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Welcome to 1,200+ free posts full of tips and resources for freelance writers! Make a Living Writing has been helping writers leave day jobs behind and live the freelance life since 2008. This isn’t our first recession, and we’re here to guide you with practical, been-there help on how to thrive as a freelance writer, no matter what.

You’ve probably got a million questions about how freelance writing works… and with our founder Carol Tice’s 20+ years of freelance experience, we’ve got the answers. Our posts cover every aspect of how to start and run a lucrative, home-based freelance-writing business.

We care about your success and want to hear from you! So comment or ask questions on the blog.

Whether you’re hoping to become a freelance writer, or a working writer who needs to find better clients and grow your income, we’ve got actionable ideas and fear-busting encouragement to help you claim the freelance lifestyle you need.

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Learn how to get started and find writing jobs online. Our resources for new freelance writers help you discover how to quickly build a portfolio and find first paying clients. You’ll know what to watch out for, so you avoid scams and rip-offs. No pie-in-the-sky promises – just real, actionable tips from working freelance writers.

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Tap into our top resources for working, mid-career writers looking to turn their craft into a lucrative freelance lifestyle. What we do is hard, and you deserve to be well-paid! Learn to identify good prospects, get responses to your pitches, and land better-caliber writing jobs. Gain the confidence you need to ask for that raise and command higher rates, and get ongoing work from your freelance clients.

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Here at Make a Living Writing, we know you need paid writing opportunities! So we regularly publish fresh posts showing you who pays writers (and how much). Visit this resource page for our most popular lists of publications and websites that pay writers, plus our most recent lists of writing jobs. We feature options suitable for newbies and mid-career writers, too.

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Why should Make a Living Writing be your go-to source of freelance-writing information? All our tips come from successful, working freelance writers.

We walk our talk on writers deserving to be paid, and pay for guest posts. So you get nothing but quality, fresh, practical ideas you can use in your freelance-writing business right away. No filler, no fluff.

That’s why we’re a multi-year award-winner of Top 10 Blogs for Writers and Writer’s Digest’s Top 101 Websites for Writers, among other accolades.

More good things: We don’t accept paid links or ads, and only affiliate sell a small number of products or services we know well and can highly recommend. If we get a commission, we’ll let you know – no hidden agenda.

But enough from us – check out what our readers say below.  Right now, let’s get you started finding the best freelance-writing resources for your needs:


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Newbies to freelance writing will find everything they need to launch a successful career, from choosing the right niches to getting assignments to getting paid well. Experienced hands will find gems on every page that will improve their writing careers – and their bottom lines. – John Soares | ProductiveWriters

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Longtime freelance writer and six-figure earner Carol Tice is the founder of The Make a Living Writing blog and Freelance Writers Den writer community. Her mission is to help writers get started in freelancing, become well-paid, and live the lifestyle of their dreams. (More)

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