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Minority Business Magazines: 20 Markets That Pay Up to $3,500

Arnita Williams

Did you know there’s a ton of minority business magazines that work with freelance writers?

If you’re looking for freelance work, writing for magazines can be a great plan to land assignments. Here’s how you break in: Pitch an editor a great story idea with a well-written query letter.

Sound good? Check out this list of minority business magazines for:

  • African-Americans
  • Asian
  • Individuals with disabilities
  • Hispanics
  • Native Americans
  • LGBTQ+ communities
  • Women 

When you read through some back issues and study the submission guidelines, you’ll find they focus on business, leadership, entrepreneurship, and career development.

But you’ll also find these minority business magazines also cover health, entertainment, politics, and religion, which promote diversity and inclusivity of Black, indigenous, people of color (BIPOC), women, and other marginalized groups.

In other words, there are a lot of opportunities to write for minority business magazines. Check out this list of 20 markets and start pitching.


1. African-American Career World

Semi-annual publication focuses on up-and-coming African-American professionals and students, seeking to explore career options in all fields and specialties.

Pitch how-to, personal experience, and interviews, which focus on career strategies, role-model profiles, and industry trends targeting African-Americans.

Contact: Editor Barbara Capela Loehr. Email bloehr@eop.com Phone: 631-421-9421 ext.12

Rate: $350 for assigned articles. Pays expenses of writers on assignment.


2. Asian Fortune

The target audience for Asian Fortune are Asian-American professionals who reside in the Washington DC metro area. 

The magazine covers “interesting and informative” articles in business, health, news, politics, and entertainment.

Tip: Read several past issues prior to submitting a query. Past issues can be accessed on the website for review.

Contact: Email jenny@asianfortune.com

Rate: Determined by article length, complexity, and writer’s experience.

3. Atlanta Tribune Magazine

You don’t have to reside in Atlanta to know who’s who. You can get the latest ideas, views, and possible solutions in the Atlanta Tribune. 

Written for “Atlanta’s Black executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs,” it covers wealth-building, careers, business, technology, education, and politics.

If Atlanta is a city that interests you, why not dive-in, interview a few Black professionals and business owners, and write an article or two about ATL?

TIP #1: Submit a well-written persuasive query via email. Read and follow the writer’s guidelines and a few published issues.

TIP #2: The Media Kit is a helpful resource, which shows stats and facts, about the pub, and the information it publishes. There’s also an editorial calendar, which gives a heads-up on future articles they seek to print.

Contact: Editor Katrice L. Mines – Email queries to: editorial@atlantatribune.com

Rate:  $250 – $600


4. BlackBusiness.com

An African-American business directory which promotes business news and success stories within the Black community.

A comprehensive resource guide that covers business events, business-related publications, organizations, grants, and funding opportunities for entrepreneurs and other minorities in business.

TIP: Explore various publications within the directory, which offer multiple opportunities to pitch.

Contact: Dante Lee. Email info@dantelee.com. Phone: 866-910-6277 

Rate: Not disclosed – Refer to Dante Lee for writer’s guidelines and rate.

5. Black Enterprise Magazine

Black Enterprise is a “premier resource” for Black entrepreneurs. Published in print and digital, it covers business-success stories, career opportunities, investing, and technology for the novice to the seasoned professional.

TIP #1: The media/press kit is available, which provides an editorial calendar in conjunction with upcoming events in 2022. 

This resource provides a heads-up for story ideas proposed that you can pitch for upcoming issues.

TIP #2: Pitch trending topics that are in the news. Most stories are repurposed from the printed version of the magazine. Pitch topics from the printed version of the magazine with a different angle, and/or refer to the current events posted within the editorial calendar.

Contact: Executive Managing Editor Alisa Gumbs

Rate: Based on assignment


6. Black EOE Journal Magazine 

It’s described as “the ultimate African-American career and business connection.”

Black EOE Journal provides current stats, workforce diversity, B2B trends, conferences, business opportunities, and so much more for the advancement of Black professionals.

TIP: Politically and religiously neutral content is required. Any nuances of violence, controversial and negative tones are prohibited.

Contact: Submissions Editor: Natalie Rodgers. Email submissions@diversitycomm.net

Rate:  Based on assignment


7. Careers and the disABLED Magazine

This magazine offers encouragement, inspiration, and serves-up a ‘can-do’ spirit and lots of grit.

Published six times a year, this magazine covers role-model profiles and career guidance and articles for college students and professionals with disabilities. Promotion of personal and professional growth are the focus.

TIP: This pub seeks “specific career-guidance strategies,” which offers advice to students. 

Contact: Editor Barbara Capela Loehr. Phone: 631-421-9421 ext.12

Rate: $0.10 per word. Pays expenses for writers on assignment.

8. Diversity Woman

 Diversity Woman applauds women who’ve broken the glass ceiling and continue to pave the way for future female generations. They’ve breached boundaries and become heads of banks and boardrooms! Why not celebrate? March is Women’s History Month!

Contact: Assistant Editor Eddie Lee

Rate: Based on assignment


9. Equal Opportunity

Inclusive of African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanics individuals with disabilities, and Native Americans on the professional track to career advancement.

Tri-annual magazine focuses on professional advancement of college juniors and seniors, and working graduate students.

Pitch general interest, how-to, personal experience, opinion, technical and minority interests, interviews of minorities, regarding career and educational challenges they encounter. 

TIP: Gear articles toward questions and answers of minority and female students. Role-model profile professions are preferred.

Contact: Director Joann Whitcher

Rate: $0.10 per word. Pays expenses of writers on assignment.


10. Essence Magazine

Celebrating today’s Black woman. The magazine is published six times per year. Essence covers, and targets the African-American woman, spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, and intellectually.

