, but the guidelines do say “expect. . .work to be considered within the full context of old and new poetry.”

Contact: Assistant Poetry Editor Lisa Banks at TAR@stfx.ca and submit here.

Rate: $5 per page (up to 5 pages) + plus two copies; $2 submission charge.

233. Arts & Letters

This highly-regarded poetry journal based at Georgia University, specifically encourages emerging poets and writers to submit their work for consideration.

Contact: Laura Newborn at al.journal@gcsu.edu.

Rate: $10 per printed page (minimum payment: $50), +  one contributor copy + a one-year subscription; $3 submission charge.

234. Cricket Media

Cricket Media publishes a series of six journals that feature children’s poetry for different ages. These poetry journals include Ladybug, Cricket, Babybug, Spider, and Cicada. Learn more about the magazine and founder and editor-in-chief Marianne Carus here.

Contact: Upload submissions here

Rate: Up to $3 per line; $25.00 minimum

235. Haikus & Three Line Poetry

These two journals, run by the same editors, want short lines with meaning and welcome new writers. They also reprint your poem in an anthology. Read an interview with the editor here.

Contact: Glenn Lyvers at Editor@ThreeLinePoetry.com

Rate: $1.50 per poem + a subscription; $10.00 for submissions marked as “Editor’s Choice.”

236. New Letters

News Letters writers and poets frequently win tons of rewards, and the editors are a pleasure to work. This publication prefers to work with writers and poets “waiting to be discovered.” Freelance writing jobs include a range of styles and subject matter.

Contact: Managing Editor Ashley Wann at newsletter@umkc.edu.

Rate: Minimum pay for poetry is $12+. More for multi-page poems, but pay often exceeds those minimums. Payment to contributors also includes two copies of the issue and 50 percent discounts for additional copies and subscriptions.

237. Poetry Magazine

If you’ve spent any time trying to publish poetry, you’re probably familiar with this publication. It’s the top journal in the field, the authority on poetry for new and established writers. Crack this mag, and you’ll earn top pay, and build your credibility as a poet.

Contact: Interim Co-editors Holly Amos and Lindsay Garbutt at editors@poetrymagazine.org.

Rate: $10 per line with a minimum payment of $300.

238. Strange Horizons

Strange Horizons calls itself a magazine of speculative fiction, but it also publishes fantasy and science fiction poetry.

Contact: Poetry Editor Stephen Ira on Twitter.

Rate: $50 per poem, regardless of length or complexity.


239. The American Conservative

Interested in political writing from a conservative perspective? You’ll need solid journalism skills to report and write about current events, trends and issues for The American Conservative, a magazine published by the American Ideas Institute.

Contact: Senior Editor Helen Andrews on Twitter.

Rate: $150 and up depending on assignment.

240. Liberal America

When Texas-born Tiffany Willis Clark spent time working with disadvantaged and oppressed populations, the elderly, people living in poverty, at-risk youth, and the unemployed, it changed the way she sees the world. And it’s one reason why she founded Liberal America.

Contact: Tiffany at tiff@liberalamerica.org.

Rate: $50 and up.

241. LifeZette

LifeZette features political articles that offer commentary, insight, and explanation of the sometimes crazy world of politics. 

Contact: Creative director Angela (DiMeglio) Mitchell is on LinkedIn.

Rate: $100 to $200 per assignment reported.

242. The Nation

The Nation was founded on principles of investigative journalism and old-school reporting. Stories include comments and articles analyzing breaking news, politics, social issues and the arts. Check The Masthead for the appropriate editor and send queries here.

Contact: Managing Editor Rose D’Amora on LinkedIn.

Rate: $.13 – $.40 per word.

243. The National Review

Want to land freelance writings jobs for conservative-focused articles in a 60-year-old magazine that features news and commentary pieces on political, social, and cultural affairs? Pitch the National Review.

Contact: Email Executive Editor Mark Antonio Wright at mwright@nationalreview.com or find Online Editor Judson Berger on Twitter.

Rate: $.06 a word.

244. New Statesman

This progressive-thinking political magazine, based in the United Kingdom, has been covering politics and issues from around the world for more than 100 years. Though not accepting freelance pitches at the moment, when they reopen send pitches to submissions@newstatesman.co.uk (domestic topics) or to international@newstatesman.co.uk (global interest).

