10 Best Articles for Writers – September 2011

Carol Tice

Lately, I’ve been talking to a lot of freelance writers who have great portfolios but low incomes. Which I guess is why I have sales and marketing on the brain in this edition of our monthly Top 10.

These are all pretty recent vintage…seems like the last 10 days or so were red-hot for interesting articles on the business of writing. Lots of new folks here to follow, too.


  1. 10 Ways to Get Your Affiliates to Sell the Crap Out of Your Product by Barrie Davenport on A-List Blog Marketing. This one makes a nice companion piece to my own recent post of affiliate marketing tips.
  2. Action! Can Our Hollywood Experiment Help You Make Money Blogging? by Joke and Biagio, on Problogger. You think you’ve heard every way to monetize a blog…but this couple have a unique model. Check it out.
  3. Cold Calling for Freelance Writers by Linda Stephens, on The WM Freelance Writers Connection. (NOTE: This site is no longer active.) This one makes a nice complement to the recent guest post I had here about cold calling by volume cold-caller Sarah Maurer.
  4. Create an About Page for Your Blog That’s a Secret Freelance Sales Weapon — by Michael Martine of Remarkablogger. Most writer website About pages truly suck. They start, “I’ve wanted to write ever since I was 5…” and go downhill from there. Here’s a guide to how to give your About page a radical rewrite and make it into a real client magnet. NOTE: This article is no longer up at Remarkablogger.
  5. Does Your Networking Come Across as Stalking? by Jennifer Mattern on All Freelance Writing. Learn how to keep those boundaries healthy, people.
  6. Sickly Sales Page? Try These 3 Copywriting Remedies by Amy Harrison on Copyblogger. I love the simple analogy here for how to make sales pages better. A great short course here on copywriting, all in one post.
  7. Should You Unfollow Everyone on Twitter? — by Laura Click of Blue Kite Marketing, on Pushing Social. Radical action! But I’ve been thinking about doing it, since I don’t have time to scroll back through the 500 people I’m following to cull the list down. To me you want it to be just about 3-4 dozen terrific thought leaders, so you have an amazing tweetstream. But then I keep spotting new people I think I should check out…and the next thing you know, it’s a mess again.
  8. Stop Selling and Start Telling — How Clarity Trumps Persuasion for Getting Sales by D Bnonn Tennant on KISSmetrics. This one makes a nice complement to Amy’s post above.
  9. The Top 5 Things That Bother Me About This Headline by Alissa Walker on Good Technology. Finally, someone discusses how Google has crushed the creativity out of article headlines.
  10. Word Count Limit Got You Down? Try These 6 Editing Tricks by Barbara Diggs on The Expat Freelancer. Here’s a great, short primer on how to write tight — which you should do whether your hitting your word limit or not.

Bonus news: For those who don’t already know, Copyblogger’s Jon Morrow has started a new site, Boost Blog Traffic. It’s not launched yet. But you want to register. If you have not yet experienced Jon’s genius, check out this awesome trailer on the home page for why you want to sign up .

Read any good articles for writers lately? Leave some more links in the comments and add to my list.



  1. Barrie/A-List Blog Marketing

    Hi Carol,
    Thank you so much for including my article in your September round-up. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to be in front of your wonderful readers!

  2. Ruth - Freelance Writing Blog

    Thanks for the list. I did catch some of these, but I’ve bookmarked the others.

  3. Michelle

    Great sharing! I had a look at ColdCalling already, but spent some time on it now!

  4. Michael Martine

    They start, “I’ve wanted to write ever since I was 5…” and go downhill from there.

    Now that made me truly laugh out loud. Thanks for including my article in your list. 🙂

    • Carol Tice

      My pleasure — I really wanted to do your one about the difference between email subject lines and blog post headlines too, but I have a rule about not using more than one post per person in a single best-of list.

      Thanks for writing useful stuff!

  5. Gloria A

    There is no reason to unfollow everyone on Twitter. I think it makes the user look a little self-important, and I won’t follow someone if it looks like all they are doing is talking without interacting. I installed Proxlet which allows me to silence posts from people for a week, a month or forever. It saves time and feelings and doesn’t make me look like a heel. You can reverse your settings at any time.

    I’ve read most of the other articles, but am saving a few to OneNote…..

    Thanks Carol.

    • Carol Tice

      Thanks for telling me about Proxlet…sounds like a tool I should check into.

  6. Linda Stephens

    Thanks for selecting my post for this month’s Best Articles! Great list to be included in.

  7. Erin

    Thanks, Carol! Ready to plunge into a new round of cold calls, so #3 comes at the perfect time.

  8. NextGen Writer

    Good collection, carol 🙂

  9. Kellie Davis

    Great list, Carol! I can’t wait to dive into them. By the way, I love your site makeover. It’s perfect!

    • Carol Tice

      Thanks! I’ve been dreaming of upgrading my header for ages, and I’m thrilled to finally have gotten it DONE.

  10. Esther Goh

    Fantastic links – especially the tips on trimming word count, which I’ve always struggled with. But in a crunch, there’s nothing for it but to be ruthless.

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