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Young Writers: Earn Big With These Vital Mindset Changes

Young Writers: Earn Big With These Vital Mindset Changes

Young writers: Make these 3 vital success mindset changes to earn big.

I quit my corporate job in February 2015 with $300 in the bank. I had no idea what I wanted to do besides make a living writing. I was 25 years old, and a total newbie in the writing world. There wasn’t a lot of demand for young writers, I thought.

The extent of my experience was winning a third-grade writing contest and getting a book published for my school library. I was motivated, but didn’t exactly have a plan or success mindset to build a profitable freelance business.

I didn’t have a degree, any experience, or, if I’m being completely honest, any idea how to get someone to pay me to write. Call it crazy. Call it youthful enthusiasm. Because it was.

I wanted to build a successful freelance writing business, but I wasn’t sure how to make it happen. Sound familiar?

After a rocky start, I realized that when you approach freelancing with a success mindset, it can have a big impact on growing your business and your income.

Fast forward two years, and I’m making over $100 an hour. And I’m constantly booked out two months in advance.

Here’s how I made that happen…

Grow Your Writing Income Next Year by Making This Key Change Now

Plant in dried cracked mud

As the year winds down, do your thoughts turn to your writing goals for the coming year? I know mine do.

Now’s the time to lay the groundwork to earn more in the months ahead.

But it’s also a busy time for many of us — there’s shopping, travel, vacationing, kids at home, visiting, decorating the house, and more.

Still, there’s one change you can begin making right now that I promise you will set the stage for a more lucrative freelance New Year. This will take a minute a day, tops.

It involves taking quick action to eliminate the single biggest problem freelance writers face.

Do you know where that massive stumbling block is located? Well, go to a mirror and take a look at your head…

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