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The Telltale Signs You’re Too Scared to be a Freelance Writer

Carol Tice

Scared writer peeks from blindsHave you been wondering if the freelance writing life is really for you?

Maybe you haven’t been able to get started, despite numerous attempts.

Maybe you’ve been freelancing, but not earning much.

Recently, I’ve noticed a “tell” for writers that indicates you are not cut out to make a living writing.

You are simply too scared to put yourself out there. This is probably not going to be a way you can earn a living.

It has to do with how you’re marketing yourself.

You don’t want to. And it shows.

3 Signs you’re hiding

To be a successful freelance writer, you have to be willing to put yourself out there. You have to tell people you want freelance gigs.

This is not like writing a novel — you can’t hide in a garrett and hope people will find your work when you die. You’re trying to pay the bills with your writing here.

Many writers say they’re willing to try marketing themselves, but lots really won’t do it when it comes down to the nitty gritty. Here is how I can tell if a writer isn’t going to make freelancing happen:

The first sign: You don’t have a writer website.

That’s like being invisible today. You’re staying hidden because you don’t really want gigs.

The next sign: You get a site up, but you’re not on it. It refers to you indirectly, as in “We write blog posts” or “Our services include web content…”

On your About page, there’s no picture of you, and we don’t see your name. You’ve got a site up, but you’re still hiding you, in an era when being your authentic self is what’s valued, especially online.

Final “tell”: Your website has no email address. Just that form no one will fill out. Or you’re writing it:

myemail (a) emailhost . com. And there’s no link.

You’re expecting prospects to go hand-type out your email address. Except they won’t bother.

These hidden-email moves are another way of saying, “I don’t really want to get hired.”

When I ask about it, writers tell me, “I’m scared to put my email on there, because I’m worried about scrapers.”

The key to freelance success

Here is the problem with that: The meek do not inherit the freelance earth.

I don’t like to be the one to stick a pin in anyone’s freelance writing dream balloon, but that is the reality.

If you’re too scared to risk something like maybe (but likely never) having to contact your email host about an email hack problem, you’re probably too scared to do a lot of other things you need to do as a freelancer, too.

Freelancing favors the bold

The writers willing to put it out there and tell everyone with a pulse they want gigs are the ones who can build a successful freelance business.

So bust a move. Tell a friend you want a gig.

Dare to write out your email address and link on your writer website.

Otherwise, it might be time to look for a day job.

What bold move have you made to pursue freelancing? Leave a comment and tell us about it.