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Start Pitching: 15 Human Resources Magazines That Pay $$$

Arnita Williams

Looking for freelance work in the people niche? There’s a healthy supply of human resources magazines out there you can pitch.

Since the Great Resignation, people have been updating their resumes, upgrading their skills, and changing careers. 

Due to this shift, human resource (HR) departments have been scrambling to fill a vast number of vacancies across the globe. They’re…

  • Posting on job boards
  • Advertising via social media
  • Tapping into their email lists
  • Navigating mergers and acquisitions
  • Trying to recruit top talent

The Great Resignation and these changes in the workforce are a growing trend covered in human resources magazines.

In the HR niche, there are hiring managers, employment agencies, corporations, and career-seeking individuals, all trying to figure out how things are changing.

And if you’re a freelancer who can navigate the intersection between business and people, writing for human resources magazines can be a great place to land assignments.

Human resources magazines cover topics like:

  • Hiring trends
  • Hot career tracks
  • Salaries
  • Corporate culture
  • The debate over remote work, onsite work, and hybrid models
  • Hot-button issues in the workplace
  • Employee benefits
  • Leadership
  • Employee wellness
  • And much more…

If you’re a freelance writer who enjoys keeping up with HR trends, or if HR is your niche, here’s a list of 15 human resources magazines to pitch.

4 tips to write for human resources magazines

If you want to write for human resources magazines (or any magazine really), you need to write a great query letter with a solid story idea.

Here are a few more tips to help you come up with story ideas to pitch an editor:

1. Know what’s trending. You can’t miss the arguments surrounding current human resource issues. Just turn on the TV or hop on social media. All you hear and read about are labor shortages, businesses closing, the mass exodus of workers quitting their jobs, the start of labor unions, and workers refusing to return to the office. 

2. Do your research. Grab a copy or even a couple of issues of the magazine. Find out if your story idea is one that will be relevant, timely, and a good fit for the publication. 

3. Read and follow: Submission guidelines.

4. Be prepared with a portfolio or samples, if Requested. If you are without HR writing samples, there’s enough information in the media to write a brief commentary on various HR issues. You could…

  • Post your commentary online, on your blog or website 
  • Continue to build your portfolio within this niche, in case an editor requests writing samples. 
  • If you don’t any HR writing samples, provide the best and most relevant ones you have.

Tip: Before you pitch, even if the submission guidelines provide a general email address, it’s always good practice to research the name of the editor and address the individual by name in your query letter.

Ready to check out this list of 15 human resources magazines?

1. The Global Recruiter Magazine

The Global Recruiter magazine is a global publication headquartered in the United Kingdom, which addresses due-diligence practices in recruitment.

Topics covered in the publication:

  • Compliance
  • Standards
  • Requirements
  • Policies
  • Rules
  • Transparency
  • Regulations
  • Laws in recruitment

Tip: For paid submissions “email an outline of your suggestion to simon@theglobalrecruiter.com stating ‘possible feature’ in the email heading.”

Contact: Editor – Simon Kent 

Rate: Based on assignment

2. HR Aspects Magazine

This online publication targets HR directors and managers, and posts industry insights, best practices, and expert opinions from leaders in the field.

HR Aspects publishes articles monthly on: 

  • Human resource strategy
  • Development 
  • Leadership 
  • Recruitment
  • Legislation
  • Issues on staff well-being
  • Staff engagement
  • Employee productivity and improvement

Contact: Executive Editor: David Lomas
Rate: Based on assignment

3. HR Future Magazine

HR Future, digitally published monthly with articles, advice, opinions, and best HR practices from global HR thought leaders, and subject matter experts.

Submission Guidelines – The magazine always seeks good quality content, informative articles

Tip: Check out “Our Events“ to get a heads-up on future events to spark article ideas.

Contact: Editor – Alan Hosking

Rate: Based on assignment

4. HR Magazine

Quarterly print and digital publication seeks “in-depth articles on current trends in HR and the workplace, feature articles, and industry news.”

Accepts submissions for:

  • News Articles
  • Long-form feature articles

Tip: If you’re pitching a long-form feature article, it is “typically 2,000+ words in length.” Include “at least one sidebar, table, infographic, video and/or audio segment.”

It’s also important to note for long-form feature articles, the tone should be such to “explain to readers what they need to know and why it’s important to their job-all while telling an engaging story, “according to the writers’ guidelines.

Contact: Managing Editor: Dori Meinert

Rate: Based on assignment. Also pays expenses for writers on assignments.

5. HR Network Scotland Magazine 

HR Network Scotland Magazine published bi-monthly for HR professionals and associates, employees, and employers in Scotland. In addition to articles, the magazine provides HR information via webinars, events, news, and videos.

The magazine covers:

  • Professional development
  • News
  • HR stats
  • Special features
  • Insights
  • Upcoming HR events
  • Employment laws for Scotland

Tip: The magazine lists upcoming events on page 46 of the March 2022 issue, which should give you inspiration on article ideas to pitch.

Contact: Editor-at-large: Neil Archibald

Rate: Based on assignment

6. HR News Magazine

HR News publishes monthly articles that are “easy-to-read, timely and relevant” for its International Public Management Association for Human Resources members. The information must be newsworthy, “practical information for the public sector.”

