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Pitch Story Ideas to These 99 Markets for Freelance Writing Jobs

Evan Jensen

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Pitch These Markets for Freelance Writing Jobs. Makealivingwriting.com.If you want to land more freelance writing jobs, to use a baseball analogy, you want to throw strikes every time you pitch a market, a magazine, or a niche blog.

Think of it like you’re trying to win the World Series of freelance writing.

It’s a numbers game. The more you practice, the more consistent you’ll be at landing assignments. And the more money you’ll score for the home team (you).

What should you do before you pitch a story idea? Start with a warm-up.

Study the market. Read back issues. Check the site or publications for the writer’s guidelines playbook. Do a little research or even a pre-interview with a source.

Then wind up and throw a pitch in the strike zone with a great idea for a story or blog post. (If you need help writing a query letter, get a review of your draft here.)

Looking for freelance writing jobs? We’ve got writer’s guidelines for you! Pitch these 99 markets to move up and earn more:

1. Abilities

This is a Canadian magazine published to help people living with disabilities. Pitch story ideas with practical tips about travel, health, careers, education, relationships, parenting, and social issues for people living with a disability.

Pays: $50 to $325
Contact: Managing Editor Jennifer Rivkin

2. Afar.com

Afar publishes a print magazine, but assigns most of those stories to in-house and established freelancers. But you can write for Afar.com. It’s a travel magazine for well-educated readers who want to experience other cultures, navigate the day-to-day in a foreign country, and stay current on trends in travel, leisure, and adventure.

Pays: $1/per word and up
Contact: Editor Julia Cosgrove

3. Alaska Beyond Magazine

Best way to break in with Alaska Airlines’ in-flight magazine is to pitch a story idea for “The Feed” department. Shorter pieces about business, profiles, new attractions, destinations, and trends, can be a good place to start, too.

Pays: $150 to $700
Contact: Editor Paul Fricht

4. American Educator

This is the magazine for the American Federation of Teachers. Publishes articles on trends in education, politics, education law, professional ethics, and social issues relevant to teachers and educators.

Pays: Up to $300
Contact: Editor Amy Hightower

5. American Falconry

“Our magazine is jam-packed with fascinating articles covering the latest techniques in training, captive breeding and dog handling,” says Editor Steve Jones. See guidelines for additional info.

Pays: $100
Contact: Editor Steve Jones

6. American Gardener

This is the magazine for the American Horticultural Society. It’s readers are experienced and beginner gardeners. Publishes articles about how-to projects, garden design, plant care, and conservation.

Pays: $300 to $600
Contact: Editor David Ellis

7. Animal Wellness

How do you keep Fido healthy, and stop Mittens from tearing the couch apart? This magazine helps pet owners care for their animals and build strong bonds.

Pays: Based on assignment
Contact: Ann Brightman

8. Anxiety Foundation

Did you know that an estimated 18 percent of adults in the U.S. are living with an anxiety disorder? It’s often treatable with medication and behavioral therapy. But it’s still a major public health issue. Pitch a story idea about living with anxiety, or a reported story on an anxiety-related topic.

Pays: $50
Contact: Steven Kirby

9. Back to College

Did you know about 40 percent of adults over age 25 go back to college? It’s a different experience than going straight from high school. Back to College publishes feature stories and essays about financial aid, campus and online programs, study habits, career development, and more.

Pays: $75 to 100
Contact: Donna Rickerd

10. Backwoods Home

Live off the grid. Build your own home. Grow and store food. Homeschooling. Sustainable living. These are the types of topics Backwoods Home readers are interested in.

Pays: $40 to $200
Contact: Senior Editor John Silveria

11. Be a Freelance Blogger

Make money blogging. That’s the focus of Sophie Lizard’s site. And if you’ve learned a thing or two about blogging, writing headlines, landing gigs, search engine optimization, or related topics, pitch a guest post idea.

