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Are These 2 Obstacles Keeping You From Freelance Writing Success?

Carol Tice

I’ve been helping freelance writers earn more for several years now. Today, I want to share what I’ve learned along the way about what freelance writers need to ramp up their income.

Here’s the curious thing: Some writers take the tips on this blog and go out and use the information to find awesome, great-paying clients.

A year later, they email me and their income has skyrocketed. In my mentoring program, one writer is earning more than twice what she was before she joined. Another went from worried he would starve to earning six figures.

Often, though, writers get advice and not much happens. They don’t seem able to take that leap and start earning.

What makes the difference?

My observation is there are two big problems that keep freelance writers from growing their income:

Lack of accountability

The thing about freelance writing is there’s no one standing over your shoulder making you send query letters or call clients or write that article that’s due tomorrow. You’re only accountable to yourself, and for many writers that means there’s no follow-through.

That’s why in my mentoring program, we set up ongoing monthly goals and check in to hear how everybody is doing and what their goals are for the coming month. I find successful writers create some kind of accountability system for themselves, even if it’s just checking in with one writer friend to report on their progress.

Lack of support

Belonging to a group of writers who offer encouragement helps many writers build their self-confidence and put themselves out there. The best success stories I’ve heard, the writer usually had ongoing help and a group where writers shared their journey.

A one-time hit of learning often isn’t enough for writers to start executing on what they’ve learned — to get out there and start earning more. As one new freelancer wrote to me, “Without cheerleaders, this isn’t going to fly.”

If this sounds like you, I can tell you, you’re not alone.

My solution:

The Freelance Writer’s Blast-Off!

Affordable Group Coaching

Recently, I put my head together with Linda Formichelli of The Renegade Writer to look at how we might help freelance writers overcome these obstacles.

We’ve come up with a new, six week group-coaching course we’re presenting together: The Freelance Writer’s Blast-Off.

In a nutshell, it offers twice the coaching time at half the price compared with my one-on-one coaching. Each class is limited to just 12 participants.

Besides over six hours of call time with Linda and me, Blast-Off participants receive a workbook, email support from Linda and me, and two months of free membership in my upcoming community (more details on that next week). In other words, it provides ongoing accountability and support for growing your writing business.