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Carol Tice

Bring Home The Blog For Writers TrophyThere’s a contest for writing blogs that used to run on Michael Stelzner’s site called the Top 10 Blogs for Writers. Now, my A-List Blogger Club leaders Mary Jaksch and Leo Babauta have taken the contest over. This year’s contest just kicked off on their Write to Done site.

So (gulp), I’m going to ask you a big favor. If you enjoy this blog and find the information useful in your writing life, head over to the contest and vote for Make a Living Writing. If a lot of folks nominate this blog by commenting on the contest post over at Write to Done, I’m thinking a crazy thought: Maybe this blog has a shot at ending up on that list.

As it happens, I have a personal connection to three of the four contest judges. I’ve guested for Brian Clark on Copyblogger. I just mentioned Michael Stelzner, who’s still judging the contest, in my recent post about writing and blogging experts I trust, and we chatted on Twitter about it. And Leo Babauta is getting to know my work through the A-List.

In an interesting twist, Mary Jaksch actually emailed me and told me I should ask you to vote for Make a Living Writing. She made a point of reaching out and telling me about the contest, and encouraged me to get out the word about my blog. Interesting, huh? But maybe she’s just promoting Write to Done there.

Early in my career, I really got a jump-start when I won two writing contests. Which makes me wonder if now I could win a prize for my entire body of blogging work here.

Winning a contest like this one would give this blog more visibility and likely bring more readers. More readers could help this blog generate more income — which in turn means I could spend more time giving you free tips on how to earn more from your writing. So in a way, everybody wins.

Even if you don’t vote for me, and you have some other writing blog you love, go vote. It’s going to be interesting.

If you enjoyed this blog, you can do one other thing, too — subscribe. You won’t want to miss the action here next week, when I call bull*&! on the theories of a certain celebrity work/life author.

Technical note for subscribers: Starting Monday, I am migrating my email list to a new provider. I apologize in advance for any technical glitches that may occur.

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  1. Matt Gibbs

    It sounds naive now, but my greatest discovery in freelance writing for print media was that my articles could be sold not once, not twice, but a multiple of times depending on the rights offered. First rights sold to a newspaper/publisher in the state of Vicrtoria in Australia, for example, attracted a premium sale, then I was at liberty to sell my article to other states in Australia (at a reduced rate). I learned I could sell to state’s rights, county’s rights and world rights. Reader’s Digest, for example, only took world rights – which meant a sale was a one-off sale and therefore received a much higher rate.

    I’m yet to learn how on-selling is affected by internet publication.

    • TiceWrites

      Oh stop it already! But seriously, I've been flattered to the point of embarrassment over the quantity of nominations and the praise in them.

      I am thrilled to learn that I am achieving exactly what I'm aiming for with this blog — to really help freelance writers earn more.

      Thanks for the vote John!

  2. agirlandhercarrot

    I'll tell you this much, My traffic is All over the place at this point. I have had my highest traffic on a Monday, and done well on Wed, Thurs, Fri and even on Halloween Sunday. I don't know what rhyme or reason there is to this but am constantly trying to figure out how to drive more traffic to my site. I think I'll try your suggestion though, post between 9 am and noon, makes total sense! I do sometimes see a spike between 4-5 pm when most are bored at work. :-). Let's see!

    • TiceWrites

      Feel like we're veering off topic a bit…but I once saw an interesting graph about when Twitter has the most traffic, and it's from about noon to five eastern. So I try to have my RSS and email go out at 9 am PST.

      I also think setting all your post to go at the same time of day is useful…people are creatures of habit, and they like to know when they can expect your fresh post.


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