Pays: Up to $100
Contact: Associate Editor Lauren Tharp

12.Blade magazine

“What we need are stories that are brand new in scope and content,” says Editor Steve Shackleford. “Knives being used for unusual purposes or in adventure settings. New, state-of-the-art knife designs, steels and other knife materials and how they are made are good.” And the sharpest pitch you can make to land an assignment (no pun intended)? A story about a celebrity’s knife collection.

Pays: $150 to $300
Contact: Editor Steve Shackleford

13. Blog Paws

Social media training for pet owners — that’s how Blog Paws started. Now, the site’s popular blog teaches pet owners how to take better pictures, use apps, and leverage social media to show off their pets.

Pays: $75
Contact: Senior Editor Maggie Marton

14. Blue Mountain Arts

If you write short and pithy, maybe this greeting card company is for you? Accepts short, thoughtful, funny, or inspiring messages for special occasions or events. See “What we are looking for” and “What we are not looking for” to pitch greeting-card messages.

Pays: $50 to $300
Contact: editorial@sps.com

15. British Columbia magazine

British Columbia may be known for its stunning landscape, but that’s not the only thing you’ll find in this regional pub. “We seek out the exotic, the strange, the unknown, and the rare within our province,” says Editor Jane Nahirny. “Rather than bore British Columbians with what they know and often see, we want to give them something fresh, surprising, remote, or hidden under the surface.”

Pays: $0.50/per word and up
Contact: Editor Jane Nahirny

16. Bust Mold

Proof there’s a niche for just about everything. This Canadian-based mold-removal company publishes blog posts, case studies, and how-to guides about mold removal, asbestos testing, water damage restoration, and more.

Pays: $200 to $400
Contact: Editor Steven Kalevski

17. Canoe & Kayak

Readers of this pub are experienced paddlers who love the outdoors. Pitch story ideas about canoe and kayak news, profiles, destinations, gear, and trends. Photos preferred with every assignment.

Pays: $100 to $800
Contact: Associate Editor Dave Shirley

18. Catholic Digest

Did you know the Catholic Church has an estimated 1.2 billion members around the world? It’s a culture and way of life featured in the pages of this magazine.

Pays: $100 to $500
Contact: Editor Dan Connors

19. Change Agent

The Change Agent is currently accepting pitches about topics related to indigenous people. Query deadline Nov. 2, 2018. See guidelines for more info.

Pays: $50
Contact: Editor Cynthia Peters

20. Christian Courier

This publication publishes news, features, and opinion pieces with a Christian point of view.

Pays: $45 to $70
Contact: Check guidelines (linked above) for editors by department.

21. Chronicles of the Horse

This print and online magazine publishes articles about equestrian life, raising horses, and the show-horse and competition circuit.

Pays: $150 to $400
Contact: Senior Editor Kat Netzler

22. Cig Buyer

When Jeremy Salter decided to quit smoking cigarettes, he switched to vaping. He launched the Cig Buyer blog to help other smokers quit and publish news and information about vaping.

Pays: Based on assignment
Contact: Managing Editor Jeremy Salter

23. Clarkesworld magazine

Publishes science fiction, fantasy, and horror writing, as well as interviews with sci-fi luminaries.

Pays: $0.10/word for non-fiction
Contact: Editor Cheryl Morgan

24. Country magazine

Country magazine readers like gardening, collecting antiques, fishing, and sewing. This pub’s readers also like to travel and spend time outdoors. Study the media kit and editorial calendar before pitching story ideas.

Pays: $100 and up
Contact: editors@country-magazine.com

25. Curbly

If you know the DIY home-improvement niche and you’re good with a camera, pitch Curbly story ideas on home improvement and interior design.

Pays: Based on assignment
Contact: Editor Chris Gardner

26. Desert USA

Desert USA features stories about wildlife, folklore, natural history, travel, and adventure to desert destinations across America.