Contact: Editor-in-Chief Jason Cowley on Twitter or Senior Online Editor George Eaton on LinkedIn.

Rate: Pays $.14- $.17 per word, negotiated upon acceptance.

245. The Observer

Like writing with an “irreverent sensibility” about the latest news, the arts, entertainment, and innovation? Pitch this digital pub formerly known as The New York Observer. Send business and innovation pitches to Jordan Zakarin; Arts pitches to Juliet Helmke; and Entertainment pitches can be sent to Eric Vilas-Boas.

Contact: Editorial Director Mary von Aue on Twitter

Rate: $100 per assignment.

246. The Progressive

If you want to write about the people, events, and issues shaping social and economic justice, civil liberties, human rights, the environment, and democracy, pitch a story idea to The Progressive. 

Contact: Managing Editor Bill Lueders on LinkedIn.

Rate: $.10 -$.40 per word reported.

247. Tablet

Do you know where politics and Jewish life intersect? Then pitch a story idea to Tablet, a daily online magazine of Jewish news, ideas, and culture. 

Contact: Send news and politics queries to editor Matthew Fishbane by email.

Rate: $150 and up depending on assignment; $.25/word average.

248. Washington Monthly

Have an idea for an investigative piece, opinion-based feature, or even book reviews of political titles, pitch the Washington Monthly

Contact: Reach Editor Grace Gedye at ggedye@washingtonmonthly.com.

Rate: $0.10 a word.


249. AJ Magazine

Want to write for Canada’s leading magazine about science and environmental issues? Come up with a story idea for a feature, short report, expert interview, resource guide, or new research findings and submit your proposal here.

Contact: Creative Director Marcia Ruby is on LinkedIn

Rate: $0.10/word for 500 to 4,000-word assignments.

250. Bee Culture

If you want to learn how to raise bees and harvest honey, Bee Culture, is one of the best resources available for the most current information in trends and best practices.

Bee Culture assigns freelance writing jobs, including features stories about the impact pesticides, pests, predators and disease have on bee colonies. Queries as well as full-length manuscripts are considered.

Contact: Senior Editor Jerry Hayes by email.

Rate: $150 to $200 per assignment, typically 1,500 to 2,000 words.

251. Chatelaine Magazine

Chatelaine is a popular monthly women’s magazine in Canada that covers health and fitness topics, including the latest in health and science research. If you can explain scientific research in consumer-friendly language to help women make better food, fitness, and lifestyle choices, pitch a one-page story idea, sidebar, infographic, quiz or other graphic element explaining why it’s a good fit.

Contact: Assistant Editor Radiyah Chowhury is on LinkedIn.

Rate: $.83/word.

252. Earth Island Journal

If you’ve got a story idea about innovations in science and technology that will have an impact on the environment, pitch an idea to Earth Island Journal for a shorter (1,000 to 1,500-word) piece or longer feature (up to 4,000 words).

Contact: Editor Maureen Nandini Mitra is on LinkedIn.

Rate: $0.25 cents/word for print stories.

253. Humanosphere

Got journalism skills, an attitude for social justice, and the chops to write about the connection between science and humanity? Here’s another place to get paid for science writing.

Contact: Publisher Tom Paulson on LinkedIn.

Rate: Based on assignment. In their words, “Not a lot, but that is significantly more than what you’d earn from other news outlets, which is a frustrating reality that we want to change.”

254. Mother Earth News

If you want to write about science-related topics for Mother Earth News, pitch a feature story idea about renewable energy, green transportation, natural health, or environmental issues. Best way to break in: Start with a short how-to articles (100 to 300 words), before pitching a more in-depth feature.

Contact: Editor-at-Large Hank Will on LinkedIn or another member of the editorial team here.

Rate: $25 to $100 per assignment.

255. New Jersey Monthly

If you’ve got a New Jersey-focused story idea about the environment, science or technology that goes beyond a traditional hard news story, pitch your idea to the New Jersey Monthly. Story ideas based on the editorial calendar have the best chance of landing an assignment.

Contact: Editor Ken Schlager by email.

Rate: $750 to $2,500 per assignment.

256. New Scientist

The New Scientist has an editorial staff of 40-plus writers who cover news about science, technology, health, and the environment. That’s important to know if you want to pitch a story idea to this magazine. Your best bet, pitch a feature story with a strong science focus “that will intrigue, entertain and inform the widest possible audience,” editor Emily Wilson shared. “Besides reporting the latest research,” she explained, “we also try to find interesting scientific or technological angles on major news events.”

