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Top 10 Articles for Freelance Writers – April 2011

Carol Tice

Top 10 Articles for Freelance Writers - April 2011. Makealivingwriting.comAnother month has flown, and it’s time once again to share the most awesomely enlightening articles for freelance writers and bloggers that I’ve turned up on our wonderful Interwebs in the past month.

Because I’m headed out to SOBCon in a few days, I’m getting this out a little early.

This month, some of the best-known sites presented really terrific guest posts — several of those in here. Useful stuff particularly about blogging and copywriting this month — enjoy!

  1. 4 Ways to Keep Your Lifeless Blog from Boring Readers to Tears by Pamela Wilson of Big Brand System, on Copyblogger.
  2. 5 Crippling Beliefs That Keep Writers Penniless and Mired in Mediocrity by Jon Morrow of GuestBlogging, on Copyblogger.
  3. 7 Things I Wish I Had Known When I Started Freelance Writing by Anne Wayman on About Freelance Writing.
  4. 10 Things TV Shopping Networks Can Teach You About Making Money Blogging by Jill Chivers of ShopYourWardrobe, on ProBlogger.
  5. 17 Ways to Get Inside Your Client’s Mind so You’ll Always Hit Your Target Audience, by John Wood on AWAIonline.
  6. Blog Spring Clean | Things to Remove From Your Blog by Michael Dunlop on IncomeDiary. Post no longer up.
  7. The Critical Importance of Sandwiching Your Copywriting by Sean D’Souza of Psychotactics, on Write to Done.
  8. How Do You Find the Time? by Corbett Barr on CorbettBarr.com.
  9. How to Pitch an Editor and Win the Gig, by Susan Finch of CreativeGuidetoLife, on Men With Pens.
  10. Where do ideas Come From? 8 Essential Ways to Get at Least One Idea by Di Mace on WordSwords.