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Content Marketing Tips: 54 Magnetic Moves to Attract Readers

Evan Jensen

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. Content marketing matters.

It’s fast become one of the most effective ways to drive traffic, reach more people, build a brand, and sell more stuff.

In fact, in a 2020 report published by the Content Marketing Institute, an estimated 38 percent of B2B companies said they’ve shifted their paid advertising budget to connecting with decision makers this way.

Get this right, and it can help draw in clients and customers like an alien tractor beam or irresistible magnetic force.

If you’re a freelance writer trying to find work or you’re writing for clients, knowing how to this can be a game changer.

Now more than ever, we’re flooded with messaging via email, blogs, social media, and websites. And if you know how to stand out as a freelancer with your own strategy, or help your clients stand out, you can be an in-demand freelance writer.

If your head is spinning about content marketing and all its moving parts (lead magnets, landing pages, blog posts, social media posts, email sequences, carefully crafted articles, etc.), you’re not alone.

FYI…you don’t have to know everything about content marketing. You just need to know enough, take action, keep learning, and keep testing (lingo content marketing gurus love).

Looking for ways to reach more people and help your clients? Check out these 54 magnetic moves:

1-9. Joe Pulizzi: A Top Expert’s Tips for Freelance Writers

You’re not likely to find anyone who knows content marketing better than Joe Pulizzi.

He’s the founder of the Content Marketing Institute, and author of multiple books, including the soon-to-be released second edition of Content Inc.: Start a Content-First Business, Build a Massive Audience and Become Radically Successful (with little to no money).

In this post, Pulizzi serves up some tips, tricks, and proven ways to help you reach more people.

10-15. Content Marketing Crisis? 6 Viral Methods to Help Your Clients

Nobody likes me…everybody hates me…might as well go eat worms.

If that’s your response when you don’t get comments, likes, follows and shares, it’s time to rethink your content marketing strategy.

If you’re pitching, posting, and reaching out, but you’re not getting any responses or landing freelance work, don’t take it personally.

Look at it as an opportunity to improve your inbound and outbound efforts to find work AND help your clients.

Here’s some advice from freelance pro Linda Formichelli.

16-25. Content Marketing or Just Blogging? 10 Big Ways They’re Different

There’s a reason bloggers get asked to write posts for $20, while content marketing agencies pull down contracts worth tens of thousands of dollars.

It’s because there’s a lot more that goes into effective content marketing than simply writing a blog post.

Wondering what makes the difference? In this post, Carol Tice lays out a 10-step plan to help you.

26-28. 3 Content Marketing Tips to Level Up Your Freelance Income

Are you struggling to make money writing? Tired of low-paying, one-off gigs for flaky clients? Wondering how to find clients ready and willing to pay you pro rates?

These are some of the most common questions newbie and even mid-career freelancers ask.

If you’re stuck in the old-school way of writing articles like you’re in English class, you’re gonna have a tough time being able to move up and earn more.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. In this post, Carol Tice shows you how to level up your freelance income in three simple moves.

29-54. 26 Simple Hacks For Creating Must-Read-and-Share Blog Content

Back in 1996, some guy with glasses made a prediction that fell on deaf ears for most people:

“Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the internet, just as it was in broadcasting.”

His name…Bill Gates. Twenty-five years later, it’s obvious he was right.

So how do you get people to love your content, read it, and you know…comment, like, and share?

In this post, freelancer Sue Dunlevie serves up 26 ways to get readers to pay attention.

Use content marketing to move up and earn more

If you want to connect with better prospects and find clients ready to pay you pro rates, your own content marketing efforts will help you make it happen.

These skills can help you drive traffic, reach more people, build a brand, and sell more stuff for your clients, too.

And that’s how you become an in-demand freelancer, move up and earn more.

Are you using content marketing to get freelance work or help your clients? Let’s discuss in the comments.👇

Evan Jensen is a freelance copywriter for health and fitness businesses. He’s also the blog editor for Make a Living Writing.

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What is Copywriting? A Modern Definition and How-To Guide

What is Copywriting? A Modern Definition and How-To Guide

What Is Copywriting? The How-To Guide for Freelancers. Makealivingwriting.com

It’s a question so simple, you might think everyone already knows the answer: What is copywriting?

But in my decade-plus helping newbie writers launch their freelance careers, I’ve learned not to assume. People come from all walks of life into freelance writing, and aren’t born knowing the lingo.

When I researched this question, it got even more interesting. Because I disagreed with many of the most popular posts on the topic.

What I have for you isn’t your grandpa’s copywriting definition and description. It’s a rebel’s 21st Century copywriting definition — and a how-to guide on how to break in and do it.

How copywriting evolved

Old copy hacks will tell you copywriting is the art and science of crafting writing that sells.

They’ll tell you writing that overtly sells a product or service is copywriting — and everything else is ‘not copywriting.’

That was once true — but it isn’t any more. Because the Internet changed much of what we once knew about marketing.

I’ve got a new definition of copywriting for you, one I think is more accurate for the 21st Century marketing era we live in now.

Read on to learn what copywriting is today, how to do it — and how you can capitalize on the changes to earn well as a freelance writer.

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