Contact: Chief features editors Catherine de Lange and Tiffany O’Callaghan are on Twitter. Scroll down the guidelines page for editor email addresses.

Rate: $300 and up per assignment; $1.12 – $1.26 per word for news pieces.

257. Science magazine

Did you know the American Association for the Advancement of Science publishes a journal widely read by a unique audience: scientists and academics, and everyday people interested in science? It’s called Science. Breaking science news that hasn’t been covered in depth yet, an inside scoop, or a scandal within the scientific community will put your idea on the fast track for consideration. And there’s opportunity to write for the online version of Science as well as the print version.

Contact: Check the “Meet the Editors“ page to find the right staff member to pitch.

Rate: Based on assignment; $0.47 – $1.33 per word.

258. Sky & Telescope

Even if you’ve never picked up a telescope or studied the stars, you probably heard about the total solar eclipse that passed over the United States in 2017. Millions of people from coast to coast scrambled to viewing locations within the Path of Totality across America to get a glimpse of the moon blocking out the sun for just a few minutes. This is the kind of content you’ll find in Sky & Telescope. Senior editor Kelly Beatty shared that the mag’s readership ranges from “armchair astronomers to professional astrophysicists,” however, “most are amateur astronomers. People from all walks of life who love the night sky and want to learn everything they can about it.”

Contact: Senior editor Kelly Beatty is on Twitter.

Rate: Based on assignment.

259. Tonic

If you know the intersection where health and wellness meets science and research, and like to tell stories, pitch Tonic. It’s an online lifestyle mag that pays for freelance writing jobs that give readers a fresh perspective on healthy living using science-based journalism, and plenty of in-your-face facts, like: the FDA’s ambivalence towards rat hair in food; why eating poppy seed muffins aren’t a good idea before a drug test; the physiological reason some people pass out at the sight of blood; or why you might be at risk for contracting a flesh-eating bacteria.

Contact: Editor-in-chief Kate Lowenstein is on LinkedIn.

Rate: $250 per assignment.


260. American Scientist

American Scientist assigns freelance writing jobs for blog posts, multimedia pieces, and infographics. While most of their articles are by invitation, they do accept unsolicited abstracts, outlines, and completed manuscripts. Feature articles run about 4,000 words and are geared towards their readership of practicing scientists and engineers.

Contact: Editor-in-chief Fenella Saunders is on LinkedIn.

Rate: Honorarium. 

261. Bench

Write for a fintech company that provides automated bookkeeping for small businesses. Bench accepts submissions on spec that deal with topics relevant to their readership of established entrepreneurs.

Contact: Ryan Smith, Content Manager, can be reached on Linked In.

Rate: $400-600 USD per 800-1500 word article.

262. BobsGuide

Fintech pub BobsGuide accepts freelance work in a variety of formats: market commentary, biographical Q & A, research, technical how-to, lists, and tips.

Contact: Email editor Michael McCaw.

Rate: Based on assignment.

263. Coindesk

Blockchain industry professionals write articles and columns for Coindesk, and freelancers with relevant knowledge can pitch news stories or features. See their editorial policy to make sure you’re a fit for this pub. And check out this article (or this one) for tips on how to get in with these guys.

Contact: Email chief content officer, Michael Casey at mcasey@coindesk.com.

Rate: Based on assignment, but not for op eds.

264. Engadget

This pub began as a source of consumer tech news in 2004. The global multimedia company now assigns freelance writing jobs on all the latest in technology, gaming, and entertainment.

Contact: Executive editor Aaron Souppouris is on Twitter. Email him at aaron@engadget.com.

Rate: $0.20 a word.

265. Fast Company

Leaders with knowledge of topics of relevance to Fast Company’s “work life” section are encouraged to submit completed, unpublished articles between 600-900 words. Though not regularly reviewed, pitches or completed articles for other sections can be sent to the appropriate editor for consideration.

Contact: Assistant editor Diana Shi can be found on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Rate: $100 minimum.

266. The Financial Times

FT is committed to publishing fresh voices and accepts freelance submission for their opinion page. They profess to have a soft spot for writers “who demolish conventional wisdom.”

