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The Monster List of 75+ Content Writing Jobs


Table of Contents

Ready to snag some more content writing jobs? While the past few months have been pretty rough for the U.S economy, you may be surprised to know that the demand for writers to fill content writing jobs has actually remained quite stable throughout the pandemic. 

In fact, there’s been a huge boost in the availability of content writing jobs since 2020, in part because of the continued popularity of remote work. According to a report by CNBC, listings for freelance gigs rose by 41 percent during the second quarter of 2020 in comparison to the same period in 2019. 

And experts believe the increased use of freelancers by businesses will be a long-lasting or even permanent trend, so there’s no better time than the present to ramp up your efforts to land new clients and book more content writing jobs.

Who is this list for?

This list includes content writing jobs across a variety of niches, including:

  • Content writing jobs for beginners looking to launch their careers or break into a new niche.
  • Blogging and online content writing jobs suitable for writers of all levels – from those with minimal experience to seasoned writers with expertise in a specific industry.
  • High-paying opportunities geared toward experienced writers looking to be published in top publications, like leading news websites or magazines.

All of the content writing jobs in this monster list are paid opportunities, and we’ve focused especially on those with competitive rates. It includes a variety of popular niches, from business to personal finance to travel. We’ve also listed updated contact info for editors and average pay rates – so you can jump right in and start finding work.

Table of Contents


1. Alaska Business Monthly

Alaska Business Monthly covers everything related to business in the state of Alaska, including online retail.

  • Stories focus on analyzing issues and trends affecting local businesses.
  • The editors also like to feature articles about innovative local individuals and companies.

Note that while this publication does accept unsolicited pitches, they more commonly assign specific pieces to freelancers.

Contact: Editor Tasha Anderson.

Rate: $0.20/word.

2. BCBusiness

Interested in writing assignments about issues affecting business and e-commerce in the areas of Vancouver and British Columbia, Canada? Consider pitching BCBusiness. The magazine publishes feature stories that impact the lives of its readers. Your best bet: pitch ideas on issues and trends defining industries in this part of the country.

Contact: Editor Nick Rockel.

Rate: $0.56-$0.75/word.

3. B. Michelle Pippin

Michelle Pippin is a business blog for women that focuses on topics like marketing effectively, enhancing productivity, scoring speaking gigs, and overcoming business-related challenges. If you have firsthand experience in one of those areas, reach out and pitch an original, instructive story idea.

Contact: Send a message to editor Michelle Pippin on LinkedIn. 

Rate: $50-$150 per post.

4. Entrepreneur

If you want business writing assignments related to e-commerce, entrepreneurs, and small business owners, check out Entrepreneur.

Founded in 1977, this magazine and its website are widely read by entrepreneurs and business owners. They’re looking for practical, engaging stories-especially how-to articles-featuring actionable advice that will help their readers start, grow, or run their own business.

Contact: Editor Jason Feifer.

Rate: Up to $1.50/word.

5. Freshbooks Blog

You may have used FreshBooks to help manage your freelance business needs, but did you know they also pay well for unique blog content? FreshBooks isn’t actively looking for contributors at the moment, but they’ll still consider relevant, original story ideas.

Contact: Complete the pitch submission form.

Rate: $200 per post.

6. Inc.

Inc. is a very popular business pub geared toward owners and managers of small companies. Over the past decade, their readership has more than doubled, and they now reach an audience of over 25 million. 

It’s not easy to get your work published by Inc., but it’s possible. This publication doesn’t accept one-off pitches; instead, like some of the other markets on our list, they prefer to establish ongoing relationships with contributors. If you’re willing to contribute for at least six months, review their guidelines and send an email with a sample article and your answers to their list of questions.

Contact: Contact editor Lindsay Blakely by email or on LinkedIn.

Rate: Pay can reportedly go up to $0.33 per word but is partially dependent on ad revenue.

Christian Markets

7. America Magazine

America Magazine is a weekly print publication that also features online content. They focus on providing a Catholic perspective on faith and culture topics, including political, economic, and social issues.

This outlet accepts pitches for feature-length articles (2,500 words or less), personal essays (up to 1,500 words), and shorter opinion essays. They also publish poetry.

Contact: Read the submission guidelines and submit your query on the submission page.

Rate: Competitive; reportedly $0.25/word and up.

8. Angels on Earth

Angels on Earth is a bimonthly print and digital magazine that aims to tell true stories about heavenly angels-as well as angelic, inspirational humans-who encourage others with kindness, reassurance, or comfort. They publish both short anecdotes and feature-length articles up to 1,500 words.

Review the writer’s guidelines and pitch a relevant personal experience story via their online form.

