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Your 7 Favorite Posts About Freelance Writing — So Far

Carol Tice | 21 Comments

Seven great blog posts about freelance writingHey, writers!

Looking for a little summertime inspiration to get your freelance writing in gear?

Well, I noticed that my January roundup of the most popular posts of 2013 was the most popular post I’ve done here on the blog so far this year. Apparently, you find these best-of compendiums useful.

So I’m here to help with another handy set of popular posts — these are from the first half of 2014. I’m actually out in the Internetless countryside in Colorado right now, but wanted to keep you stocked with useful info to grow your freelance writing income while I’m gone.

Here are the seven Make a Living Writing posts that had the most readers the week they published:

  1. Why You Need to Go For Your Freelance Writing Dream Now
  2. What the Elance-oDesk Merger Means for Freelance Writers
  3. I Quit My Job to Be a Freelance Writer: What Was I Thinking?
  4. Writers: Soar Like an Olympian With These 4 Key Traits
  5. Use This Simple Tool to Move Forward With Your Freelance Writing
  6. Writing for Guardian Liberty Voice: 10 Writers’ Stories
  7. The 4 Worst Places for Freelance Writers to Start



What was your favorite post about freelance writing this year so far?
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21 comments on “Your 7 Favorite Posts About Freelance Writing — So Far

  1. Kathy on

    Just a quick comment on #5 – Use This Simple Tool to Move Forward With Your Freelance Writing: I’m going to check in the den for “how to” info on writing white papers. If this is a topic you haven’t covered in any of your “writer tutorials,” when you’re planning workshops for the rest of 2014, would you add this to your list?

  2. Rob on

    My favourite was the one about the Elance/Odesk merger. I was caught in the Elance trap for about a year. Once I broke out, my income doubled overnight and my workload cut in half. Then I had time to explore other income avenues.

  3. Paul on

    Thanks again for being so helpful! 🙂 I’ve been meaning to ask if there has been a post on knowing how to determine a fee/charge for a job. I know this will depend a lot on the type of work – and magazines will nearly always have their own rates, but are there general guidelines….anywhere. I must look in the Writers Yearbook….

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