Writer Poll: What Could I Do That Would Help You Most?

Carol Tice

How can I best help freelance writers? Makealivingwriting.comEver wish you could just ask a professional writer a question? Whether it’s about negotiating rates, writing a query, finding clients, marketing your work, or earning from your blog?

I’ve been thinking lately about how to make the Make a Living Writing blog more useful to readers. I’m hoping to create a place where more of you can get those questions answered directly by me.

Right now, I offer free blog content, a free call once a month, paid Webinars that usually run $36, half-hour mentoring sessions for $50, and a full mentoring program with ongoing support that costs $400.

That’s working OK…but I want to make it work even better. My mailbag is overflowing with questions and I feel like I can never get to them all. That’s bugging me.

My main goal is to help as many writers as I can to earn more, as fast as possible. Given that my paid products pose a financial barrier for some writers at their current prices, I’m wondering how I could  make more high-value, personalized and individual help available at more affordable prices. That would let more writers get more help.

That’s why I’m considering moving to a monthly-membership model. You know the way it works — many people pay a low monthly fee, which enables me to offer more services to the group.

One of the biggest discoveries I’ve made doing one-on-one mentoring work is that an initial phone consultation isn’t enough — ongoing support is a key factor in helping freelance writers succeed. Right now, only a small number of people in my mentoring program are getting that support.

My hope is to create a unique community where you can get the one thing that isn’t available anywhere else — a chance to get your questions answered directly by an experienced professional freelance writer on an ongoing basis, at an affordable monthly rate. Plus get the ongoing support you need to stick it out, get out there and market your writing, and grow your income.

Take the survey, get one month’s membership free

I’m hoping you’ll be willing to take the survey below to help me gauge interest in this idea. If there are any ideas or thoughts you have that aren’t covered in the survey, feel free to add them in the comments below.

To make it worth your while, I’m going to give everyone who fills out the survey a free, one-month entry-level membership to the community while it’s in beta. You’ll get to cruise around, test it out, and be part of the vanguard that shapes what perks I’ll include for members — all absolutely free.

I’m hoping to have the community ready to test-drive in June. Thanks in advance for your input.



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