Contact: Send a message to editor-in-chief Colleen Hughes.

Rate: $25-$500.

9. Charisma

Charisma is a monthly digital and print publication geared toward charismatic/spirit-filled Christians. Thy publish articles that highlight particular authors, artists, and ministries; reviews of newly published books, music, or movies; and in-depth feature stories of up to 2,600 words. 

Most articles are assigned, but the editors occasionally accept freelance pitches. All prospective writers are asked to first become familiar with the magazine by reading through at least one to two recent issues.

Contact: Send an email to content director Jeff Struss

Rate: Unspecified.

10. Chicken Soup for the Soul

Chicken Soup for the Soul is a book series that publishes about a dozen new trade paperback books annually. Their purpose is to share short stories that are both hopeful and inspirational. 

The editor is especially looking for powerful stories about people performing an act of love, service, or courage for another person. Stories cannot exceed 1,200 words.

Review the writer’s guidelines and story topic suggestions and pay close attention to the deadlines for each submission category.

Contact: Email editor-in-chief Amy Newmark or Tweet @amynewmark.

Rate: $200 plus ten free copies of the book.

11. The Christian Century

The Christian Century is a biweekly ecumenical magazine that primarily covers topics relating to theology, human rights, poverty, international relations, and economic justice. Content is published in print and online.

The editors emphasize that their content is geared toward a progressive Christian audience that seeks in-depth analysis and critical perspectives.

Contact: Tweet managing editor Steve Thorngate.

Rate: $100-$300 per 1,500-3,000-word article.

12. Christianity Today

Christianity Today is one of the most popular Christian magazines on the market, reaching millions of readers every month. While the majority of articles are written by regular contributors or staff writers, they do accept freelance pitches. The editors usually consider profiles, feature stories, interviews, opinion pieces, and book reviews. All articles should contain a combination of research, reporting, and biblical analysis.

Contact: Email editor-in-chief Daniel Harrell or reach out on Twitter.

Rate: Varies; pays on acceptance.

13. Guideposts

Guideposts is a widely read bi-monthly Christian magazine published in print and digital formats. Their goal is to help readers solve difficult personal problems, build meaningful relationships, and find peace of mind. They look for true, first-person stories about people who have overcome an obstacle, reached an important goal, or learned an applicable lesson through their faith. 

Contact: Reach out to editor-in-chief Edward Grinnan and submit a story via their online form.

Rate: $100-$500. 

14. Light + Life Magazine

Light + Life is a monthly print and digital magazine affiliated with the Free Methodist denomination. It aims to provide relevant news and inspiration and offer faith to unbelievers. 

This publication focuses on monthly themes, and your pitch will generally need to align with them in order to be accepted. Contact the editor to find out what the upcoming themes will be.

Contact: Email editor Jeff Finley

Rate: $100 for feature articles.

15. The Light Magazine

The Light Magazine is a monthly Canadian publication geared toward the Christian community in Greater Vancouver. They seek to inspire faith in everyday life and publish articles about parenting, travel, senior life, and Christian living.

The editors generally prefer pitches from writers who live in Canada or have Canadian experience.

Contact: Email editor Steve Almond.

Rate: $0.10/word.

16. Power for Living

Power for Living is an eight-page weekly publication geared toward Christian adults aged 50 and older. Its focus is on providing encouragement and insights on faith-related issues pertaining to topics like relationships, parenting or grandparenting, careers, health, and personal growth.

Contact: Email managing editor Karen Bouchard.

Rate: $375 for feature articles.

17. Presbyterians Today

Presbyterians Today is a bimonthly print and digital magazine that covers a wide range of topics pertaining to the Presbyterian church. It especially seeks to explore issues relating to faith and life. The editors look for articles about topics like theology, the church’s role in society, and Bible study. They also publish profiles.

Your pitch will have a better chance of being accepted if you can provide samples of other published writing.

Contact: Email editor Donna Frischnecht Jackson

Rate: $75-$300.

18. Relevant

Relevant runs a bi-monthly magazine as well as a website, relevantmagazine.com, which features daily articles. The content is geared toward millennial audiences, and topics include faith, lifestyle, national and global issues, culture, and justice.

Relevant doesn’t currently pay for articles that appear on their website, but they do pay for stories published in their magazine.

Contact: Email senior editor Tyler Huckabee.

Rate: $100-$400 for print features.

19. St. Anthony Messenger

St. Anthony Messenger is a family-focused Catholic magazine, published in digital and print formats, with a primary audience of women ages 40-70. They aim to offer inspiration to their readers and publish articles about topics such as spiritual growth, education, marriage, family, and social issues.