Contact: Email San Francisco bureau chief Richard Waters.

Rate: Average $0.38 a word.

267. FinTech Times

Crunchbase describes London-based FINT as the first fintech newspaper. Got expertise in topics like blockchain, open banking and banking transformation, PayTech, RegTech, WealthTech, or Insurtech? Pitch these pioneers in observational fintech reporting.

Contact: Editorial director Mark Walker is on LinkedIn.

Rate: £28 per hour to £500 a story. 

268. Gizmodo

Gizmodo assigns freelance writing jobs about automation, AI, old tech, tech and internet history, and internet culture in a variety of genres: investigations, experiential pieces, profiles of extraordinary people, personal stories and essays. Consumer tech reviews are also accepted.

Contact: Email pitches to Features Editor, Marina Galperina.

Rate: $0.20 a word. 

269. Nuts & Volts

Into electronics? Write to Nuts & Volts for a copy of their guidelines and pitch your ideas on “everything for electronics” – new technologies, programming shortcuts, cool circuit designs, product reviews, and more!

Editor: Email associate publisher Robin Lemieux at robin@nutsvolts.com.

Rate: $0.05 a word plus $100 if your piece is picked up for the print edition; full-length articles should be 1,500-2,500 words (not including sidebars). Pays $100 per printed page with a $450.00 maximum.

270. Popular Mechanics

Contrary to its name, Popular Mechanics isn’t a car magazine. Fastidious writers and researchers can pitch this pub and land freelance writing jobs with ideas on innovation in the automotive and science, technology, and other industries. They’re looking for contributions on basically any topic on “how the world works.”

Contact: Editor-in-Chief Alexander George is on LinkedIn.

Rate: Pay has been as high as $0.40 a word.

271. Popular Science

Popular Science publishes freelance submissions that tell “amazing stories about scientific and technological advances in every realm.” Submit links to writing samples with your query to boost your chances!

Contact: The editorial staff of PopSci is huge. Find editor-in-chief Corinne Iozzio on LinkedIn.

Rate: around $1 a word.

272. Rest of World

This pub is looking for narratives that tell detailed stories on the effect of digital technology on the world’s cultures. Stories with a critical edge that probe deeply into the how and why of tech’s impact in different parts of the world will catch their attention. rest of world pays for short, front-of-the-book, and mid-length pieces as well as profiles and longer features.

Contact: Siddartha Mahanta, managing editor, is on LinkedIn.

Rate: Based on assignment.

273. Sitepoint

Want to write about CSS, SaaS, or HTML? Sitepoint pays freelancers for tutorials and articles on these and general web topics like developer tools; git, git-hub, and open source; performance; browser stats and trends; and task runners. 

Contact: Managing editor Joel Falconer can be reached on Twitter

Rate: 150 for articles, 200 for tutorials, 300 for lengthier pieces.

274. T3 Magazine

Each month, three million people visit T3.com and 38,000 buy its print magazine. Send your ideas on the best products for people who want to live smarter lives by email.

Contact: Email Robert Jones, T3’s tech, gaming, and ecommerce editor.

Rate: Pay (fair and varies). 

275. Techopedia

Pitch original ideas or work from provided outlines as a freelance contributor to Techopedia. This pub aims to educate and inspire by making tech ideas accessible to the public. If you can define complex tech concepts and do in-depth analysis and research, pitch this pub. Topics include AI, machine learning, big data, blockchain, cybersecurity and others. They also accept guest posts from CEOs, CTOs, and CIOs.

Contact: Cofounder Cory Janssen is on LinkedIn. Contact him at techopedia here.

Rate: Competitive; based on experience.

276. TutorialsPoint

This pub is looking for self-learning materials by experts in topics like web development tech, java tech, information tech, and many others. Their tutorials are offered free to the public and have reached 40 million readers.

Contact: Content Strategist and Marketer, Swetha Prasanna Ganavarapu is on LinkedIn.

Rate: $250 to $500 per tutorial. 

277. The Verge

The Verge covers a vast array of tech topics, including entertainment, science, and transportation. Content explores how tech integrates with the public, as well as the impact it will have on the future.

Contact: This pub has over a dozen editors. See the masthead on the about page for various editors to pitch or find Deputy Editor Elizabeth Logpatto on Twitter. 

Rate: $0.50-$0.83 a word.

