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A brand new opportunity for writers has finally arrived!


It’s a true blessing that these days there are so many ways to make a living through our writing work. From freelance writing through to editing and building a blog, you can make great money doing what you love. 

Sadly, some of the most rewarding ways of making money through your writing work seem out of reach for a lot of writers. Perhaps this sounds familiar if you’ve ever wanted to become an author and write a book.

Writing a book is a dream almost every writer has had at some point in their life, but often that dream fades away over time. That can be due to the complexity of the task or simply not knowing what to do. 

That’s totally understandable, but it doesn’t need to be that way. Chandler Bolt and the team behind Self Publishing School are offering a brand new solution for authors.

If you’ve ever wanted a professional quality book, then the brand-new selfpublishing.com is the place for you. No matter where you’re at in your author journey, you can access high-quality book production and coaching services to make your dream a reality.

Also, to celebrate the launch, you can help fund new libraries in Africa as well as winning some awesome prizes. Head over to selfpublishing.com/thefuture to get involved!

What is Copywriting? A Modern Definition and How-To Guide

What is Copywriting? A Modern Definition and How-To Guide

What Is Copywriting? The How-To Guide for Freelancers. Makealivingwriting.com

It’s a question so simple, you might think everyone already knows the answer: What is copywriting?

But in my decade-plus helping newbie writers launch their freelance careers, I’ve learned not to assume. People come from all walks of life into freelance writing, and aren’t born knowing the lingo.

When I researched this question, it got even more interesting. Because I disagreed with many of the most popular posts on the topic.

What I have for you isn’t your grandpa’s copywriting definition and description. It’s a rebel’s 21st Century copywriting definition — and a how-to guide on how to break in and do it.

How copywriting evolved

Old copy hacks will tell you copywriting is the art and science of crafting writing that sells.

They’ll tell you writing that overtly sells a product or service is copywriting — and everything else is ‘not copywriting.’

That was once true — but it isn’t any more. Because the Internet changed much of what we once knew about marketing.

I’ve got a new definition of copywriting for you, one I think is more accurate for the 21st Century marketing era we live in now.

Read on to learn what copywriting is today, how to do it — and how you can capitalize on the changes to earn well as a freelance writer.

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