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You Hungry? The Double-Your-Income Diet for Freelance Writers

Evan Jensen

Double-Your-Income Diet for Freelance Writers. Makealivingwriting.comEver wonder how some freelance writers move up, earn more, and even pass the six-figure income mark?

It’s a lot like watching late-night infomercials wondering what the secret is to those weight-loss transformations. How do they do it?

Here’s a hint. For most people who lose weight and keep it off, there is no secret. It’s hard work, healthy eating, smart habits, and consistently following a proven plan that gets results.

And if you want to be one of those freelance writers, you can.

  • Weigh in and take a look at your freelance writing business
  • Throw away junk clients
  • Replace procrastination, self-doubt, and fear with taking action
  • Model the habits of successful freelance writers
  • Commit to being successful, no matter how long it takes

Want to know how to claw your way out of the content mills, make more money, write for national magazines, land $1/word assignments, or be a six-figure freelancer?

Take a closer look at these double-your-income diet tips for freelance writers:

1. How to Attract Customers Who Are Your Ideal Freelance Clients

Feeling stuck trying to figure out how to attract customers to build your freelance writing career? Do this 10-minute exercise Carol Tice uses in Den 2x to help freelance writers map out a plan to write for their dream clients.

2. Here’s What Six-Figure Writers Are Doing That You’re Not

Want to know how to get from where you are to where you want to be? You could take the long and windy route with lots of stalls, detours, and road hazards. Or you can follow this road map used by freelance writers to double their income faster.

3. Asking for Referrals for Fraidy-Cat Freelance Writers

When Den 2x member Karen Smock decided she was ready to move up and earn more as a freelance writer, she was willing to do just about anything…except ask for referrals. It seemed scary, but she did it anyway. Here’s what happened…

4. How to Punch Your Own Ticket to Triple Your Freelance Writing Income

Six-figure freelancer Sylvie Tremblay started out like a lot of other writers…chasing content-mill gigs and too many low-paying assignments. Been there, done that? Sylvie was close to burnout when she decided to follow Carol’s advice, and little by little it paid off…literally. Watch the video or read the Q&A.

5. Freelance Writers Den 2X Income Accelerator Success Story: Cynthia Kenworthy

Freelance writer Cynthia Kenworthy may have carved out a career for herself as an international journalist. But she wasn’t satisfied with her income as a freelance writer, and that’s when she found Den 2x. In this video, she talks with Carol Tice about how a roadmap to follow, coaching, and a support group helped her move up and earn more.

6. How I Got Freelance Writing Jobs Worth $15,000 in 7 Days Flat

What if you made up your mind to swear off job boards, online classifieds, and content mills to find freelance writing work? That’s the kind of crash diet freelancer Jedha Dening did when she decided to focus all her efforts on one simple marketing task for a week.

7. How to Land a $6,000 Contract in Your Underwear with Warm Leads

One of the many perks of being a freelance writer…you can work in your underwear if you want to.  But to do that, you need to know how to market your services to book well-paying clients. Freelancer Willi Morris wasn’t flush with work until she discovered a simple marketing strategy that made her bank account feel better than warm and fuzzy pajamas.

8. Writing for Money: The Path to Your First $3,000 Month 

When Kaitlin Morrison worked in retail running a cash register, stocking shelves, and talking to customers, she always had a manager hovering nearby telling her what to do. But when she made the leap to full-time freelancing, she needed to figure out her own way of doing things. After plenty of trial and error, she figured out a five step process to move up and earn more as a freelance writer.

9. How a Newbie Blogger Negotiated a 100 Percent Raise 

How do you go from charging $50 per blog post to $100 per blog post? Just ask. After landing her first gig, freelancer Amy Hardison wrote a lot of great content for her client. When she decided it was time to move up and earn more, she didn’t drop this client for another. Instead, she proposed a 100 percent raise and got it. Here’s how:

10. Exhausted? 7 Busy Writer-Moms Share Their Productivity Formula for Freelance Success

If you’ve been using the mom-with-kids excuse to explain why you’re not earning more money from freelancing, you’re about to get a dose of the cold hard truth. These moms show you how to juggle the craziness of running a family along with a successful freelance writing business.

Dig into the double-your-income diet

If you’re hungry to grow your freelance writing business, find better clients, and earn more money, Freelance Writers Den 2x Income Acceleratoren looks a lot like those successful diets that help people lose weight and keep it off…A proven road map to follow, coaching from a pro who knows the way, and accountability and encouragement from peers who will motivate you to keep going.

Want to earn more as a freelance writer? Let’s discuss in the comments below.

Evan Jensen is the blog editor for Make a Living Writing. When he’s not on a writing deadline or catching up on emails, he’s training to run another 100-mile ultra-marathon.

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