How To Become A Freelance Editor In 10 Straightforward Steps

How To Become A Freelance Editor In 10 Straightforward Steps

If you are someone who already has great writing skills, you might be interested in learning how to become a freelance editor, too. Editing is one of those great adjacent skills to writing, so it makes sense to offer both to clients, especially if you are trying to...

17 Writing Memes That Are Too Relatable

Writers might enjoy looking at writing memes because they often humorously capture the common struggles, quirks, and experiences that writers face in their creative endeavors. Additionally, such memes can offer a brief but welcome break from the sometimes solitary and...

What is Copywriting? A Modern Definition and How-To Guide

What is Copywriting? A Modern Definition and How-To Guide

What Is Copywriting? The How-To Guide for Freelancers.

It’s a question so simple, you might think everyone already knows the answer: What is copywriting?

But in my decade-plus helping newbie writers launch their freelance careers, I’ve learned not to assume. People come from all walks of life into freelance writing, and aren’t born knowing the lingo.

When I researched this question, it got even more interesting. Because I disagreed with many of the most popular posts on the topic.

What I have for you isn’t your grandpa’s copywriting definition and description. It’s a rebel’s 21st Century copywriting definition — and a how-to guide on how to break in and do it.

How copywriting evolved

Old copy hacks will tell you copywriting is the art and science of crafting writing that sells.

They’ll tell you writing that overtly sells a product or service is copywriting — and everything else is ‘not copywriting.’

That was once true — but it isn’t any more. Because the Internet changed much of what we once knew about marketing.

I’ve got a new definition of copywriting for you, one I think is more accurate for the 21st Century marketing era we live in now.

Read on to learn what copywriting is today, how to do it — and how you can capitalize on the changes to earn well as a freelance writer.

Op-Ed Writing: 10 Markets That Pay Freelancers for Views & Opinions

Op-Ed Writing: 10 Markets That Pay Freelancers for Views & Opinions

Ever have an idea for an op-ed?

If your mind jumps to the old-school newspaper section with editorials, opinion pieces, and letters to the editor, you’re probably thinking it’s a waste of time.

But writing op-ed pieces is still a thing. I’ve done it. And if you know where to look, the right markets pay well.

Getting paid $300 to $1,500 for opinion pieces, essays, and editorials is still happening.

Let the ideas begin to percolate…

Maybe you’ve learned a few lessons at the School of Hard Knocks. Maybe you’ve got some insight, views, expertise, or opinions about issues in your niche. Or maybe some comment on social media is so hot, you’ve got to take a stand.

Chances are pretty good you’ve got an opinion piece in you worth writing. Check out these 10 op-ed writing markets to share your point of view and get paid for it.

10 Podcasts for Writers to Add to Your Playlist (2023 Edition)

There is such a huge variety of podcast options, it’s easy to miss amazing shows without suggestions from peers. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 10 current podcasts for writers 2023. Read their descriptions, see why we love them, and check them out for yourself.

One Stop For Writers Review: 11 Crucial Features To Consider

With so many tools for writers, a One Stop For Writers review is past due. This particular tool has a variety of features and credible founders, Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi. These two established authors know what it takes to create an engaging story world!  But...

Writer Income 2023: What You Need To Know To Succeed

We're looking at writer income 2023 stats and trends to give professional writers and freelance writers an idea of what's happening throughout the industry. Many people wonder if it is worth it to become a freelance writer in 2023, especially with the rise artificial...

How to Find Nurse Freelance Writing Jobs (+ Make Good Money)

When it comes to freelance writing jobs, nurses have special qualifications that enable them to find unique jobs. If you come from the medical industry and are wondering how to find nurse freelance writing jobs, you're in the right place. The healthcare industry is...

When To Write With Humor: 5 Things To Consider

Knowing how when to write with humor is an important skill every writer should know. Humor is not always appropriate, and when used improperly it can alienate readers or annoy an audience. That said, humor isn't used enough in writing and can add a lot of surprise and...

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