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How to Create World Peace With Your Blog

Carol Tice

Rainbow pinwheelDo you know what the best thing is about blogging?

It’s that the Internet is a world without borders.

Here, as a blog owner, I can create the sort of world I want.

I don’t have to follow old rules. Our countries might be enemies, at war even. Our religions might be different.

But here in this safe space I’ve created for writers to learn, we can all come together.

We can respect each other and learn from each other.

Of course, this freedom the Internet gives us can be used for good or ill. I recently found this out when a writer friend of mine was discriminated against by another blogger because he’s gay.

I know.

But seriously, it happened. In 2012.

This made me reflect on what I love most about my blog — that it brings writers together.

Writers who’re just starting out, and writers with tons of experience.

Many Islamic women, I’ve discovered, read this Jewish writer’s website.

They trust me to help them improve their writing income. I’ve seen Muslim writers’ groups that have this site in their blogroll.

I consider that one of my proudest achievements. And I have three kids, you know.

Writers from all over the world read this site, and write for it, too.

Writers who live in Pakistan and Nigeria.

On my site, people who might never meet in person otherwise, can meet and become friends.

I want to take a minute today to say: That’s amazing. What a great time to be alive!

As long as you’re respectful in your comments and engage in the topic at hand, you can stay.

And we can help each other learn how to better feed our families with our craft.

I think what’s happening here on my blog is flat-out beautiful.

Maybe if enough blogs have a goal of promoting peace and love along with their stated mission, instead of hate and bigotry, that peace could spread outside this virtual realm and change things in the real world.

It could happen – look at the role tweets played in Arab Spring.


That’s my dream for every writer who reads this blog, all over the world.

We all need it. It fosters creativity.

Peace, as they say, begins at home. This is my online home.

I will strive to be a force for peace by being open to all and treating people equally, and with respect.

That’s my radical plan to increase peace on Earth, with my blog.

My nondiscrimination policy

I’ve always had an attitude of nondiscrimination toward who I publish as a guest poster on this blog.

But what happened to my friend made me see it’s time to put it in writing.

So you can check out my nondiscrimination policy on my writers guidelines page.

I appreciate your feedback on it.

Are you spreading peace with your blog? Leave a comment and tell us how.

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