Pays: $50 and up
Contact: Editor Kris Bonner

27. Devozine

This is a niche magazine created to help teens (ages 14 to 19) develop skills to build faith. Pitch story ideas and how-to-meditations to motivate and inspire. Check the calendar for upcoming editorial needs.

Pays: $100
Contact: Editor Sandy Miller

28. Doctor of Credit

What’s in the fine print for that credit card offer? Can rewards programs really save you money? If you know the ins-and-outs of consumer credit, pitch a story idea to Doctor of Credit.

Pays: $50
Contact: Editor Will Charles

29. Draft magazine

Publishes stories about trends in beer and brewery news for consumers. Also publishes beer-related stories about food, sports, and travel with a national angle.

Pays: $0.80/per word
Contact: Editor Erika Rietz

30. Early American Life

From colonization to life in the mid-1800s, this magazine features stories about history, architecture, antiques, crafts, and travel destinations for people interested in early American life.

Pays: $500 to $2,000
Contact: Executive Editor Jenmarie Andrews

31. Eat Your World

Are you a food writer? This niche blog publishes posts about food and travel, local restaurant round-ups, recipes from other cultures, profiles, and Q&As with personalities. Complete food and travel destination guides pay the most.

Pays: Up to $500
Contact: Editor Laura Rosen

32. Elite Personal Finance

Do you write about money? This niche blog accepts guest posts about personal finance topics including saving, investing, retirement, loans, credit cards, buying a home, and more.

Pays: $100
Contact: info@elitepersonalfinance.com

33. Escapees

Escapees RV Club is a membership organization for people who enjoy RV travel. The member’s magazine features travel tips and experiences about RV life. Member stories and sources preferred.

Pays: $150
Contact: editor@escapees.com

34. Family Tree magazine

Publishes how-to articles about family history and genealogy. Pitch story ideas about new software, DNA testing, and photo restoration.

Pays: Based on assignment
Contact: Editor Diane Haddad

35. Freelance Mom

Are you a stay-at-home mom working part-time or full-time? Or know someone who is? Freelance Mom publishes motivational stories and how-to posts that show moms how it’s done.

Pays: $75 to $100
Contact: Founder & Editor Lisa Stein

36. Girls Life

The target audience for this pub is tween and teenage girls. Recent stories covered relationships, health and fitness, personal care, fashion, and more (but without judgement or heavy parenting advice).

Pays: Up to $300
Contact: Editor Karen Bokram

37. Gray’s Sporting Journal

Readers are outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy fly fishing, hunting, and camping. This pub even publishes tall tales and poetry about the outdoors. Pays extra for photos.

Pays: $100 and up
Contact: Editor Russ Lumpkin

38. Halifax Media Co-Op

What’s life like in Nova Scotia and the North Atlantic region? Publishes feature stories, profiles, investigative pieces, and more. Watch the video on their guidelines page, linked above, to learn more.

Pays: $75 to $125
Contact: Editor Rana Encol

39. Hidden Compass

If you enjoy the art of storytelling and travel, pitch an idea to this magazine. Recent stories covered the plight of the polar bear, California’s Redwood Forest, poetry from a trip to Paris, and more.

Pays: $200 to $300
Contact: hello@hiddencompass.net

40. High Country News

You’ll need solid journalism and reporting skills to break into this publication that covers topics impacting the Western U.S. Pitch story ideas about environmental issues, agriculture, public health, climate change, urban and rural development, economic issues, and more.

Pays: $0.50 to $1.50 per word
Contact: Editor-in-Chief Brian Calvert

41. Hit the Road

Hit the Road provides camper-van rental services in the U.S., New Zealand, and Australia. And it publishes a blog about adventures, cultures, road trips, and travel experiences. Original photos preferred.

Pays: $50
Contact: Tim Ahern

42. International Living

If you decided to pack up everything and move overseas, what would you need to know? These are the topics International Living covers, in print and online.