278. VideoMaker

First published in 1986, VideoMaker accepts freelance content that encourages the beginning, grassroots videographer. They’re looking for educational video production articles in a variety of formats: conceptual training, practical training, features, and opinion.

Contact: Find editor in chief Mike Wilhelm on LinkedIn

279. Wired

Wired covers how tech and culture intersect, as well as new discoveries and ideas. Pitch stories to the editor of the relevant section of their print (start, work smarter, gear and features) and online (science, culture, gear, business, politics and security) pubs.

Contact: Jeremy White is Wired’s gear editor; Gian Volpicelli and Amit Katwala edit the “start” section; and Matt Burgess edits security.

Rate: $1.00+ a word.


280. Afar

Love to immerse yourself in foreign lands? Join Afar’s cadre of creative ambassadors. Read about one of them, Matt Gross, who expounds on his love/hate relationship with travel writing here

Contact: Editor Julia Cosgrove on Twitter. 

Rate: Around $0.50 a word. 

281. American Way

The estimated readership for American Airlines’ in-flight magazine is kind of crazy. About 200 million people board an American Airlines flight every year. Check the media kit for reader demographics, cover stories, and departments to pitch story ideas about destinations, food, sports, music, entertainment, and more.

Contact: Editor-in-chief Bill Kearney is on LinkedIn.

Rate: $1.00 a word

282. Celebrated Living

Even if you’re a frequent flyer on American Airlines, you may not have seen this magazine. Celebrated Living is published exclusively for first-class passengers. Pitch story ideas for an affluent audience about travel, food, culture, fashion, accessories, property, or emotionally and spiritually enriching experiences.

Contact: Editor-in-chief Eric Newill is on LinkedIn.

Rate: $1.00 a word.

283. Hana Hou!

“Hana hou!” means “one more time. It’s an islander phrase you’ll hear from a crowd after a performance. This Hawaiian Airlines custom pub is primarily aimed at vacationers. Query with story ideas about the people, places, events, and culture that makes the Hawaiian Islands special. Questions can be sent to hanahoueditors@gmail.com.

Contact: Editor Michael Shapiro is on LinkedIn.

Rate: Based on writer’s experience level; shorter pieces are a standard rate, longer pieces are per word. 

284. Hemispheres

The in-flight magazine for United Airlines is geared toward the affluent traveler. Hemispheres accepts freelance pitches for captivating features as well as compelling content for their Navigator and Diversions sections.

Contact: Editor-in-Chief Ellen Carpenter or deputy editor Justin Goldman via email. 

Rate: $0.75 to $1.00 per word.

285. High Life

British Airways magazine, High Life, went all digital in September 2020. They publish pieces offering travel “news, guides, opinion and inspiration.” They are also publishing limited special-edition print versions of the mag. Email the editorial team at high.life@cedarcom.co.uk.

Contact: Content director Kerry Smith and group editor Tim Hulse are on LinkedIn.

Rate: £500 for £1500 word features in print edition.

286. Open Skies

Emirates Airlines carries more than 3 million passengers a month to places like Dubai, Sri Lanka, London, Switzerland, Maldives, Indonesia, and more. Read the most current issue of Open Skies here, and study back issues before pitching a travel writing piece.

Contact: Email the editorial team.

Rate: Based on assignment.

287. National Geographic Traveler

Inspire travelers to follow in your footsteps by writing about the essence of a place you love. Nat Geo Traveler is particularly interested in stories featuring the lesser known or undiscovered gems of the world.

Contact: Email online editor, Kathie Gartrell.

Rate: $0.50 per word.

288. Travel + Leisure

For when we’re able to travel again, this T&L article on how to become a travel writer is a must-read.

Contact: Editor Deanne Kaczerski on Twitter.

Rate: Average $0.73 a word.

Start pitching to land freelance writing jobs in 2021

Freelancers have been working remotely for years, so that’s one skill we already have in the bag! Take this opportunity to market routinely. If you’re regularly pitching to magazines in your niche, you’ll land freelance writing jobs. As soon as you get a clip, use it to pitch to another market!

Make sure you read the guidelines where available, and get familiar with the pub before choosing a topic. Sharpen your pitching skills, and get to work. 

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Kathie Harris is a freelance health and wellness writer living in North Carolina. When she’s not digging up sources for her latest article, she’s on her yoga mat trying to make healthier choices.

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