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16 Unique Jobs That Involve Writing

Jackie Pearce

While most of us know that professional writers need to write for work, a lot of people forget that there are plenty of jobs that involve writing.

If you ever have to communicate with other people or share knowledge, you most likely need to have solid writing skills to be able to do your job well.

If you have been looking for other types of careers to get into that can use your writing skills, outside of the traditional writing career options, we will be going over some great options for you to look into.

Jobs that Involve Writing

Good writing skills are essential in many professions, as clear and effective communication is key to success in a lot of careers. Whether it’s creating reports, proposals, emails, or other written materials, the ability to express ideas clearly and persuasively can be something that sets you apart at your job.

There are many unique jobs that involve writing, catering to different interests and skill sets. Some are technically still writing jobs, they might be outside of the “regular” writing jobs people imagine doing as professional writers.

Here are some examples:

1. Instructional Designers

Instructional designers help create curriculums, teaching manuals, and training materials. As you can imagine, having good writing skills will be a key component to doing that job well and knowing how to write to a particular audience.

You will often have to work hard to make sure your writing is easy to follow and understood by most people, since you will often be writing instructional (thus the name) writing.

2. Video Game Writer

Not everyone is aware that video games need writers. If you have ever played a video game that is story-based, you will know that there is often quite a bit of text that needs to be written for the story to be understood.

Video game writers work on the narrative and dialogue for video games. They create the story arcs, character dialogues, and in-game texts that immerse players in the overall story.

Video games often need instruction manuals, whether as a supplement to the game or built-in to the game itself, and having those be clear and easy-to-follow is paramount to someone enjoying the game at all.

3. UX Writer

User Experience (UX) writers focus on crafting the text that users encounter when interacting with websites, apps, and software. They ensure that the user interface is clear, concise, and user-friendly.

You will need to work often directly with the web developer or some graphic designers to make sure your writing is fitting within the framework of the designs.

You will have to focus on balancing the design of the page with making sure the text is easy to understand.

4. Personal Assistant

If you want to become a personal assistant, you are going to need top-notch communication skills, in every category. You will need to be able to communicate well verbally and through the written word.

5. Marketing and Advertising Jobs

Copywriters, content strategists, and marketing managers need to create persuasive and engaging written content for advertisements, social media, and promotional materials.

Sure, you could be a copywriter, but you might also choose a different path under the marketing umbrella.

6. Public Relations

PR professionals write press releases, pitches, and other materials to communicate a company’s messages to the public and media. As you can imagine, having great writing skills will be a top priority in this role, as you might often be dealing with people’s entire reputations and lives put on the line.

7. Customer Service

Customer support representatives often use written communication, such as emails and chat, to assist customers and resolve issues.

If you do not have great writing skills, you will often run into miscommunications and have more problems than you start with. You might also need to write scripts for other customer service agents, which can help everyone get on the same page when it comes to messaging.

8. Project Management

Project managers often create detailed project plans, reports, and documentation that require clear and concise writing.

If you do not have clear instructions and communications, projects can get delayed which will be a huge problem for companies. When projects get delayed, a lot of resources can go to waste, and this can easily happen if there are miscommunications and unclear instructions.

Lawyers and paralegals write legal briefs, contracts, and other legal documents that require precise and persuasive language.

Any type of writing that needs to be submitted to a court or into records needs to be double and triple checked for accuracy.

10. Government and Nonprofit Work

Professionals in government and nonprofit organizations write grant proposals, policy documents, and reports to secure funding and support their missions.

These types of positions, like legal work, need to make sure their writing is accurate and clear. It is not an industry where typos and mistakes can be common, since it can hurt the overall mission of the organization.

11. Script Writers

Now, most of us know about script writing when it comes to big things like TV ads or other formal scripts, but there is a huge rise in jobs like YouTube script writing and even TikTok script writing.

12. Event Planners

Event planners write proposals, invitations, and other documents to organize and promote events. It can require quite a bit of writing, especially depending on how much communication needs to happen.

13. Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents write property listings and descriptions, contracts, and communication with clients. Even if you do not choose to get into real estate, you could become a freelance writer that helps real estate agents spruce up their listings and communications.

14. Cartoon Caption Writer

Cartoon caption writers come up with witty and humorous captions for cartoons, often seen in publications like The New Yorker.

15. Content Creator

When it comes to being a content creator, there are a few paths you can go down.

First, you might choose to do content creation for companies. Social media managers write captions, posts, and other content for platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. They often need to be creative and adapt to changing trends.

Social media managers create and manage content on platforms, requiring good writing skills to engage with audiences effectively.

Alternatively, you can become a content creator as well and start to publish your own content on your own channels, which require the same types of skills but instead of writing in a brand voice, you get to write in your own voice.

16. Speechwriters

Speechwriting might be an obvious career path to some people, but a lot of people forget that it is an option. Most of the politicians, celebrities, and other people who give speeches often are not writing that on their own, they usually have a team of speechwriters on hand to help them put their thoughts together.

Speechwriters are responsible for conveying the speaker’s message effectively and persuasively.

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