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Tired of Junk Job Boards? Pitch These 10 Hand-Picked Writing Jobs


Pitch This Hand-Picked List of Writing Jobs. Makealivingwriting.comIf you’re looking for writing jobs online, there’s a good chance you’re sifting through a pile of junk.

Does this sound familiar? You search for writing jobs and freelance work online and turn up stuff like:

  • Blogging or writing assignments for less than $50
  • The promise of exposure to a non-existent audience of potential clients in exchange for your well-crafted words
  • A racket to get hundreds of freelancers to audition by writing a “test” post
  • Offers to write for free until a “paid” opportunity opens up

If you’re using made-for-the-masses sites like Craigslist, Indeed, and Upwork to find writing jobs, you’ll have to sort through a lot of rotten apples to find work that pays pro rates.

But not all places that publish writing jobs are filled with rotten leads and low-paying work.

In fact, if you know where to look, you can find great clients that pay pro rates.

Check out this hand-picked list of writing jobs:

Before we get to the list, there’s something about all writing job boards you need to know.

Hundreds or maybe even thousands of writers are looking at the exact same jobs. Competition can be high to get those gigs, and that can drive down rates. That’s especially true for sites like Craigslist, Upwork, and others. It’s possible to find well-paying clients there, but it’s rare.

Tip: If you want to be a successful freelance writer, job boards can be one way to find great clients. But it’s not the only way. Pitching prospects directly is always going to be more lucrative than relying on job boards.

Ready to find some good writing jobs? Check out this hand-picked list of gigs:

1. Long-term blog-article writers

Company: WompMobile

Type of work: Articles, white papers, and eBooks

Description: WompMobile is a SAAS platform that converts websites to AMP pages and Progressive Web Apps – helping clients earn more with mobile. We’re looking for an experienced writer with a proven record of distilling complex ideas about modern mobile technologies into informative, valuable and actionable articles for our target audience.

Rate: TBD

2. Writers

Company: Astra Content

Type of work: Reports, articles, blogs, social copy and op-eds

Description: Astra Content, a content agency, is looking for a few good writers. Our clients are mainly NGOs and international institutions looking for better ways to tell their stories. We help them create clear, sharp and compelling content. We’re looking for smart and talented writers, preferably current or former journalists with big league experience who like to work directly with clients and take pride in creating something special.

Rate: TBD

3. Linked-In profile writers

Company: LinkedIn Makeover

Type of work: LinkedIn profiles for

Description: LinkedIn-Makeover.com provides professional LinkedIn profile writing and editing services for professionals and executives worldwide. We’re looking for LinkedIn Profile Writers to write and edit LinkedIn Profiles using customers’ existing resumes and information submitted via a questionnaire.

Rate: $120 to $320

4. Hemp writers

Company: Her Leaf

Type of work: Content marketing, blog posts, articles

Description: HerLeaf is seeking writers with knowledge of the Hemp space and those with a background in wellness. HerLeaf is focused on helping customers navigate the onslaught of products available to find those that are safe and effective. Our content is a place for women to share what has worked and what has failed. We are looking for writers who can translate Cannabis science into fun and approachable dialogue. If interested, contact amanda@herleaf.com

Rate: $115 per 500-word article

5. Marketing copywriter

Company: TruBrand Marketing

Type of work: Website content, ad copy, articles, blog posts, brochure content

Description: TruBrand Marketing is a full-service marketing agency located in West Austin. Our clients are small to medium sized businesses all around the country, representing all industries (healthcare, entertainment, fitness, and more). We are looking for a creative, capable copywriter who can find the right words for any brand and for any medium.

Rate: TBD

6. Outdoor fun writer

Company: Mobile Nations

Type of work: Outdoor product reviews, articles, and recommendations

Description: Mobile Nations empowers consumers to make smarter purchase decisions and get the most out of their tech-enabled lives through its media platform. Mobile Nations is looking for someone who needs to be outdoors as often as possible, who has a favorite hatchet to pack for a camping trip, and maybe knows a thing or two about the right things to look for in an RV. We need an outdoorsy pro to join our team, and share their knowledge with our readers!

Rate: TBD

7. Legal copywriter & blogger

Company: The RainMaker Institute

Type of work: Website content for law firms, blog posts, eBooks, press releases

Description: The Rainmaker Institute is the nation’s largest legal marketing company that specializes in lead generation, lead conversion and client retention for small to mid-sized law firms. We currently have a team of 25 copywriters and are looking to add 3-5 more people to keep up with the work.

Rate: TBD

8. Bankruptcy content writer

Company: UpSolve

Type of workArticles

Description: Upsolve is an award-winning legal services nonprofit that helps low-income families file for bankruptcy for free. We’re looking for a contract bankruptcy content writer to join our team. We aim to be the number one place on the internet for families to learn about bankruptcy. Your work will reach hundreds of thousands of families each year who are in desperate need of resources.

Rate: TBD

9. News writer

Company: Accelerate Change

Type of work: News articles, features, reported stories

Description: Accelerate Change is a nonprofit (c3/c4) media lab dedicated to catalyzing new scalable and sustainable digital media models for citizen engagement. We are particularly focused on developing new digital media models that engage communities of color and low-income communities. As a news writer, you will be responsible for pitching, researching, and writing original content in the form of news articles about current events.

Rate: $0.40/word

10. Content writer

Company: Insureon

Type of work: Blog posts, articles, landing-page content related to small businesses

Description: Insureon operates the largest online insurance marketplace for small businesses in the U.S. Our proprietary technology platform enables business owners to easily compare and purchase the insurance they need. We’re looking for versatile freelance writers and editors to join our growing content marketing team.

Rate: TBD

Writing contest results: And the winners are…

We received over 50 entries after publishing Writing Contest: Share Your Biggest Freelance Fear to Win. We asked writers to answer the question: What’s your biggest freelance writing fear, and how did you overcome it? And the winners are…

  • Grand prize: Karen Dabney. For picking up the phone or conducting face-to-face interviews until it went from terrifying to easy. (Prize: A one-year membership in the Freelance Writers Den + Pitching 101)
  • Runner Up 1: Rebecca Zienkowicz. For reading Your Money or Your Life, relocating to cut costs, work part-time and kick off her freelance career. (Prize: A one-month membership in the Freelance Writers Den)
  • Runner Up 2: Don Carpenter. He’s been making a living as a writer for 25 years, even though fear has been tagging along every step of the way. (Prize: All my freelance writing e-books in a complete set.)

Where do you find writing jobs online? Share your tips in the comments below.

Evan Jensen is the blog editor for Make a Living Writing. When he’s not on a writing deadline or catching up on emails, he’s training to run another 100-mile ultra-marathon.

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