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Guy Kawasaki’s Radical Advice for Getting Your Book Published

Carol Tice

squeezed between booksAre you boggled by the world of self-publishing?

If you’re like me, you’re a little overwhelmed by all the options out there. Especially, by the question of how to get people to buy your book or ebook.

I’ve barely dabbled in self-publishing myself, with one ebook PDF that’s now being revamped, and one Kindle ebook with my teaching partner Linda Formichelli, 13 Ways to Get the Writing Done Faster.

I’ve also done two traditional print books, one of which, on shoestring business startups, comes out this summer.

APE_Cover_20130118So far, I feel like I’m still a baby beginner in figuring out how to be successful in the Wild West of self-publishing. My book sales have not exactly set the world on fire.

Which is why I was super-excited to get an introduction via my friend Danny Iny to smash-hit Enchantment author and Alltop.com founder Guy Kawasaki.

The former Apple chief evangelist’s comprehensive new co-written book is APE — Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur — How to Publish a Book. It’s all about the why and how of getting published today and marketing your book.

I had a chance to read the book — and then I got on Skype and had an eye-opening chat with Guy about where publishing and self-publishing are headed.

A lot of Guy’s advice flies in the face of the conventional wisdom you may have heard. But I recommend you listen closely, as Guy is one of the savviest people I know for divining trends in the fast-changing publishing world.

You can listen in on our half-hour conversation below. Guy tackles topics including:

  • Why you should publish a book — and why you shouldn’t
  • How to price your ebook
  • Why ebooks shouldn’t be given away free
  • How he keeps APE current despite fast-changing publishing trends
  • How to get print-on-demand paperback book publishing right
  • Why traditional publishing is no longer an advantage for most authors
  • How to get hundreds of Amazon reviews the day your book publishes
  • How to tap book lovers to drive sales

And much more. I hope you find this talk as enlightening as I did.

Enjoy —


[hana-flv-player video=”https://freelancewritersden.com/Media/Kawasaki-APE-04-13.mp4″ width=”400″ height=”auto” description=”” player=”5″ autoload=”true” autoplay=”false” loop=”false” autorewind=”false” clickurl=”https://freelancewritersden.com/Media/Kawasaki-APE-4-13.mp4″ /]

Can’t see that? Here’s a download link:


 Got questions about self-publishing? Let’s discuss in the comments.