Pays: $75
Contact: submissions@internationalliving.com

43. Introspectionist

The Introspectionist publishes persuasive essays, creative nonfiction, and informational pieces of interest for primarily a female audience. Check the editorial calendar for upcoming themes for submitting a query.

Pays: $100 to $200
Contact: submissions@theintrospectionist.com

44. iWorkwell

This human-resources consulting firm publishes content for HR professionals about recruiting, insurance and benefits, legal issues, and more. Prefers checklist-style posts with action steps.

Pays: $50 to $195
Contact: Editor Dr. Robert Padulo

45. Kitplanes

This is what the Wright Brothers inspired more than 100 years ago:  build a plane from a kit, and fly it. Kitplanes publishes articles about building and design, flight testing, and construction techniques. See the guidelines linked above for more.

Pays: $250 to $1,000
Contact: Editor Paul Dye

46. Knitty

Got an idea for a spring or summer knitting project? Pitch guest posts to Knitty to show other crafters how it’s done. Deadline for Spring issue is Jan. 2, 2019.

Pays: $150 to $200
Contact: Editor Amy Singer

47. LadyQs

Ask a question, get an answer…from women who know. That’s the format for LadyQs. But if you pitch a story idea, it doesn’t have to be in the traditional Q&A format. Accepts essays, opinion pieces, profiles, how-to guides, and product reviews.

Pays: $50
Contact: Editor Dawn Qi

48. Longreads

It’s all in the name. Want to write a long-form essay, or a reported piece on a hot-button topic or current issue? Read and study examples and guidelines before pitching this popular site.

Pays: $250 to $500
Contact: Editor Mike Dang

49. LWN

Microsoft Windows isn’t the only operating system out there. LWN features articles, tips, and tutorials about the Linux platform.

Pays: $200 to $250
Contact: Executive Editor Jonathan Corbet

50. Midwest Living

This magazine publishes articles about the Midwestern travel, food, home, and garden scene.

Pays: $150 and up
Contact: Editor Jess Hoffert

51. Model Railroad Hobbyist

Publishes features, profiles, and how-to articles about model railroad building. If you can provide photos or video, mention this in your query.

Pays: $200 to $1,000
Contact: Editor Joe Fugate

52. Money Crashers

If money management and personal finance is your niche, pitch Money Crashers an idea about investing, saving, retirement planning, estate planning, tax preparation, credit and debt, real estate, mortgages, frugal living, and lifestyle.

Pays: Based on assignment
Contact: CEO Andrew Schrage

53. MotorHome Magazine

Load up the RV and hit the road. Motor Home magazine publishes travel articles, profiles, do-it-yourself repair tips, and trip planning for motorhome owners. “The easiest way to sell your work to MotorHome is to query us on an interesting and tightly focused motorhome story,” says Editor Eileen Hubbard.

Pays: $50 to $900
Contact: Editor Eileen Hubbard

54. Nevada Magazine

This is the state tourism magazine for Nevada. Publishes stories about the people, places, food, vacation destinations, and history of The Silver State.

Pays: $100 to $200
Contact: Editor Meg Mueller

55. Nutri Inspector

Cindy Wilson launched the Nutri Inspector blog in 2015 to set the record straight about food, nutrition, weight loss and dieting. Pitch well-researched guest post ideas about food and health topics for consumers. How-to guides pay the most.

Pays: $60 to $180
Contact: Editor Cindy Wilson

56. Open Road Journey

Get paid to write about your own motorcycle and travel adventures. Or pitch a story idea about must-see trips and destinations. Must have photos to go with query.

Pay: Based on assignment.

57. Partially Examined Life

Accepts essays, reported stories, and book reviews about philosophy. A multi-media resource to go with your query puts you at the top of the pile.

Pays: $60
Contact: Executive Editor Wes Alwan

58. Paste

This pop culture magazine wants pitches about up-and-coming artists, personal essays, and reported stories on trends in entertainment, social issues, and reviews on new releases in any genre. Pitch a list post to break in, and check the media kit for more information.

