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Market Your Writing 40 Kick-Ass Ways — Learn How in One Hour

Carol Tice | 14 Comments

Market Your WritingHow do you market your writing? Some freelance writers might use a few different methods — maybe you’ve sent a query or two, used social media, and hit a networking event. Or maybe you don’t do any active marketing at all.

As the New Year comes into view, if you’re not earning as much as you’d like, it’s time to map out your writing-market strategy for 2011. The luck fairy is not going to bring you an assignment from that national magazine, or a lucrative copywriting gig from a major corporation. You’ll have to actively seek those opportunities, and navigate today’s fast-changing freelance writing market.

How many ways are there to market yourself? I recently pondered this question with another successful freelance writer, About Freelance Writing’s Anne Wayman.

Together we came up with 40 different marketing techniques you can use to spread the word about your freelance writing services. And we’re going to offer you a chance to learn them all in a single fun, fact-filled, one-hour Webinar.

After I did my survey post last month and asked what you would most like to learn, I saw the majority of the questions you have are about marketing. So Anne and I have designed this Webinar to give you a major injection of marketing knowledge one hour flat.

I am so excited about this opportunity to empower freelance writers to sharpen their marketing and earn more from their work! Here are the details:

40 Ways to Market Your Writing takes places Tuesday, Dec. 7 at 9 am PST. NOTE: Only 150 people will be able to participate.

What’ll be happening in the Webinar? Anne and I will discuss the 40 ways in two sections — online marketing techniques and offline, 3-D world strategies. After each set of marketing ideas, we will take live questions from participants.

If you’re already marketing actively, we bet you’ll still find quite a few great ideas here. If you’re new to marketing, this session will be jam-packed with new strategies you can put into use right away.

Besides a chance to learn a lot about marketing your writing in a short time, this teleclass is loaded with freebies and discounts, including a 30% discount on my 200-page eBook, Make a Living Writing: The 21st Century Guide, for all participants. Everyone will also receive a free special report after the Webinar on the 40 Ways, so you don’t even have to take notes!

We’ve got four door prizes we’re going to give away for the best questions sent in on the registration forms:

  • 1 FREE copy of Make a Living Writing, The 21st Century Guide
  • 1 FREE, 1-hour writing-business mentoring consultation with me
  • 1 FREE copy of Anne’s book YOU Can Make Money Writing ebooks
  • 1 FREE copy of Anne’s book How to Write a Non-Fiction Book Proposal That $ells

One final discount — get $20% off admission if you register before Thanksgiving Day. Until then, the Webinar is just $19.99. The discount expires at midnight on Nov. 24. (If you’re reading this now, the discount has expired, sorry…but you can fan this blog’s Facebook page for possible new offers.)

If you’ve been looking to learn more about marketing, here’s your chance. I can’t wait to talk with you live and offer you personalized help building your business.

You can purchase the Webinar here. Your receipt email will give you all the details on how to register and participate.

Any questions about the Webinar? Please leave them in the comments below…or come over and discuss them on the discussion tab at Make a Living Writing’s fan page on Facebook. Here’s your chance to shape the content we’ll deliver Dec. 7.

14 comments on “Market Your Writing 40 Kick-Ass Ways — Learn How in One Hour

  1. Claire Tadych on

    Will someone who has yet to break into freelance writing benefit from the seminar? Or will the information discussed boggle their mind?

    • TiceWrites on

      Great question, Claire!

      I think this Webinar would be a GREAT opportunity for anyone contemplating moving into freelancing, as it would show you the very wide variety of marketing tools that are at your disposal for finding clients. There will be methods for every personality type and for people with very little time to devote to marketing, and lots of time.

      No one will probably use every single one of these techniques, but in there I'm sure will be some helpful techniques for you!

      The whole point of this session is to empower writers and show how YOU can be in control of getting clients by actively marketing, in whatever ways are a fit for you.

      I'd love to see you participate, Claire!

  2. Sharie Orr on

    I very much look forward to this webinar. Thanks for offering it, and I'm psyched to learn from some of the very best. And I'm first to post, no less. It's a good start to a Friday morning. 🙂

    • TiceWrites on

      Hi Sharie —

      I'm so excited! It's going to be hard to wait until Dec. 7 rolls around because I have SO much information and I can't wait to lay it on people. Putting this on with Anne is going to be amazing.

      And my RSS and email subscription feeds haven't even gone out yet…would love to know how you found this post and learned about the Webinar!

      • Sharie Orr on

        Gosh! I had to go back and look. 😉 It was your twitter post (tweet just sounds so funny to me) early this morning around 7:30 EST. I know it's gonna be great! 🙂

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