40 Ways to Market Your Writing–Sneak Preview!

Carol Tice

40 Ways to Market Your WritingI’m so excited! The 40 Ways to Market Your Writing Webinar is tomorrow. Here’s a peek at some of the marketing questions we’ll be answering in this live, one-hour event:

  • How can writers get their Web site to the top of Google searches in 10 minutes flat for phrases such as “Seattle freelance writer“?
  • What one marketing technique has an amazing 30 percent response rate?
  • How can writers advertise online without paying anything up front?
  • How can you use job ads for staff writers to find freelance work?
  • What’s the best way to use mass-freelance sites such as Guru or Elance to find good-paying clients?
  • Which marketing technique got one freelance writer $64,000 of new business in a year?
  • What will be the topic of the next Webinar Anne Wayman and I will present?’
  • What special offers will we make at the end of this Webinar?

Anne and I won’t just be rattling off the names of 40 marketing techniques — we’ll be sharing best practices for executing these strategies, and letting you in on some new twists for getting the most out of your marketing. Then, we’ll be answering your questions about the finer points of marketing your writing in two lively Q&A sessions.

I’m kind of bursting to share the information we’ll be giving out tomorrow, so here are just a few examples of the many specific marketing tips we’ll be sharing:

  1. To get the most mileage from your in-person networking time, consider creating an event and serving as host. Everyone comes up to thank the host, so it’s an easy way to meet every attendee.
  2. Get what is essentially a free ad on organization or association Web sites by asking if you can be included in their resource listings.
  3. If you do public speaking, record your talk. Then you can turn it into a podcast on your Web site and it can keep promoting your writing forever. (This one’s from my co-presenter Anne Wayman. Love it!)

This is it, people! The Webinar is tomorrow at 9 am PST. Get your marketing questions answered — live — for just $24.99. Details here on all the door prizes and other special deals we have for participants. Reserve your seat here.

What would you like to know about how to market your writing? Leave a comment and let us know. Anne and I will be choosing the winners of our door prizes for the best questions submitted ahead of time tonight!


  1. M. Sharon Baker


    Are you and Anne going to share Your marketing plans for 2011, and how your marketing plans have changed (and grown) over the past several years? Being a generalist, my marketing has been haphazard at best, and I really need to learn how create and execute a marketing plan, and learn from other freelance writers.

    And I'd like to add a tip I've seen from other podcasts – not only do people have them available later, but they also sell transcripts for people who would rather read and aborb the content through the visual word, or use them as bait pieces.

    Will you and Anne be making a transcript available?

    • TiceWrites

      Hi Sharon —

      We're not doing a transcript, but we've created a free report of all the 40 Ways points we'll cover in the presentation that participants will be getting shortly after the Webinar.

      I hadn't planned to discuss my '011 marketing plan…but I have previously done a post that analyzed what worked in my marketing this year.

      Guess if I was going to share my '011 marketing plan, I'd have to figure out what it is! Definitely still thinking on it. Certainly a lot of focus is going to creating my own information products, such as this Webinar — definitely more of that coming next year.

      On the freelance-writing side at the moment I'm not really doing much marketing because I'm fully booked…kind of scaling down from overbooked to try to get some work/life balance back. I did 18 months of very aggressive marketing up until just recently. At this point I've done enough to build up my passive marketing — things like getting found on search — where I'm able to do less active marketing. I'll definitely be talking about the strategies that helped me do that in the Webinar!

      • M. Sharon Baker


        The link to your marketing plan post didn't take me anywhere but a blank page. Can you fix? Thanks! Sharon

  2. Terrell

    You said on Twitter that we could answer the question about why we deserve a free ticket to your webinar. Here is mine: I recently quit my marketing job of 8 years to pursue a freelance writing career. While I do have savings to use as a cushion during this time, I am definitely pinching pennies. In the past 3 months since I quit my job, I have broken my finger, had my car break down and became engaged! The expenses are adding up and I am itching to get my business underway. I recently purchased your e-Book, but I would love to be able to attend this webinar at no cost. Thanks for reading.
    My recent post Sooooo Long- November

    • TiceWrites

      Hi Terrell —

      Unfortunately, I'm not doing a giveaway here on the blog today. You could repost your plea on the Facebook fan page, I've got the contest running there, too. Guess I was curious if people could pitch me in 140 characters…looks like no! But it's OK you can do it on the Facebook if you want to be considered.

  3. Jean Gogolin

    Hi Carol,
    I'm not able to make it tomorrow, but would love to buy a transcript if you decide to do one.
    Jean Gogolin
    My recent post NaNoWriMo- Cult or Creativity

    • TiceWrites

      We will be selling recordings of the Webinar, as well as offering subscribers a free report based on the Webinar — not an exact transcript but just the 40 Ways points we prepared. If you're already a subscriber and want the report, just let me know and I'll send it on email — don't want all my existing subscribers unsubscribing just so they can resubscribe and get the report!

  4. @dkanenh

    I signed up for your seminar today and haven't been able to get through — either fast busy signal or told to try again later. Is it possible to get a refund or will you be holding another session? Am really disappointed, I've been looking forward to this (not to mention receiving lots of email reminders about the seminar).

    • TiceWrites

      Not as disappointed as I am in Freebinar! They tweeted me that they were having a problem, and 'now it's fixed' — well so what? NOT helpful! We won't use them again.

  5. @dkanenh

    I just got into the webinar. Ignore the above — but am sorry to have missed the first 10 minutes of the session.

    • TiceWrites

      Believe we will have an audio recording available — you'll get a free link, so not to worry. Sorry about all the technical problems! you weren't the only one.

  6. TiceWrites

    Just want to come on and thank everyone who participated in the Webinar…great questions!

    We had some technical problems, and next time we'll rock that end of it. In the meanwhile, surveys said we gave out really useful information…I hope anyone who took the Webinar and gets a success off of something they learned in it will let me know — I love guest posts about your wins in marketing!

  7. Matt Gibbs

    A transcription of the Webinar is a marvellous idea. It’s one thing that sets media professionals apart from the amateurs. A transcription allows one to ingest information at will. It can be perused and scanned to gain an overview or studied in depth. Specifics can be read and re-read with more ease than manipulating audio.
    Yes, M. Sharon Baker, you have the idea – like Australia’s national ABC television and radio broadcasting service. e.g. http://www.abc.net.au/austory/content/2006/s1702961.htm

  8. Carol Tice

    Hi Matt —

    Well, for this first Webinar we did not end up with a transcript, but we do have a 14-page special report of all the 40 points Anne and I covered. It’s free for subscribers…so hopefully that gives people a chance to digest the information at their leisure.


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