Pays: $50 and up
Contact: Check masthead info for department editors

59. Photodoto

Even though the phrase “Kodak moment” is still around, digital photography has transformed this art form. Pitch story ideas about cameras, equipment, photography and lighting techniques, and the digital work that happens after a photo shoot.

Pays: Based on assignment
Contact: Chief Editor Nancy Young

60. Polygon

This niche site publishes reported stories, opinion pieces and reviews about the gaming industry. See “What we’re looking for” and “How to pitch,” for more info.

Pays: $0.25/per word
Contact: Check the guidelines linked above for department editors

61. Popular Woodworking

Best way to break in: Pitch a first-person essay about woodworking for “End Grain” or “Tricks of the Trade.” Also publishes project tutorials and features with photos.

Pays: $50 and up
Contact: Editor Mike Wallace

62. Porthole Cruise magazine

Did you know an estimated 20 million people a year board a cruise liner for a little R&R? They’re the audience for Porthole Cruise magazine. If you want to land an assignment with this pub, here’s what you need to know. “Look for an unusual angle,” says Editor Bill Panhoff.

“Almost every story, destination, or ship you pitch has been pitched before. Usually more than once. Look for the unique aspect of where you are going and make that your story.”

Pays: Based on assignment
Contact: Editor Bill Panhoff

63. PSD Fan

Know how to create a clipping mask, design a composite, create shortcuts, or have tips for designing graphics in Adobe PhotoShop? Pitch a tutorial to show people how it’s done. Here’s an example: Create a Dark Knight Hunter Scene with PhotoShop.

Pays: Based on assignment

64. Rank Pay

Rank Pay features articles about digital marketing, SEO, and social media strategy.

Pays: $50
Contact: Sam Warren

65. Rapid Media magazines

This travel-and-adventure media company publishes four magazines: Canoeroots, Rapid, Adventure Kayak and Kayak Angler, each with a unique audience.

Pays: $0.20/per word
Contact: Managing Editor Kaydi Payette

66. Road and Travel

Commute to work. Drive the kids to school. Take a road trip. This is a consumer-oriented magazine to help readers be better vehicle owners. Pitch stories ideas about buying and maintaining vehicles, safe driving habits, and travel tips.

Pays: $100 and up
Contact: Editor Courtney Caldwell

67. SemaphoreCI

Can you write about the software development process? Short tutorials and in-depth guides are your best option for landing an assignment. The Semaphore CI founders (Marko Anastasov and Darko Fabijan) launched this site after the success of their first software development company, Rendered Text.

Pays: $100 to $300
Contact: Dunja Radulov

68. SHFT Blog

This is a niche blog for preppers and survivalists. Pitch how-to stories about firearms, survival skills, and gear.

Pays: $50 and up
Contact: Editor Joel Forge

69. Sierra

This is the magazine for Sierra Club members. Pitch story ideas about outdoor adventure, environmental issues, and people on a mission to “explore, enjoy, and protect the planet.”

Pays: $1/per word and up
Contact: Editor Kristi Rummel

70. Skilled Survival

Publishes how-to articles, list posts, and features on survival and emergency preparedness topics such as food storage, water purification, camping, gear, and more.

Pays: Based on assignment
Contact: “Just in Case” Jack

71. Smarter Travel

Publishes tips about vacation planning, booking reservations, tech tips, best places to visit, and more.

Pays: $100 to $500
Contact: Associate Editor Shannon McMahon

72. Source

What’s it take to keep a newsroom running in today’s 24/7 multi-media driven environment? That’s the question that drives the editorial content for The Source.

Pays: $200 to $500
Contact: Assistant Editor Lindsay Muscato

73. Sport Fishing magazine

Want to reel in an assignment for Sport Fishing magazine? Pitch a story idea about saltwater fishing in the U.S. with a fresh angle about where to go, how-to, gear, and environmental issues.

