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10 Of The Best Travel Blogs To Share Your Fascinating Story

Jackie Pearce

If you have been on the hunt for the best travel blogs, you have come to the right place.

Whether you are looking for new blogs to read or ones currently taking article submissions, we have a long list of various options out there for you to check out.

Travel blogs are a great place for writers who love to travel to share their travel hacks and stories. If you love to travel and love to write, why not get paid to do both?

Granted, not every publication has the budget to pay big bucks for stories, but some are great opportunities for you to build your brand and gain a following online.

We will be covering what travel blogs are, some quick tips on putting your articles together, and then diving into some travel blogs taking submissions.

What Is A Travel Blog?

Travel blogs, similar to travel magazines, cover all the basics people need to know about traveling to remote locations.

It could also cover things like travel advice, how to get great deals on travel, the best times to go, luxury travel experiences, local restaurants, events happening in an area, and more.

When you guest post on a travel site, you and the site both benefit from this. You get to share your story (and possibly get paid) while reaching a broader network, and the blog gets to add more content to its site.

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How to Write A Travel Article

If you have not written a travel article before, you will want to take the time to understand how they work so you can submit the best ones possible.

#1 – Find your angle

With every single travel article you write, you will want to take the time to figure out what makes yours different from all of the other ones out there.

You will want to answer the simple questions of, “Why would anyone read my article? What will they take away from it?”

Think about your unique situation, too. Are you a single woman who travels alone? Do you travel with a bunch of pets? Do you live in your car to travel across the country?

All of those are unique angles, too. These give your stories a unique angle that can not only make your story interesting, but help you find the right publications to pitch to.

#2 – Know what articles the publication wants

As with most publications, you will want to spend some time looking through the recently published posts of any site that you want to submit an article to.

If you submit something they are not looking for, you will most likely be rejected, which is just a waste of time.

Instead, take the time to read through what they want, and come up with an angle you think their readers would be interested in. Every publication is always looking for good content, so just put yourself in their shoes and ask if this is something they would want.

#3 – Practice, practice, practice

Becoming a great writer requires a lot of practice and to write as much as you can. You can bring notebooks with you on your trips to practice writing as much as possible.

You should also read as much travel writing as possible to get an idea of what does well in the marketplace. Analyze how they put stories together, the individual stories they pull out, how they start and end their stories, and so on.

Best Travel Blogs Accepting Submissions

Now, let’s get into the meat of why you are most likely reading your article: you want to be a published travel blogger.

Take a look at some of the travel blogs below currently accepting submission at the time of writing this article.

#1 – Matador Network

Matador Network is one of the largest travel sites out there that has been around for years. It is a great site to add to your list for your future travels since they have articles on nearly every corner of the globe.

You can find their submission page and current openings: here.

#2 – Travel Trend

Travel Trend not only covers traveling but also travel gadgets, apps that help make travel easier, saving money for your trips, and more.

Check out their submission page for more information: here.

#3 – The Planet D

The Planet D has over one million monthly readers so getting to post on here would help your brand as a travel writer a ton.

They are also open to sharing links to not only your website, but your social media profiles as well, which can be huge for getting a following.

Take a look at their guest posting requirements: here.

#4 – Little Family Adventure

Little Family Adventure is looking for people with first-hand, unique experiences around the United States. A lot of their articles are mainly focused on family experiences, so if you have traveled with your family or found a great place to stay, this is the perfect site for you.

Take a look at their submission guidelines: here.

#5 – HP Tourism

HP tourism welcomes all kinds of helpful, practical travel articles to share with their readers. They are looking for in-depth knowledge and travel guides to help people make the best of their trips.

Read their submission guidelines: here.

#6 – Travel Talk

Travel Talk loves to share experiences, hacks, and other insider information to help people find and plan great travel experiences. Plus, for accepted submission you get a £50 Travel Talk voucher toward a tour of your choice. People who submit articles are also entered in to win trips.

Check out their submission guidelines: here.

#7 – The Art Of Travel

The Art of Travel reaches over half a million readers each month, which could do wonders for your travel blogging career.

Check out their submission guidelines (they also have jobs they are hiring for at the bottom): here.

#8 – Global Travellers

Global Travellers receives over 260,000 page views per month from readers all over the globe. They want stories from anywhere you have been, as long as you have an interesting story to share or helpful tips for their readers.

Check out their submission guidelines: here.

#9 – Practical Wanderlust

Practical Wanderlust is looking for articles from people who have stayed or lived in places for quite some time and can write in-depth pieces on those places. They do not want articles from people who have stayed in a place for a short time.

Unlike some of the others, they pay as well. As of writing this article, they pay $300 per piece.

See what they are looking for when it comes to submissions: here.

#10 – Pure Wander

Pure Wander is looking for a wide variety of travel stories. Regular contributors can be submitted to receive product reviews, media trips, or payment for their articles.

See what they are looking for in a guest post: here.

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