The publication covers:

  • Workplace matters
  • Program development
  • How-to’s
  • Lessons learned
  • Stories of inspiration

Tip: Writer’s Guidelines state: “Send your article idea to publications@ipma-hr.org“:

  • The subject line should read:HR News Magazine article for consideration.”
  • In the body of your email, “include 2-3 sentences outlining the article you want to contribute, and your contact information, including your position title and email address.”

Also, check out the editorial calendar for upcoming topics for article ideas.

Contact: Editor –  Ed Lamb

Rate: Based on assignment. Typical article length is 750 and 1,500 words.

7. HR Professionals Magazine

HR Professionals is an online publication, which addresses relevant and timely personnel issues. The upcoming issue will “feature updates on new employment legislation, employee benefits, and the latest on HR management and the pandemic.”

Published monthly, the pub covers:

  • Labor and employment laws
  • Talent management
  • Workplace relationships
  • Employee benefits
  • Training and development
  • Trending human resource industry news

Contact: Editor: Cynthia Y. Thompson

Rate: Based on assignment

8. HR Zone

An online publication for HR professionals and business leaders. HR Zone offers guidance, advice, and opinions

Topics covered include:

  • HR tech
  • Recruiting
  • Talent management
  • Well-being

Submission GuidelinesHow do I pitch an article idea to you?

Tip: Read the style guide and common reasons for rejection.

Contact: Editor – Becky Norman

Rate: Based on assignment. Typical article length is 800 and 1,200 words.

9. Harvard Business Review / Magazine

The Harvard Business Review targets a universal audience. Published six times a year, you can find articles on business and corporate management, as well as content on general business issues for the career professional.

Tip: Submission Guidelines – Note the five qualities the magazine looks for when deciding what to publish:

  • Expertise
  • Evidence
  • Originality
  • Usefulness
  • Persuasiveness

Contact: Editor – Amy Bernstein

Rate: Based on assignment. Typical article length is about 800 words.

10. Human Resource Executive Magazine

A digital magazine published nine times annually, which covers all facets of human resources in management, including:

  • Training and development
  • Profiles of HR visionaries and innovators
  • Benefits
  • Healthcare
  • Talent management
  • Employment law
  • Features and news

Tip: Check out the writers’ guidelines and the editorial calendar for a heads-up on upcoming events for article ideas.

Contact: Editor: Elizabeth Clarke 

Rate: Pays $200 to $1,000 based on assignment. Also pays expenses for writers on assignment.

11. Recruiter Magazine

A British online, digital publication, which posts articles on HR topics from trends to news, and current issues in-between, including features, interactions, and opinion pieces.

The Recruiter also covers interesting topics on:

  • Who’s Who – Movers and shakers in the HR world
  • Tech and Tools – The latest gadgets to increase productivity and efficiency
  • Viewpoints – Advice from HR experts and professionals

Tip: Submit articles on-spec via email.

Contact: Editor – DeeDee Doke

Rate: Based on assignment

12. People Management 

All aspects of human resources are covered in this bi-weekly magazine, which addresses management, and personnel training and development.

Tip: The magazine has two vacancies on its team: Deputy Editor and Staff Writer. Also, check out upcoming events and conferences for assorted topics to cover.

Tip: Submission Guidelines

Contact: Although Eleanor Whitehouse is the editor, for “Work.” magazine queries, please email Jenny Roper.

Rate: Based on assignment

13. People Matters

An HR digital and print magazine, published monthly, with a global reach, including tech, culture, leadership, talent worldwide, innovation, and the future or work.

Tip: Submission Guidelines – according to Guidelines for Contributors – “If you can write, have an original research paper, a new perspective or views about current events in the HR industry, we would love to collaborate with you.”

Contact: Mastufa Ahmed 

Rate: Based on assignment

14. PeopleTalk Magazine 

Published quarterly in both print and online, it focuses on HR in Canada.

Articles cover:

  • HR news
  • Events, 
  • Education
  • Professional development

Tip: Check out the calendar for upcoming events for topic ideas, and the writers’ guidelines

Contact: Editor: Ian Esplen

Rate: Based on assignment. Print articles are 1,000 to 1,300 words. Online articles are 600+ words. 

15. Workforce Magazine

Publishes online content on HR software programs that automate scheduling, time and attendance, labor compliance, and employee engagement. Writers’ Guidelines

Contact: Executive Editor –  Carroll Lachnit or Editor – John Hollon

Rate: Based on assignment

How to break into writing for human resources magazines

If pitching and authoring articles on human resources is foreign to you, you can get a head start within your community. Most everyone has been affected by the employment issue. So, you can:

  • Interview neighbors, friends, and family members to find out their employment status, issues, and challenges.
  • Contact managers at fast-food restaurants to find out how they are attracting and retaining employees.
  • Locate human resource managers at local staffing agencies to find out how they are fairing in acquiring workers for their corporate clients, are they scheduling interviews and ghosted by “no-show” interviewees?

Beyond your community, you can explore career niches and trade associations in medical, the arts, communications, business, and other career fields to capture various angles on which to write. 

The human resource field is broad. Although there’s a shortage of workers, in contrast, there is an overwhelming amount of information to produce content within the HR niche.

Do you write for human resources magazines? Tell us about it in the comments.

Arnita Williams is a freelance business writer and consultant based in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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