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5 Ways Introverted Freelance Writers Can Do Painless Marketing

Carol Tice

Shy freelance writer peers around computerBy Nillu Nasser Stelter

If you’re anything like me, one of the reasons you are a freelance writer is that you enjoy solitude.

Whether you write best in a hideaway or in a crowded cafe, you’re comfortable inside your own head.

But good writing skills and original ideas aren’t enough to make you a success in this business. You need kick-ass marketing skills, too. If you’re an introvert, you may find marketing doesn’t come easily.

You still need to do it, though.

Here’s how you can market yourself painlessly if you’re an introverted freelance writer.

1. Use social media that suits you

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn … the sheer number of social media options out there is daunting.

To do social media well, you need to update your content regularly, so why not play to your strengths?

If you’re a succinct communicator, you may take well to Twitter.

Happy to share personal information? Then Facebook may be a good fit for you.

Or if you prefer connecting in a professional capacity, try LinkedIn.

Do what comes naturally and don’t spread yourself too thin.

2. Try one-on-one, in-person queries

If you’re an introvert, you may balk at going to networking meetings. If too much interaction with strangers drains your energy, there are equally effective alternatives.

Build confidence by arranging one-on-one meetings with prospective clients where you can impress with your research and attentiveness. You may even win extra brownie points for taking the initiative.

3. Make your business cards a talking point

If you must attend a large meeting, make life easier by bringing business cards that are a cut above.

Show off your creativity by opting for handcrafted cards over standardized ones. Create a talking point by including a generous offer for first-time clients – a free consultation, perhaps – or using a memorable logo.

Stand out from the crowd on your own terms.

4. Let your website do the talking

For the introverts out there, a strong writer website can do the hard work for you in presenting your brand to the world.

On your landing page, tell prospective clients about what you offer them. Write an engaging bio, add a picture of yourself, include your contact details – you are good to go.

Hundreds of repetitive conversations saved, and you can breathe easy.

5. Choose to listen

It’s a competitive market out there, but who said we have to compete on the same terms? Allow your personality to work for you and turn your pitch upside down.

Instead of focusing on what you can offer your client, tease out their concerns with insightful questions. Then, impress them with your ability to recognize the subtle nuances of their business. Close by wowing them with your perfectly tailored solutions.

Regardless of your personality type, in a world where many are shouting “look at me,” the quiet ways you market yourself may be the most effective.

How do you play to your strengths when marketing? Tell us in the comments below.

Nillu Nasser Stelter is a fiction and freelance writer living in London, UK. She identifies as an ambivert and is married to an introvert. Learn more about Nillu at NilluNasserStelter.com.

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