Win a Free, Video Review of Your Writer Website

Carol Tice

If you want to earn well as a freelance writer today, you need a writer website.

Seriously. If you have no site, it’s like you are nobody. You don’t exist.

More than just having a writer website, you need that site to impress prospects and make them want to pick up the phone and hire you.

If you’re like most writers, you also need to get that website done on a budget.

What makes a strong writer website that helps you get hired?

We’re going to find out next week.

My webmaster David Robert Hogg has generously offered to do a free video website review for one lucky reader from this blog.

David’s video reviews are great — I actually connected with him after he did a video review of this blog, giving me dozens of tips for how to make it better. His video reviews usually run 45 minutes and costs $199, so this is a great opportunity to get some high-quality advice for free!

Everybody really wins in this contest.

How? We’re going to post the winner’s video here on the site next week. So we’ll all get to learn along with the winner about how to make a great writer website.

Contest rules:


Leave us your writer site URL in the comments.


Tell us the biggest question you have about your writer site.

David and I will pick the most intriguing site and set of questions for the review. We’ll let the winner know by Monday, and the winning video will be up here later in next week.

What would you like to know about your writer website? Leave that comment and URL.


  1. Clara Mathews

    I need help with my blog. I want to showcase my writing skills, but I don’t want to write about writing. I would also like to focus my site on trying to get more clients.

  2. Heather

    My site is and my question is, what things can I do directly to my site to improve (or work towards improving) my google page rate? Thanks and good luck to everyone!

    • Heather

      Sorry, that should have read Google page rating. That will teach me to enter competitions at 1am! 🙂

  3. Ali

    Hey Carol!
    That’s great stuff…. maybe a beautiful Xmass gift?
    Here is my site:

    Though I have landed some good paying gigs, yet I am not satisfied – I just want to know how to customize it.

  4. Tom Bentley

    Carol and David: thanks for the opportunity. My biggest question, since I am a business writer, journalist and fiction writer, is if having all of those hats visible on my site detracts from any on an individual basis. I will never be a specialist, but I wonder if the overly broad generalist tag puts me in a business disadvantage. Thanks!

    • Linda H

      That’s a great question Tom. My marketing mentor said by combining my varied writing talents I become “a jack of all trades and master of none.” However, as writers we have to be a diversified writer to be able to handle all our writing assignments/gigs. I’ll be interested to hear what David has to say about this on the call as well.

  5. Stephanie Vozza

    My website is I’m warning you: it needs a serious makeover and a consistent identity. I feel like Sybil. I do feature writing and copywriting and ghostwriting. I also published my own book, but I’m not sure how to make all of these personalities play nicely in one website. I’d love for (Dr.) David to prescribe a course of action.

    Thanks so much for your consideration and good luck to everyone!!

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