Is Now the Best Time Ever to be a Freelance Writer?

Carol Tice

Sean Platt on why now is a great time for freelance writers.

Sean Platt

Content mills. SEO articles. Bidding sites. Lowball job ads that ask for “free samples.”

Do you think it’s the worst time to be a freelance writer?

Sean Platt doesn’t. I recently had the Ghostwriter Dad blogger on as a guest on one of the Den Meetings I hold for Freelance Writers Den members each week, and he shared his philosophy — that now is the best time ever to be a freelance writer.

His message was so inspiring, I really couldn’t get our talk out of my head.

I decided I just had to share it with everyone on this blog. I really want you to hear this. It’s going to change your outlook.

Why does Sean feel the skies have never been bluer for freelance writers? Take a listen to a short excerpt from our talk and find out.

Sean discusses how he went from foreclosure, financial stress, and writing the cheap key-word articles to being a six-figure copywriter — and how you can, too.

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  1. Bill Swan

    The trick is knowing what gigs are the ones to stay clear of. Once a writer can see the warning signs, making the money becomes easier.

    • Carol Tice

      Hi Bill —

      Your post linked above is interesting. Don’t know if you’ve ever seen my posts on how to scan the job ads to avoid scams. But I have a new feature coming to Freelance Writers Den that may interest you — a job-ad list weekly that screens out all the crap for you. Really excited to be adding that — think it’ll be a major timesaver.

  2. Ruth - Freelance Writing Blog

    This all makes so much sense. And I’m proud to say that since I left my ‘salaried’ day job five months ago, I’m on track to approach the six figure mark for the year. I think that your comments about expectations (you EXPECT your earnings to increase each year) are so true. I would just add that writing down those expectations and goals – somewhere that you can refer to every so often – just concretizes everything and makes it more likely to materialize.

    • Carol Tice

      That is AWESOME Ruth…going over to update your Den membership status to “expert”!

      I do find expectations are huge. So many writers I’ve mentored were making $20,000 a year…and they sort of felt like that’s what freelance writers make. Then they did 1-on-1 mentoring or the Blast-Off Class..and doubled it, and then doubled it again…and so on.

      My point of view is as a freelancer, MY EARNING POTENTIAL IS UNLIMITED. That’s the real thrill of being a freelancer! But if you have the starving-artist mentality, it seems most tend to earn much less.


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