Query Letter Workout: 15 Proven Tips to Write a Stronger Pitch

Evan Jensen

Tips to Write a Stronger Query Letter. Makealivingwriting.comHow are your query-letter writing muscles?

Go ahead…flex. Take a good look at your best writing assignments. Happy with your results? Feeling stuck? Or just starting out?

If you’re looking for ways to move up, earn more, and land better assignments as a freelance writer, there’s always room for improvement.

Think of it like this…Writing a great query letter is a lot like lifting weights. You get stronger one rep at a time. It’s hard. It takes practice. But when you follow the right steps, you WILL get better at it.

Want stronger query-letter skills?

Maybe you’re new to freelancing and your pitch skills are weak. Or maybe your query letters are landing zero assignments, and you could use a little help.

Maybe you’re standing in the middle of the gym with a confused look on your face. It doesn’t have to be like that.

Ready for a query letter workout to strengthen your pitch skills? Let’s do this.

Take the query-letter assessment

So you’re ready to start pumping some query-letter iron, rev up your pitch-letter skills, and land some sweet assignments. You get a virtual fist bump for enthusiasm.

But before you start doing any heavy lifting, it’s a good idea to assess your query letter writing skills. You know…take a look at what you’re doing right, where you can improve, or where you should start to strengthen your pitch skills.

Check out these posts to get a baseline on your query-letter skills:

1. Why Your Query Letter Gets No Response: The Painful Truth

How’s your query-letter technique? Sloppy form and rush work won’t help you strengthen your pitch-letter muscles. Here’s what to look for if you’re not getting responses.

2. 5 Reasons Why Your Letter of Introduction Isn’t Getting You Writing Gigs

Want to write for businesses? Writing a strong letter of introduction is a great way to get your foot in the door. But if cranked out a lot of these without getting any bites, it’s time to take a closer look at your form. Here’s what you need to know.

3. Do You Have Story Idea Constipation: How to Break the Logjam

Are you suffering from story-idea constipation? You know, you’re not sending out query letters because you’re all backed up. Go drink a glass of water. Then take a look at how to get your query-letter creativity flowing again.

4. If at First Your Query Letter Doesn’t Succeed

Ever wonder what it takes to run a marathon, build muscle, or lose weight? They all have something in common with writing query letters and landing assignments. Find out if you’re doing this.

5. How Writers Can Send Query Letters Without Facing Rejection

Is fear of failure or rejection holding you back from sending query letters? Be honest. It’s the same reason some people never actually start working out to lose weight. Here’s how to overcome fear of failure and begin sending query letters.

Use proper technique to pitch editors

“Lift with your knees, not your back.” You’ve heard the advice before. Maybe you’re totally into pitching story ideas to editors, but your query letter technique sucks. That’s a recipe for pain in your bank account and zero responses from editors in your inbox. Take a look at these pitch techniques to improve your form.

6. How One Query Letter Got $6,000 in Assignments

Here’s the high-intensity interval training strategy for freelance writers. You’ll have to hustle, practice, and work hard. But this technique can transform your queries, response rate, and freelance income.

7. Pitch Accepted: The Newbie Strategy That Landed a Major Magazine Assignment

What if you have zero experience writing query letters? Study the magazine. Study the guidelines. Develop a great pitch. That’s how you get query-letter strong. Here’s how one newbie freelancer flexed those pitch-writing skills and landed a major assignment.

8. How to Write an Article That Pays: The Freelancer’s Ultimate Guide

Want to know what it takes to write a great pitch letter? Follow steps 1-8 in this guide by freelance writing coach Carol Tice, and you’ll get stronger and start landing more assignments.

9. Writing a Pitch: Use These Tools to Build Your Freelance Business

Walk into any gym, and chances are pretty good there’s some piece of equipment you’re not so sure about. What is that machine for anyway? Writing a pitch, query, or letter of introduction can be like that too. Here’s how to choose the right pitching method to get results.

10. How to Land That First Big Magazine Writing Assignment

Here’s a hint. There’s not magic pill, supplement, or gimmicky product you need to buy. If you want to write a query letter for a major magazine that gets an editors attention, here’s the workout you need to follow.

Modify your pitch letter to improve results

If you hit a roadblock with pitching editors and landing assignments, it might be time to change things up. When you’re working out, it’s a good idea to change things up every now and then. And it doesn’t have to be anything drastic. Sometimes simple changes is all it takes to get a query letter to go from good to great.

11. Stop Hearing Crickets: These Pitch Changes Get You More Writing Jobs

Not getting the results you want? If I was your fitness trainer, I’d dial in on three things: diet, exercise, sleep. If your query letters aren’t getting any bites, there’s just three things to focus on to get back on track.

12. Magazine Article Tips: Your Fail-Proof Checklist for a Killer Query

You’ve landed some decent writing assignments by pitching editors. But it seems like it’s hit and miss. Maybe you’re forgetting something. Here’s a done-for-you plan to help you build stronger pitch-letter muscles and land more assignments.

13. Write for Magazines: Steal This Writer’s Strategy to Land Top Pubs

There’s only a slight difference between the freelance writer who’s hustling like a gym rat, and the freelance writer who knows consistent, long-term effort pays off. Here’s the long-game paid off for one freelancer when she pitched a story idea to a major magazine.

14. How to Improve Your Writing: My Top 7 Fast-Acting Methods

Blame it on Google. Everybody wants instant results. If you want to write better query letters and build stronger pitch skills…fast…Here’s what you need to do:

15. 6 Quick Ways to Tweak Your Pitches to Get More Article Writing Jobs

Ever written a query letter that’s almost good enough? It happens. Before you send it off, a couple of simple tweaks to your pitch can make all the difference.

Keep on pitching to land writing assignments

What’s the number one secret to writing great query letters? Write more query letters. As long as you’re serving up great ideas to editors and write well, you’re going to land assignments. Taking the time to assess your skills, master the basics, and modify your pitch technique will always make you a stronger writer. Keep going, you got this.

Need help writer a stronger query letter? Let’s discuss in the comments.

Learn to find, price and land great gigs! Freelance writers den.


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