VIDEO: The $20K Quarter (Secrets of Successful Freelance Writers)

Carol Tice

The Secret Lives of Successful Freelance Writers. wish you could be a fly on the wall at the home of some successful freelance writers, and figure out what they do to earn more?

Well, now you can.

You see, I am that fly — I spend a lot of time talking on Zoom to high-earning freelance writers in my Freelance Writers Den 2X Income Accelerator. That’s my 6-month mastermind program for doubling your income.

With the permission of a few of my coaching grads, I’ve put together a 20-minute video where you can eavesdrop on writers who earn $80,000 a year — and writers who’re scheming on how to get there.

The raw reality of high-earning writers

Warning: This is raw, unvarnished reality video here. We’re all in our living rooms wearing whatever, with kids and dogs and what-all going on behind us! Also, the video jumps around a bit, as I’m blocking out writers who aren’t interviewed in this video, to respect their privacy.

Listen in as I give the writers some on-the-fly coaching on how to earn even more. They also brainstorm with their group on how to up their game, too.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to get mastermind and coaching support, this video shows you what a powerful shortcut to success a mastermind can be. Enjoy!

Video: Watch successful freelance writers in action

Highlights of this video include:

  • Karen explains all of the small steps that transformed her business
  • We strategize with Ann-Marie about quick steps to take that build income higher
  • Craig talks about the niche that grew his income so much, he was able to move to a safer city and better apartment
  • And loads more

Enjoy the video:

Learn to be a more successful freelance writer

I hope this video gave you a shot of inspiration. Remember, what you earn from writing now doesn’t have to be what you’ll earn forever. Radical increases are possible!

With a strong writer support group and a coach to work with you, big changes can happen.

P.S. If you’d like me to be that coach, a new Den 2X Income Accelerator class begins June 11.

Become successful freelance writers - Double your writing income. LEARN HOW! Freelance Writers Den 2X


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