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Make Money Writing: 14 Business and Entrepreneur Sites That Pay $50-$2,000

Evan Jensen

Make Money Writing for Business & Entrepreneur Sites. Makealivingwriting.com.Want to make money writing about business and entrepreneurship?

It’s a hot niche where you’ll find industry moguls, start-ups, and innovators hustling to make their mark, generate revenue, and build a brand. (And that’s a good thing if you’re a freelance writer.)

Right now, Amazon-style success is what a lot of businesses and entrepreneurs are trying to replicate in their own niche.

From the solopreneur to corporate CEO, they’re interested in the day-to-day stuff about how to run a business more efficiently, manage people, improve product development and customer service, and establish a business model that will be profitable for the long term.

If you want to make money writing about business and entrepreneurship, there’s no shortage of sites that will pay you to write about it. Here are 14 sites that pay writers $50 to $500 per assignment, and cover a wide range of topics in this niche.

If you want to make money writing for one of these sites, study the guidelines, get familiar with the site and its target audience, and start pitching:

1. Entrepreneurship Life

Robert Farrington knows what it’s like to work a retail job, deal with in-your-face customer service issues, make minimum wage, and wish things were different. So he hustled to make it happen, achieved some success and launched Entrepreneurship Life (and several other businesses) to help other people.

Want to write about your own entrepreneur journey or report on business, branding and entrepreneurship? Pitch your story idea to Robert Farrington. Pay based on assignment.

2. 99 Designs

Every start-up obsesses over logo design and branding. And at some point, almost every established company will plan a complete redesign of its logo, website, messaging, or all of the above. 99 Designs founders Mark Harbottle and Matt Mickiewicz launched the company in 2008, and now it’s a hub for designers and entrepreneurs.

Want to write for 99 Designs? Tips, advice, and how-to design topics are the staple of this site’s content. But 99 Designs also covers the business of freelancing, entrepreneurship, and crowdsourcing. Pitch ideas to Brand Content Manager Antonia Zimmerlich. Pay based on assignment.

3. Work Online Blog

Freelance writing isn’t the only way to make money online. That’s what Dhireshan (Dee) Gadiagellan discovered when he left his day job as a robotics and automation engineer.

After a lot of trial and error, he launched The Work at Home Blog to help other people by providing content, training, and resources to build an online business.

Have an idea for a work-at-home article? Follow the guidelines to pitch your idea. Pays $50 per assignment.

4. iWorkwell

It didn’t take long for Harvard grad Robert Padulo to realize that a lot of companies struggle with hiring and keeping great people. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The iWorkwell blog provides readers with content about how to do just that, along with many other topics related to human resources essential to running a successful organization.

If you’re not a subject matter expert on all things HR-related, you can still write for iWorkwell by interviewing someone who is and pitching an idea. Pays up to $250 per assignment.

5. Income Diary

In today’s Internet-driven environment, business owners need to know how to leverage technology to be successful. And that’s what Income Diary founder Michael Dunlop aims to help business owners with at the Income Diary.

“We write about creating awesome websites, driving traffic, social media or making money online,” says Dunlop.

Follow the guidelines to pitch a story idea. Pays up to $200 per assignment.

6. Starting Business

This business consulting practice aims to help start-ups and established businesses with all the planning, legal requirements, strategy, accounting, recruiting and investing associated with building and growing a business. Pitch an idea for the Starting Business Library. Pay based on assignment.

7. Coaches Training Blog

If you want to add coaching to your business or turn your industry knowledge into a coaching program or service, where do you start? That’s what Coaches Training Blog founder Jeffrey Sooey teaches people via his blog, videos, courses and training.

Have an idea for a blog post or video about coaching? Follow the guidelines to submit your idea. Pay based on assignment.

8. HomeBiz Junction

As a freelance writer, you probably already know there’s a lot more to freelancing than just writing. Marketing, web design, email automation, customer service, networking, lead nurturing, taxes and accounting, etc.

Those are topics you can write about for HomeBiz Junction, but the site covers more than just the technical side of running a home-based business.

