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Freelance Jobs: 10 Health and Fitness Markets That Pay Writers

Evan Jensen

Freelance Jobs: Health and Fitness Markets That Pay Writers. Makealivingwriting.comWant to land some freelance writing jobs in the health and fitness niche?

There’s no shortage of health and fitness magazines, websites, and custom pubs that need great writers.

These markets cover a wide range of topics like healthy living, nutrition, weight loss, supplements, exercise, disease prevention, and lifestyle medicine.

And you don’t need to be a personal trainer, registered dietitian, or certified wellness coach to land freelance jobs in this niche.

In fact, some of these people probably have freelance jobs they need to fill for blogging, ghostwriting, and marketing. (Here’s a tip: Exercise your marketing muscles, and send a custom LOI (letter of introduction) to a health/fitness professional.)

If you’re looking for a way to land some freelance jobs in health and fitness writing, follow the advice most personal trainers recommend, and simply get started.

In this list of paying markets, you’ll find a mix of magazines, websites, and a couple of custom pubs that need health and fitness writers. Study the guidelines, pitch an idea, and repeat, to build your writing muscles and your portfolio.

1. Coffey Communications

This custom pub produces a long list of articles and publications for healthcare organizations. Hospital newsletters, health infographics, patient education materials. Director of Human Resources Stephanie Groom says to introduce yourself as a freelancer by sending an LOI to  GetHired@coffeycomm.com.

Rates: Depends on assignment.

2. The Health Journal

Based in Virginia, The Health Journal, features articles about health topics and resources to help people enjoy optimum physical and emotional wellness at any life stage.

“We are looking for strong, entertaining and well researched articles on compelling topics,” says Managing Editor Chris Jones. “Dazzle us. Don’t just write about your topic, experience it. If you’re covering a support group, attend it. Interviewing a family? Spend the day with them. Explaining a new service? Try it out if you can.”

Rate: Pays an average of $0.15 per word.

3. My Protein

Trade agreements aren’t going to put cold-hard cash in your pocket to pay your bills. But if you’re trying to build your clips file, and have an interest in nutrition supplements and fitness gear, check this out.

“The Myprotein team is looking for bright and enthusiastic individuals who are willing to share their knowledge on diet, training, and supplementation,” says Digital Marketing Executive Alex Genzel.

Recent articles covered topics like whey protein, vegan-friendly cheesecake, compound movements vs. isolation exercises, and portion control.

Pitch first with an idea, outline, and working headline.

Rate: $50 MyProtein voucher for supplements and gear, per 700-word article.

4. Idea Fitness Journal

This is a trade magazine published by the IDEA Health and Fitness Association. The target audience is fitness and health professionals. Recent articles covered online personal training, goal-setting strategies, exercise for older clients, and digital tools for fitness professionals.

“IDEA is known for publishing articles that meet the needs of the fitness professional on multiple levels,” says Editor-in-Chief Sandy Todd Webster. “We are particularly adept at balancing theory with practical application. No one offers the same depth of information in a manner that enables and empowers readers to act immediately. If you believe you have the skills, talents and content that will meet our editorial needs, please send us a query.”

Rate: Depends on assignment.

5. Experience Life

Off the shelf, this magazine looks a lot like other consumer health and fitness magazines that cover exercise, nutrition, lifestyle, and wellness topics. But it’s also a marketing channel for the gym franchise Life Time Fitness.

“The magazine is written for a general audience of active, educated, discerning people who are interested in good health and passionate about self-improvement, well-being and living a good, satisfying life,” says Managing Editor Michael Dregni.

Study the guidelines, including Michael’s “Pet Peeves,” and query first.

FYI – Linda Formichelli and a number of Freelance Writers Den members have written for this magazine.

Rate: Depends on assignment.

6. Upworthy

This site aimed at generating viral content covers a lot more than just health and fitness topics. But it’s one area you can break in and get paid well.

“Upworthy reaches a massive audience with meaningful stories every day,” says Managing Editor Rebecca Eisenberg (no longer with Upworthy as of 2/5/19). “We’re looking for original stories that support our mission of creating a better world.”

Recent health and fitness articles included stories about home workouts, wellness apps, self-care, and people inspiring others to make healthy lifestyle choices at any age.  

Rate: $200 per article + bonus payouts for generating website traffic.

8. HoloRest Nutrition

This health and wellness site features a blog aimed at providing evidence-based patient education articles and content. The blog serves as a marketing channel for HoloRest Nutrition, which currently sells a nutrition supplement for diabetics.

Recent blog posts discussed topics such as probiotics, obesity and cancer risk, healthy snacks, yoga, and post-workout recovery.

Introduce yourself to Dr. Ron Allen with an LOI and pitch a blog post idea after studying the site and guidelines.

Rate: $150 per article of 1,500 to 2,000 words NOTE: This site is now gone.

9. FitnessRxWomen Online

If you want to write for a female-focused health and fitness site, connect with FitnessRxWomen Online Editor Callie Bundy by pitching an idea for an article. Articles should focus on training, weight loss, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle habits for women.

Rate: Depends on assignment.

10. Chatelaine magazine

Chatelaine is a popular monthly women’s magazine in Canada that covers health and fitness topics, among other content, that appeals to active women ages 25 to 54.

“The Health section covers the latest news and studies, gives fitness and workout tips and explores hot-button issues,” says Managing Editor Laura Brown. Query with a story idea first.

Rate: Pays $1/word.

Find health and fitness freelance jobs

There’s no shortage of consumer magazines, custom pubs, and businesses in the health and fitness niche that need freelance writers. If you want to find more health and fitness freelance jobs:

  • Use the online version of Writer’s Market to find health and fitness magazines that pay the best rates.
  • Check out custom pubs at the grocery store or doctor’s office. Locate the masthead info, and send the editor a customized LOI.
  • Connect with health and fitness professionals via email, LinkedIn and other social media channels, and reach out with an LOI.
  • Track down agencies that manage content for health and fitness businesses and send the marketing manager an LOI.
  • Pitch blog post/article ideas to health and fitness blogs and businesses that have the budget to pay pro freelancer rates.
  • Keep going. If you want to land health and fitness freelance jobs, consider it a marathon of pitching and persistence. Stay in the game, and you’ll build your marketing muscles and get better at ticking off assignments.

What health and fitness markets do you recommend? Let’s discuss on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Evan Jensen writes about health and fitness for hospitals, gyms, personal trainers, and wellness programs. He’s also the blog editor for Make a Living Writing.

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