Pays: $75 to $300
Contact: Editor Doug Olander

74. Teaching Tolerance

What’s it take to be a teacher who can make a difference? Teach your kids not to hate. That’s the foundation of this niche pub for educators, which is a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Publishes features, profiles, essays, and curriculum guides.

Pays: $1/per word
Contact: Senior Editor Monita Bell

75. Technopedia

If you know how to speak “computer geek” and translate that into plain English, pitch a story idea to Technopedia. It’s an online resource for IT professionals that covers current trends, best practices, and software development.

Pays: Based on assignment
Contact: Senior Editor Tara Struyk

76. Today I Found Out

Learn something new? Like facts and research? There’s almost no topic off limits here, as long as it helps other people. Recent stories take a deep dive into topics like the time Coca-Cola released a new soda just to spite Pepsi, or the truth about using hamster power to keep the lights on at home.

Pays: Based on assignment
Contact: Editor Daven Hisky

77. Transitions Abroad

If you’re planning to work, study, or volunteer abroad, what can you expect? And what do you need to know to prepare? Pitch story ideas, along with sidebar details, photos/videos, and expert sources.

Pays: Based on assignment
Contact: See guidelines for editors

78. Travel Writer’s Life

Make money while traveling. It takes hustle, creativity, and often an Internet connection. And if you know how to do it (writing, photography, tour guide, etc.), or know someone who does, pitch a story idea for Travel Writer’s Life.

Pays: $50 to $200
Contact: Editor Lori Allen

79. Tutorial Board

Tutorial Board readers are tech-savvy people who want how-to instructions and downloadable files to master software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Autodesk Maya, and other design software. Want to know how to break the ice? Mention your Word Cookies score in your pitch (see “Related Pages” below the guidelines).

Pays: Up to $150
Founder: Olson Mino

80. TutorialsPoint

Can you explain tech-topics in an easy-to-follow how-to format? Read the guidelines and pitch an idea for a tutorial. Check out the tutorials library for examples. Check the “What Are We Looking For?” list for tutorial topics.

Pays: $250 to $500
Contact: Senior Editor Om Sharma

81. Two Plus Two

Want the inside scoop on poker and gambling? That’s what you’ll find in this niche magazine. Pitch how-to-win at poker strategies, personality profiles, and statistical tricks to come up Aces and win an assignment.

Pays: $200
Contact: Editor Bryan Clark

82. Unemploymentville

“You’re fired.” “We’re downsizing.” Or you can’t have a regular job because of a disability or personal reasons. This site was created to help people navigate the system, learn to work from home, and share stories of success from unemployed to thriving. The best way to break in? Pitch a guest post about earning a living without a traditional day job, with steps others can replicate.

Pays: $40 to $75
Contact: Founder Anne Emerick

83. UX Booth

A bad user experience? You know it when you see it, trying to use software. But it doesn’t have to be that way. UX Booth publishes case studies, how-to guides, news, and information about design and development to help improve the user experience.

Pays: $100
Contact: Editor Amy Grave Wells

84. Wanderful

Wanderful is looking for tips and pieces on global issues, traveling as a trans or queer woman, travel issues impacting women of color, and other ideas that may interest their audience — women who love venturing around the globe.

Pays: $50
Contact: Kaitlyn Kirkaldy

85. War Cry

The War Cry is published by The Salvation Army, and it’s been around for more than 130 years. Publishes articles on the people, trends, and issues related to Christianity and Salvation Army work. Check editorial calendar for upcoming content needs.

Pays: $0.35/per word
Contact: Incoming Editor-in-Chief

86. Web Designer Depot

Got insider info or how-to tips for web designers? This is a resource to help others master web-design software skills and apps.

Pays: Based on assignment
Contact: Senior Editor Ben Moss

87. Web Loggerz

Webloggerz is a resource to help people use WordPress and other online tools. Pitch story ideas about web design, copywriting, screencasts, and infographics. Here’s an example: 12 Important Settings After Installing WordPress.

