For Writers Considering Self-Publishing: 8 Useful Posts

Carol Tice

Writer publishing own e-bookBy Jennifer Roland

Since Carol’s getting ready to spill *all* of her e-book publishing mistakes, she thought you could get in the mood with this handy roundup of posts with e-book marketing tips for self-publishing writers — and writers who’re considering taking the plunge.

  1. Why Freelance Writers Should Consider Becoming Authors: “If you can write an article, you can write a book.” This guest post describes how Nina Amir made the transition from freelance writer to published author — and how it affected her business.
  2. Could Publishing an Ebook Get You Better Freelance Writing Work? In this guest post, Dana Sitar gives concrete examples of how you can position your books to grow your freelance writing career.
  3. Is This the Secret to Using eBooks to Grow Your Blogging Income? Carol takes a look at how Danny Iny has made $250K by giving his books away free. When you’re looking at your overall career, you might want to look at ways you can earn beyond just freelance writing. And books can really position you for success in speaking engagements, mentoring, training, and other income possibilities.
  4. Guy Kawasaki’s Radical Advice for Getting Your Book Published: Awesome advice from Guy Kawasaki on why you need to control the publishing process. He and Carol really dig into specifics you need to think about when making the decision whether you want to be traditionally published or self-published.
  5. 8 Important Questions to Ask Before You Publish Your Book: Once you’ve decided to write your book, you need a killer marketing plan. These questions will help you get the information you need to do that.
  6. My Best Book Marketing Tip for Creating Maximum Buzz: What can you do to set yourself apart in your market? Carol used LinkedIn messages to engage her network in marketing one of her books with a mass-mail technique that’s a bit controversial — be sure to check out the comments! Would this work with your LI network?
  7. What You Can Learn from One Writer’s Unlikely NY Times Bestsellers: Want to know how to drive platform and publicity? Take a lesson from a NYT bestselling writer and do something fun and unconventional. Something that fits your personality.
  8. Are Preview Readers’ E-Book Reviews a Fraud? Reviews, especially on Amazon, are critical for driving sales. But some people have written fake reviews, paid people for reviews, and done other shady things that have tainted the market. Carol gives advice for doing your reviews right — so they can be effective sales tools.

Got questions about self-publishing? Leave them in the comments.

Jennifer Roland is a freelance writer and the guest-blog editor here at Make a Living Writing. She focuses on edtech, lifestyle topics, marketing and public relations, and content creation. Her latest book, 10 Takes on Writing, will be out in late 2014.


  1. Ankit Jaiswal

    Hi Carol,

    Wonderful post. Might prove to be very very useful for me as well.
    We were thinking of launching a ebook from a really long time now and couldnt get the courage to do so.
    But your points might help.
    Really a post worth read.

    • Carol Tice

      Ankit, my upcoming Self-Publishing 101 course is going to make it happen for you! We’ll be going over the easiest, low-tech ways to self-publish, how to refine your topic, how to market, plus advanced tech for those who want their e-book to look truly amazing.

      • Katie

        Hi Carol,

        I’ve just discovered your blog. Tons of really great advice and content, so thank you.

        I’ve just finished writing a book about how to be a travel writer (since I have lots of experience in that area), and am now considering chopping it up into smaller ebooks, and also creating a course to go alongside them, based on the book content. Would you recommend holding back on some materials, advice and tools to use in your course, so that you can differentiate the books from the course content? Which is the more in-depth medium – the course or the books?

        My second question is regarding blogger/writer contributors in the books – something I’d like to do, and something Guy Kawasaki recommends as it also helps you market your book. Can I ask if you need to pay contributors or offer them a percentage of sales?

        I hope you can shed some light on this!

        Many thanks,

        • Carol Tice

          Katie, I think most of the e-books Guy is talking about rely on quick quotes from thought leaders, for which they are not paid. If you’re asking them to each contribute a chapter, that’d be something else.

          But it’s up to you to structure payments — for instance, with my Start Here e-book, what I did is offered the 40 co-authors the opportunity to either sell it on their own sites and keep all the revenue there, or affiliate sell it off my site and get 50% of the price.

          I don’t really know what to say on your travel book question. The question is, do you have an audience to sell any of these materials to? If so, ask them what format they’d like it in, and at what price point. That’s how I develop my products. If you don’t have an audience, it’s not going to matter how you slice and dice it — it’s going to be hard as heck to make any sales.

  2. Nassim

    This is just AWESOME !
    thank you Carol for sharing all this with us, it’s just what I needed at this time because I plan to publish my first ebook: D

  3. Jackie Crawford

    Great article and information! I truly believe there isn’t enough good information out there, like this, for self-publishers. I don’t think people really know how to go about it, what to look out for, or what questions to ask, but articles like this one give people the help they need in answering those questions. There is a very helpful book out there called “Self-Publisher’s Legal Handbook” by Helen Sedwick. Her website, has a lot of really great info along with more about her and the book. Not only is she a business lawyer, but she is also a self-published author; it’s definitely a book worth checking out for other self-publishers.

    • Carol Tice

      Thanks for a useful resource, Jackie — I meet too many writers who think they can simply reprint anything they find online.

  4. Jackie Crawford

    So glad I could help provide some useful info!

  5. Clara Mathews

    Thanks for this information. I have been putting off writing an ebook. It seems like such a big project that I have talked myself out of trying it.

    But I will make it a goal to write an ebook before the end of the year.

    • Carol Tice

      I hope you can join us for the bootcamp, Clara — that’s exactly what it’s for, to make the idea of getting an e-book out less scary, demystify the process, and show you how to get at least a short e-book out very quickly.

  6. Sarah

    Great resource links for self-publishing. I’m just getting started with my blog and trying to learn as much as possible. This information is a big help!

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