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99-Cent Sale for Writers: 18 E-Books to Grab Today


18 E-Books for Writers ON SALE!

Looking for a quick, affordable shot of learning to boost your freelance writing income? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a chance to grab some useful e-books at bargain prices. I’ve teamed up with several other great freelance writing coaches, including Chris Marlow, Linda Formichelli, and Jeff Goins, to offer you this crazy, one-day sale. Excited to present so many top writing and marketing coaches here!

Yes, you read that right — you can grab any one of these e-books for $.99 — or get all 18 of them today, for under $18.

Some of these e-books usually go for $10 or more. But today only, they’re each available for under $1, only on Amazon.

Think about giving yourself an uplifting, illuminating holiday gift of writing and marketing knowledge that’ll help you get motivated, get out there, and seriously grow your writing income. Shop for yourself now, and you could be in a position to buy a LOT nicer gifts for your loved ones next year.

You might be asking yourself — why do writers offer these amazing bargains?

The answers include:

  • To get more Amazon book reviews
  • To improve book rankings on Amazon
  • More reviews seem to help with those rankings
  • To raise awareness that we have many e-books
  • Reviews, reviews, reviews
  • In order to mention the next e-book (in my case, How I Earn a Six-Figure Income From My Tiny Niche Blog, due out in 2016!)
  • Did I mention reviews?

Ahem. To sum up, if you like 99-cent e-book deals and would like to see me present more of them…please leave a review after you read! Help other writers discover useful info to grow their careers — it’s the nice thing to do.

Just click on a book cover to learn more and to purchase the e-book(s) you want:

Remember, these valuable e-books will only be priced this low for a single day — so snap ’em up while you can. (You might want to take a look at these authors’ other offerings — even more may be on sale, and they’re all super-affordable even at full price.)

Before you ask, yes, you can read Amazon e-books on your computer or smartphone – they’ve got a free cloud reader and app you can download. You *don’t* need a Kindle.

If you’re reading this post after Dec. 9, 2015, well…you can still buy all these books! They’re still a great value at their regular prices. These links will keep on working.

P.P.S. Yes, some of us are in the Amazon affiliate program, so we may earn a bit extra if you buy through these links. Doesn’t cost you extra. Thanks for supporting other writers!

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