Freelance Writers — What Are You Grateful For?

Carol Tice

A grateful writer rejoices at sunsetI feel like I’ve been pretty hard on you lately, writers.

I’ve been busting your excuses for procrastinating on your freelance writing work, and told you to stop overthinking your marketing and just get out there. Also to get over your obsession with whether you’re doing it right and simply take action.

But today, I’m not here to shake you out of your complacency or motivate you to get anything done.

It is a holiday weekend, after all (at least here in the U.S.).

It’s a time to think about all we freelance writers have to be thankful for.

Each writer faces challenges in life, and has to overcome obstacles to get the writing done.

Some of us are ill, or caring for ill loved ones. Or trying to also raise young children.

We’ve got a ton of excuses for giving up. We’re still in school, or working a day job. We’re old, young, underslept, distracted, codependent, undermedicated, fresh out of chocolate.

Today, I salute you for finding the courage and the time and dedication to write, in spite of it all.

My gratitude list

I want your gratitude list in my comments — so I’ll kick it off.

I’m grateful to live in a beautiful and safe part of the world, with access to incredible, healthy food. I’m lucky that both my parents are still alive, and that I can (and do) still ask their advice.

And grateful simply for every time I open my eyes and have a chance to live one more day.

Happy to be healthy and able to walk, bike, swim, dance, and otherwise move my body any chance I get. Glad all three of my kids are healthy and maturing, and that one survived and recovered from a big health crisis about a year ago.

Grateful for my husband, who has backed my writing career every single step of the way.

I’m so glad to be a Jew, and have a spiritual path to walk that helps me stay out of trouble and gives me the strength to put myself on the line through my writing. Grateful to have carved out a life where I take Sabbath off, every week. (Try it, you’ll like it!)

And I’m thankful for all of you wonderful readers and your insightful comments here on my blog. Thrilled to have the opportunity to help other writers earn more here and in Freelance Writers Den.

What are you grateful for as a freelance writer? Leave a comment and tell us what has blessed your writing life this year.



  1. Tanya

    I am grateful that I found and joined the Freelance Writer’s Den and for all the people I’ve met there. I am grateful for these new friends who with their advice and counsel are helping me fulfill my dream and embark on my freelance writing career.

  2. Shelly Drymon

    I am grateful that I decided to take action and change my life! I shudder to think where I would be today, otherwise.

  3. Jack Ori

    I’m grateful that my lifelong love affair with writing has led me to my career and thus to this site. I’m grateful for my new plan to expand my career and that I can have a career that fulfills me 😀

    None of this would even be possible if I hadn’t gotten my act together, stopped making a mess out of my life, come out to myself and my parents and started living like a grown-up. Right now I’m typing this on a laptop that is way past its prime and I hope to be able to get a better one soon but in the meantime I’m grateful I have this one and that I’m digging myself out of a financial hole and can take steps towards putting the foundations of my career down.

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