How to Punch Your Own Ticket to Triple Your Freelance Writing Income

Carol Tice

How to Punch Your Ticket to Triple Your Freelance Writing Income. Makealivingwriting.comA lot of freelance writers have a poverty mentality. I hear a lot of, “I’m just hoping to make a fraction of what I made at my day job. I need to earn enough from my writing income to survive.”

That’s one mindset of some freelance writers. But there’s another way to approach your freelance business.

If you take the attitude that your freelance writing income is unlimited, you can see your income explode.

That’s what happened to Canadian freelance writer Sylvie Tremblay, who recently graduated from my Den 2X Income Accelerator. After a year in the program, which starts with making a mindset shift to believe in yourself, she tripled her writing income, going from subsistence, paycheck-to-paycheck living to having money in the bank, traveling, and feeling financially secure.

Among the highlights of Sylvie’s story that you’ll see in the video:

  • The simple analysis that triggered massive change
  • How Sylvie overcame doubts and insecurity to move forward
  • How the Den Road Map helped her create a pathway to higher freelance writing income
  • The marketing methods that paid off big
  • How she got out of her comfort zone to find clients in new places
  • The power of finding community with other mid-career freelance writers
  • Exactly how she connected with major companies
  • How her lifestyle has changed
  • How to acquire the mindset of a high-earning freelance writer

Watch here — it’s just under 30 minutes long:

Or read the transcript.

Inspiration to grow your writing income

It’s exciting for me to see a writer I coach grow their freelance business and their writing income a ton. Sylvie was in the same situation as a lot of freelance writers a year ago. Making a mindset shift and thinking strategically about her freelance business changed everything. Her confidence grew, along with her income and portfolio of well-paying clients. If you want to move up and earn more, double or even triple your freelance income, you can. I hope this provides inspiration for writers who feel stuck in a low-pay trap and reminds you to believe in yourself!

How are you growing your writing income? Let’s discuss in the comments.

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  1. Emenike Emmanuel

    Hi Carol and Sophia,

    This is a nice one. Awesome.

  2. Sean Wright

    I just wanted to say that the tips you brought up were fantastic. I know quite a few writers who can benefit from your thinking and I am passing the article onto them Thank you so much.

    • Sylvie

      Thanks so much!

  3. James

    I want to try your services. I’ll look for a good assignment”. In the meantime, I edited the article and posted it on LinkedIn, and now on my own site.

  4. Jennifer Loss

    Hello! Just wondering, is it Sophie, or Sylvie? I am seeing Sophie Tremblay and Sylvie Tremblay used interchangeably.

    • Carol Tice

      Weird! It’s Sylvie.

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