The magazine is a self-esteem builder, which provides tips and advice on health, beauty, fashion, arts, career, relationships, travel, fitness, parenting, entertainment, money, and total well-being for the Black woman to become the best version of herself. 

TIP: The editorial calendar within the media kit has topics for articles needed for upcoming issues.

Contact: Editor Angela Burt-Murray 

Rate: Competitive. Pays expenses of writers on assignment.


11. Hispanic Career World 

Hispanic Career World covers business, news, employment, industries, and the impact they’re making within the Latino community.

Print and digital editions are published twice per year, with a target audience of Hispanic students and professionals in all occupations.

TIP: The publication needs first-hand personal experience, interviews, and how-to articles.

Contact: Editor Barbara Capela Loehr. Phone: 631-421-9421 ext.12       

Rate: $350 for assigned articles.


12. Lioness Magazine 

A great resource guide for female entrepreneurs, and those who are starting a business. How-to guides, money, marketing, leadership, and more, available exclusively for women. 

TIP: The Lioness has made it easy for you to stay in the loop, regarding types of articles they’re seeking throughout the year, with monthly topics posted to their editorial calendar.

Contact: Managing Editor Laura Grant 

Rate: Contact editor


13. Minority Business Magazine

A quarterly printed publication, which provides resources, trends, and best business practices, to perpetually facilitate success for minority business owners.

Contact: Editor Angel Harmon. Phone: 310-294-3780 Ext. 3

Rate: Based on assignment


14. Minority Business News (MBNUSA)

A minority and multicultural business news mag. MBNUSA provides information on resources that promote inclusive, diverse supply chain, and contracting opportunities. The publication is a source for LGBTQ+ individuals, veterans, disabled veterans, women, and minorities.

Contact: Assistant Editor Victoria Clark

Rate: Contact editor


15. Minority Engineer

If you’re into coaching, how about covering articles on career guidance, and how-to guides?

Minority Engineer is published three times a year, which covers career guidance for minority engineering students, and minority professional engineers. This includes women and BIPOC.

TIP: Needs on-the-job search techniques, book excerpts, general interest, how-to, interview, opinion pieces, personal experience, articles, and role models. No broad, general information.

Contact: Editor Barbara Capela Loehr. Phone: 631-421-9421 ext.12

Rate: $350 for assigned articles. Pays expenses of writers on assignment.

16. Ms. Magazine

Published quarterly, digital and print versions of Ms. Magazine cover articles on women’s issues and news. Considers articles from a woman’s perspective. 

TIP: Only considers articles with political and social-commentary focus. Topics on pop culture, law, education, art, and environmental issues are also accepted.

Contact: Senior Editor Michelle Kort

Rate: $1 per word (300 – 3,500 words for feature articles)


17. Native Business Magazine

A digital magazine, Native Business is all about the empowerment, advancement, entrepreneurship, and economic development of Native Americans. The intent is to “motivate and inspire.”  

TIP: “Formal writer’s guidelines” and rates are not provided. All articles must be business-focused. 

Must adhere to stringent editorial principles of “clarity, discipline, and consistency” when pitching a story idea.

Contact: Executive Editor Carmen Davis. Email editor@nativebusinessmag.comPhone: 425-615-6410

Rate: Based on assignment


18. The Network Journal Magazine

The Network Journal is a quarterly-printed magazine, also published digitally. Black professionals and small business owners are targeted readers of the publication.

Email editor for article submission guidelines and rate.

Contact: Editor Rosalind McLymont. Email tnjeditors@tnj.com

Rate: Based on assignment


19. Professional Woman’s Magazine

Professional Woman’s Magazine advocates the promotion and advancement of multicultural-diverse women to have access to equal opportunities in business and the boardroom.

TIP: Politically- and religiously-neutral content is required. Any nuances of violence, controversial and negative tones are prohibited.

Contact: Submissions Editor Natalie Rodgers.  Email nrodgers@diversitycomm.net

Rate: Determined based on word count.


20. Woman Engineer

Enjoy interviewing? Great listener? Objective? Woman Engineer is published three times a year, with a target audience of women and BIPOC female engineers, who have answered the call for minorities by the industry, but face challenges along the way. 

TIP: Must be audience-focused. Pub seeks how-to, interviews, personal experience/perspective, and “first-person” opinions.  

Contact: Editor Barbara Capela Loehr. Phone: 631-421-9421 ext.12

Rate: $350 for assigned articles. Pays expenses of writers on assignment.


5 tips to pitch minority business magazines

Wondering how to come up with ideas to develop a great pitch? Follow these five tips:

  1. Read the guidelines. Follow them to the letter. Got questions? Reach out to the editor.
  2. Study back issues. Crack the cover of a few issues of the magazine to get a sense of the type of content they’re seeking-style, tone, voice.
  3. Check out the editorial calendar, generally found in the magazine’s media kit (if the mag provides one).
  4. Review the media kit for statistical information about the publication you might want to use to cite as a source for your content-great info for a business writer. The press and media kits might be helpful when you’re developing general questions to present during the interview. SEARCH TIP: To find a pub’s media kit, type in your browser: [the magazine title] + media kit. This will give you a heads-up on what and when to pitch. SEARCH TIP: Some magazines may have the media kit combined with the press kit. You can also use the same formula by typing in your browser: [the magazine title] + press kit.
  5. Get to know the magazine’s audience: Study the history, culture, customs, language, and dialect-this is to get a basic understanding of the person’s ‘world’ to ask appropriate questions, without offense.

Have a story idea for one of these minority business magazines? Study the guidelines, write a query, and send your pitch.

Do you write for minority business publications? Tell us about it in the comments.

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