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5 Ways to Hang Out in The Freelance Writers Den on the Cheap

Carol Tice

Nobody likes being the first freelance writer in an empty room where there’s supposed to be a party going on.

That’s why I’ve been working on some plans to make it comfy and welcoming in the Freelance Writers Den right from the start. Right now, I’m hoping to get the doors officially open on July 13.

In case you haven’t noticed from all the early registration deals I do for my Webinars, I like people who plan ahead, and who want to get in on something early. So naturally, I’ve got a bunch of deals lined up for those who are willing to be among the first group of participants in the Den doors.

What’s in the Den, anyway?

  • A live Webinar every month (usually costs $36)
  • Weekly live Den Meeting Q&A sessions — get your questions answered!
  • Unlimited, on-demand access to all my blog materials, past Webinars, teleclasses, and podcasts, organized into handy theme courses for your convenience
  • Get questions answered privately on email during weekly Den Mother’s office hours
  • Chat with other serious freelance writers 24/7 in our cozy, supportive Den forums
  • Exclusive discounts on my eBooks

You can see why I’m excited about the huge value the $25 monthly Den membership is going to deliver for writers looking to grow their income.

Why $25 a month? You told me what to charge — in fact, some of you said I should charge more. But my goal was to deliver the monthly Webinars PLUS a ton more learning, community, and support for less than my usual $36 Webinar charge, so that price feels right to me.

I already offered the first 50 signups a $17 permanent monthly rate…but those seats are now gone. So I’ve cooked up a bunch of other ways you can get a deal on your Den membership.

  1. Take the 3-month pre-launch discount. Know you’re going to hang out for a while? You can save 15% on your membership by paying for a quarter-year’s subscription in advance.
  2. Take the one-year pre-launch discount. If you know you need ongoing support, you can save 25% on your membership by paying for a full year’s subscription up front.
  3. Affiliate sell the Den. Here’s where you really make your Den stay worthwhile. Invite your writer friends to join through you and you could make more than the cost of your membership, easy. I’ll be paying a 50% commission for the first month and 25% after that. We will kick off affiliate sales shortly after launch.
  4. Be a helper and hang out free. To start, I’m recruiting one more experienced freelance writer to serve as a moderator. (Have one moderator already signed up.) Job description: Just visit the Den briefly a couple times a day (I need someone to cover Saturday especially) and maybe start a conversation, read the current questions and comments. Point people to appropriate pieces of courseware or other resources if they’re having difficulty finding their way. Leave some words of support here and there. I’ll also be hiring one virtual assistant/welcome-wagon staffer to handle reach-outs and initial contact with new members. Level of writing experience irrelevant. Perhaps a few hours’ work a month. Apply via email.
  5. Take one-on-one or group mentoring. Do you really want some personal time with a freelance writing pro? There’s never been a better time to get into one of my mentoring programs, because now they come with Den support. Writers who do my one-on-one mentoring program get a one-year free membership to the Den. And participants in my new Blast-Off! group coaching course receive three months free in the Den as part of their class. Mentoring participants also get a private chat room that’s just for mentees.

One of the big pieces of advice I’ve gotten as I get ready to launch this is not to bite off too much or let it get too big too fast…which is why for now, total membership will be limited to 250 people. I want to make sure I can give everyone the level of help I’m envisioning here before I grow it any bigger than that. So if you’re interested, don’t delay.

If the Den expands beyond 250, I’ll bring on more staff including additional pro writers to offer expert help, and that’ll give everyone more seats to sell as affiliates…but keeping it small to start.

You’ll need to be on the waiting list to gain access to the discount deals above…I can’t send you the links to them until opening day. (Or I guess I could, but you don’t want to be paying for time before the Den is really up and running, right?)

It may sound like there’s lots of room in the Den when I say 250 seats. But many seats are already taken:

The first 50 Den Builder seats are already gone.

All my current mentees have a reserved seat — that’s roughly another 50 people.

Then another 130 people or so are getting a free month in the Den for helping me out with my polls and feedback over the past few months, giving me useful into that helped me build the Den.

That adds up to 230. If everyone who gets those invites joins the Den, that means really only 20 seats may be left before the doors to the Den close, and I’m not sure when I’ll open it up again. Not sure if I’ll offer all those discounts above at that point, either…they may just be for pre-launch registrants. So sign up now.

Did I mention there’ll be cookies? Yep. Gonna send somebody who’s been helpful in the Den some each month. We’re going to have a blast, learn a ton, and help each other grow our freelance writing income. That’s the plan. I hope you’ll be part of it.

I’m so excited to get the doors open and welcome you all in.