Writing Contest: Share Your Biggest Freelance Fear to Win

Evan Jensen

Writing Contest: Share Your Biggest Freelance Fear. Makealivingwriting.comNOTE: Writing contest extended until Dec. 3, 2020. What’s your biggest freelance fear, and how did you overcome it? Enter our writing contest for a chance to win.

Fear has a way of holding you back as a freelance writer. It suffocates creativity. It gets in the way of taking risk.

Let it dominate your thoughts, and fear prevents you from putting yourself out there, marketing, sending query letters, connecting, pitching your dream clients. Sound familiar?

When fear plagues your freelance writing career, it’s like being in the middle of a Stranger Things episode. You’re expecting the Mind Flayer or the Demogorgon to rip you to shreds at any minute. Only it never really happens. It’s all in your head.

But if you don’t face your fears, fight back, and pursue your freelance writing goals, the results can be devastating. You roll around on the floor. You procrastinate. Days, weeks, months, maybe even years go by in this state of mind. Your freelance career goes nowhere. And that’s a terrifying thought.

In this writing contest, we want to hear about your gnarliest freelance writing fear, and what you did to overcome it.

Check out the rules for the writing contest and prizes for winners.

Punch fear in the face like this freelancer

Punch fear in the face, and do it anyway. That’s advice from pro freelancer Linda Formichelli. She’s kind of like Eleven (played by Millie Bobby Brown) from Stranger Things, for freelance writers.

During her long career as a freelance writer, she’s written for more than 150 trade and consumer magazines, a long list of copywriting clients, and several books.

Is she somehow impervious to the fears most freelance writers experience? Nope.

She just made a conscious decision to recognize fear and move forward, one pitch, one assignment, one day at a time.

Sounds like crazy mind control powers, right?

What are you afraid of as a freelance writer?

You’re not going to face the Mind Flayer or the Demogorgon. Your life isn’t at stake as a freelance writer.

But real fears that can hold you back as a freelance writer include things like:

  • Cold calling
  • Raising your rates
  • Dropping low-paying clients
  • Fear of failure
  • Learning SEO and blog writing
  • Working with a new client
  • Leaving content mills
  • Writing a book
  • Building a writer website
  • In-person networking
  • Using social media to connect with prospects
  • Landing a type of writing assignment you’ve never done before
  • Or simply getting started and fear of the unknown

Writing contest rules: Share your best fear-busting story

Question: What’s your biggest freelance writing fear, and how did you overcome it?

Answer the question for a chance to win. Here’s how:

  • Tell us about your biggest freelance fear, and what you did to overcome it in the comments below.
  • Only one entry per person.
  • Contest ends Sunday, Dec. 1, at 11:59 p.m.
  • We’ll review all the submissions and announce the winners here, and the Dec. 4 blog post.

Prizes for the best fear-busting freelance story include:

Grand prize: A one-year membership in the Freelance Writers Den + Pitching 101 (A $97 value, but currently on sale at 50% off).

Runner up 1: A one-month membership in the Freelance Writers Den.

Runner up 2: All my freelance writing e-books in a complete set.

If you’ve faced terrifying freelance fears and won the battle, enter the writing contest for a chance to win.

What’s your biggest freelance fear, and how did you overcome it? Comment below to enter the writing contest.

Evan Jensen is the blog editor for Make a Living Writing. When he’s not on a writing deadline or catching up on emails, he’s training to run another 100-mile ultra-marathon.

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