Make a Living Writing Gets Its Own Site!

Carol Tice

New Writer Website!

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I’m excited to report the next step in the evolution of this writing blog…welcome to, the new home for my blog about the business of writing.

Why spin the blog off to its own site? I increasingly find myself in two businesses — the business of getting my own writing clients, and the business of helping other writers, through this free blog, through one-on-one mentoring, and soon through my ebooks. Over time I may add a community forum and other features here. Befittingly, MALW is my commerce site, and now my named URL can be the place to learn about me as a writer. I’m excited to see this split finally happening — I think it will inspire a lot of new creativity in both sites.

MALW gives all of my writer services a place to live, apart from my portfolio for writing clients. The new site will also allow me to do some things I’ve wanted to do but my site wasn’t formatted for it — have a blogroll, recommend books, potentially allow a very select few ads, have room for promotions, polls, and possible partnerships…and get a retweet button that’s working properly, to name a few! My old blog was coded by my teenage Web developer and had a number of technical issues. I’ve now broken down and am using a real pro, so everything should work a lot better. Costs more…but worth it.

The RSS/email subscription features is up and going here on MALW for new subscribers…and I’m looking into whether existing subscribers have to subscribe over here or whether we can transfer you over. For now, there may be a bumpy week or two while we get all the features up and going.

Welcome your feedback on this move! Thanks for being readers.


  1. Bill Kerschbaum

    Carol, I love the new site. Looks great!


  2. TC McClenning

    Your practical advice, based on real-world experience, is much needed in the writing world. I'm regularly appalled at how much writers DON'T know about the business of writing, pricing services, and self-promotion. Kudos!


  3. Anne Wayman

    Congratulations on the move and the new site… way to go Carol.

  4. Toni Star

    New site looks great! Writers are in great need of your advice..

    Good going!


  5. admin

    Thanks all!


  6. Adam

    Carol, I love the new site. Looks great!


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