“We also do our best to uplift entrepreneurs to give everything and grasp success for themselves,” says HomeBiz Junction founder Cathy Bryant. “We know that the startup world is a difficult one, so we’re here to make things easier.”

Have a story idea about running a home-based business? Study the website and guidelines. Then pitch cathy@homebizjunction.com. Pay based on assignment.

9. Copyhackers

Drill down to the basics of running a successful business, and one common element will emerge that’s critical to build a brand, create a following, make sales, convert subscribers into paying customers, establish authority…copywriting.

“We’re here to teach you how to write copy you’ll be proud,” says Joanna Wiebe, who co-founded Copyhackers with Lance Jones. “It [copywriting] reflects your brand and vision, and it moves units. Or gets sign ups. Or whatever conversion looks like for you.”

Study the guidelines. Seriously. You’ll see Copyhacker covers classic topics related to copywriting and branding. But the site also accepts guest posts about running a business, user interface design, A/B testing, and digital marketing strategies.

Pitch your idea to joanna@copyhackers.com. Pays $325 per assignment.

10. LiisBeth

Can you carve out a niche that’s even more specific than entrepreneurship? That’s what the online magazine LiisBeth has done.

“We look for journalistic, edgy, positive, well-informed articles that offer readers’ a feminist’s perspective on entrepreneurship and innovation happenings, including policy and politics,” says LiisBeth Managing Editor Margaret Webb.

If you want to write for LiisBeth, here what you should do. Study the guidelines. Read past articles and content on the site. Digest the About page and the LiisBeth Manifesto.

Once you know the voice and target audience of LiisBeth, pitch an idea to Margaret Webb. Pays $100 to $2,000 per assignment.

11. GetAbstract

When Rolf Dobelli, Patrick Brigger, and Thomas Bergen were trying to climb the corporate ladder, reading books by gurus about business, mindset, and success strategies seemed liked a good idea.

But if you’re ultra busy, how much time do you actually have to read a book. That’s what sparked the idea to launch GetAbstract.

It’s a site that summarizes books into bite-sized chunks into a specific format to help someone get all the essential details in a fraction of the time. And they use freelance writers to do it.

To land an assignment, you have to apply first. Once accepted, GetAbstract pays up to $300 per book review.

12. Freelance Mom

Lisa Stern runs the Freelance Mom website designed to help moms build a freelance business to make money from home.

Blog posts include a mix of personal experience and how-to guides to teach moms how to run a freelance business. Plus, every post includes a 20 to 30-minute action plan to help moms take the next step, instead of the classic, “I’ll do it tomorrow,” (which really means never) response.

If you want to write for The Freelance Mom, study the guidelines and send a pitch to lisa@freelancemom.com. Pays $75 to $100 per assignment, plus potential $150 bonus for traffic.

13. Technical.ly

You’ll need to know the intersection of business and technology in Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Delaware, Baltimore and Washington, D.C, to write for Technical.ly.

This niche business site features content about start-ups, data analytics, Internet activism, and new ways to leverage social media, among other topics. Recent stories covered eSports teams based in Philadelpia, Yelp’s influence on Baltimore’s restaurant industry, the most popular programming languages for 2018, and more.

Want to write for Technical.ly? Study the site and guidelines. Then pitch your idea to Editor-in-Chief Zack Seward. Pay based on assignment.

14. Smart Business Trends

What’s the best…? Fill in the blank (WordPress theme, hosting service, content management system, email automation software, employee review process, etc).

Entrepreneurs and business owners ask those kind of questions all the time. And Smart Business Trends has positioned itself as the resource to provide thoughtful answers.

Want to write for Smart Business Trends? Study the site content, and pitch your idea. Pays $100 to $200 per assignment.

Hustle to make money writing

If you want to make money writing about business and entrepreneurship, start hustling. This is a short list of just a few sites that pay for articles, blog posts, and content in this niche. But there are many more sites, magazines, and businesses that need your help, too. Start pitching. Get some clients. Make money writing.

What business and entrepreneur sites do you recommend? Share on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Evan Jensen is the blog editor for Make a Living Writing. When he’s not on a writing deadline, or catching up on emails, he’s training to run another 100-mile race.

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