Pays: Up to $100
Contact: Founder Anush Gupta

88. West Jet Magazine

This is a Canadian in-flight magazine that features stories, travel tips, and off-the-beaten path treasures in Canada, the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Europe.

Pays: Based on assignment
Contact: Managing Editor Diane Bolt

89. Western Art & Architecture

The cowboy way of life may be fading, but interest in Western art and architecture is thriving. And it’s what this mag is all about. Pitch story ideas about events, auctions and showcases, interior design, architecture, and artists, and people in the business of buying and selling this type of art.

Pays: $400 to $600
Contact: Managing Editor Corinne Gaffner Garcia

90. Wide Open Country

Want to write about country music? Wide Open Country features stories about up-and-coming artists, songwriting, and life on the concert tour circuit.

Pays: Based on assignment
Contact: Editor Matt Alpert

91. Wine Frog

Know a lot about wine, or have the journalism skills to interview a wine expert? Pitch a story idea about the wine industry, tech, and current trends to Wine Frog.

Pays: Based on assignment
Contact: Editor C.J. Leger

92. Wooden Boat

Forget aluminum and inflatable boats, this niche magazine exclusively features news, stories, tips, and how-to articles about building, owning and enjoying wooden boats.

Pays: $250 to $300
Contact: Editor Matt Murphy

93. WOW! Women on Writing

Know a few things about freelance writing, publishing a book, working with literary agents, or building an audience? Pitch a story idea for this female-focused readership of writers.

Pays: $50 to $150
Contact: editors@wow-womenonwriting.com

94. WP Hub

Did you know an estimated 75 million websites are currently designed with WordPress? There’s an entire industry of software developers and designers that use this platform. And it’s what WP Hub is all about. Pitch story ideas about theme design, app development, and integration.

Pays: $100 to $200
Contact: support@wphub.com

95. WritersWeekly

This is a publication for freelance writers and authors. Features how-to articles, profiles, book reviews, marketing techniques, and success stories about writers.

Pays: $40 to $60
Contact: Editor Brian Whiddon

96. Yoga International

Publishes articles on yoga technique, instruction and lifestyle to promote health and happiness.

Pays: $50 to $200
Contact: freelance@yogainternational.com

97. Youth Today

“Youth Today covers just about any issue involving youth and the adults who work on their behalf, ” says Editor John Fleming. “From direct-care services, health and juvenile justice to government policies and legislation, funding for youth programs and youth development.” Break in by pitching “Stories We Like” and “Stories That Make Us Smile” listed in the guidelines.

Pays: $150 and up
Contact: Editor John Fleming

98. Zafigo

Zafigo was created to be a resource for people who travel and vacation in Asia. Pitch how-to story ideas and tips for traveling in Asia, or a first person essay for Travel Tales.

Pays: Based on assignment
Contact: Editor Vivian Chong

99. Zift

As a parent, how do you navigate the digital landscape to keep your child safe? Pitch guest post ideas, along with lists, infographics, and visual media.

Pays: $100
Contact: Kristin Maclaughlin

Win more freelance writing jobs

Before you pitch any of these 99 markets for freelance writing jobs, or any others, there’s a few things you should do:

  • Study the writers guidelines (linked in the title of each entry above)
  • Read back issues and blog posts
  • Get to know the target audience
  • Brainstorm story ideas
  • Find a fresh angle, primary sources, and valid research.
  • Then take the time to write a well-crafted query letter before you hit the “send” button.

The more you practice pitching this way, the more freelance writing jobs you’ll win.

P.S. Want to write a guest post for Make a Living Writing, about the business and craft of freelancing? Check out our guidelines here.

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Evan Jensen is the blog editor for Make a Living Writing. When he’s not on a writing deadline, or catching up on emails, he’s training to run another 100-mile ultramarathon

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