Send a pitch with a proposed topic and include your intended sources as well as details about your qualifications.

Contact: Email executive editor Christopher Heffron or send a message on LinkedIn.

Rate: $0.20/word.

20. Today’s Christian Living

Today’s Christian Living is a bimonthly print and digital magazine geared toward a general Christian audience. The focus is on providing articles that encourage readers to fulfill their God-given calling. They publish personality and ministry profiles, personal stories, inspirational pieces, and short humorous anecdotes.

Note that this mag prefers to receive manuscripts as attachments rather than queries.

Contact: Email editor Dan Brownell.

Rate: $25-$150.

21. U.S Catholic

U.S Catholic is a monthly print magazine geared toward a general Catholic audience. The editors look for feature articles between 2,500-3,500 words that offer in-depth analysis of relevant issues. They also publish essays that contain reflections or opinions on topics that impact the everyday lives of Catholics.

Contact: Email managing editor Emily Sanna

Rate: $75-$500.

22. Vibrant Life

Vibrant Life is a print magazine geared toward Seventh Day Adventists. It provides articles focused on maintaining physical, spiritual, and mental wellbeing from a Christian perspective. The editors especially look for how-to articles, profiles, interviews, and personal experience stories related to health, nutrition, and exercise.

Note that while Vibrant Life covers health and wellness issues, all articles are expected to be written in an informal, interesting tone-and they shouldn’t contain complicated scientific or medical jargon.

Contact: Pitch editor Heather Quintana by filling out their pitch form

Rate: $100-$300.

23. War Cry

War Cry is the Salvation Army’s monthly digital and print magazine. Widely read, special editions are also published for Christmas and Easter. Their readership consists of members of the denomination as well as a general audience. 

Common topics include parenting, contemporary issues, and Christ and culture. War Cry also frequently publishes interesting profiles.

Contact: Reach out to editorial director Jeff McDonald through their pitch submission form

Rate: $0.15 – $0.35 per word.


24. EcommerceBytes

EcommerceBytes features two blogs:

  • The EcommerceBytes Blog publishes news and information about e-commerce in general.
  • The AuctionBytes Blog publishes content about marketplace selling and the auctioning of collectibles and other items.

EcommerceBytes also operates a bimonthly newsletter. Editors are looking for articles that will help their readers navigate the world of online auctions more successfully, both as sellers and buyers.

If you have business writing expertise in this area, consider pitching:

  • How-to-articles
  • Profiles on successful online auctioneers
  • News related to online auctions

Contact: Editor Ina Steiner.

Rate: Pay for articles is pre-negotiated.

25. IncomeDiary

Have expertise on topics like SEO, content development, or making money online? Pitch IncomeDiary. While this blog has high standards (one of its major focuses is on creating great content, after all), you can get paid quite well for a worthy article.

Contact: Email editor Barry Dunlop.

Rate: Up to $200 per post.

26. The Ken

If you’re knowledgeable about the online retail sector in India and Southeast Asia, pitch The Ken.

This publication has over 15,000 paying subscribers and publishes one new story per day.

Want a business writing assignment for The Ken? They’re looking for freelance journalists and subject matter experts to pitch reported stories that are fact-based and analytical.

Contact: commissioning editor Durga M. Sengupta

Rate: $0.25/edited word or $50/chart for data stories.

27. SmartBusinessTrends

Virtually every e-commerce business needs to be able to market effectively online. That’s the angle of SmartBusinessTrends.

This blog regularly accepts contributions from freelance writers who are able to write:

  • Informative articles
  • Tutorials
  • Product reviews
  • Case studies of use to their readers

Tip: In order for your pitch to be accepted by this blog, you’ll need to have relevant experience or expertise in the topic you want to write about.

Contact: Reach out to editor Chris Fong here.

Rate: $200-$500 per article.

28. PracticalEcommerce

PracticalEcommerce provides expert advice, instruction, and insight to help small and mid-sized e-commerce companies grow and succeed.

Their editorial policies differ from some publications, though. How? They don’t publish unsolicited pieces. Instead, they rely on a pool of regular contributors who can create content designed to genuinely help their readers.

Tip: Look over their website. If you have a suitable topic or idea to offer, pitch the editor.

Contact: Email editor Kerry Murdock.

Rate: Determined by the editor.

Lifestyle & Social Impact

29. Earth Island Journal

Earth Island Journal publishes a blog that focuses on environmental issues pertaining to an international audience, such as wildlife and land conservation, climate and energy, and environmental protection policies. 

For the best chance of having your story idea accepted, pitch a newsworthy, relevant topic that’s been overlooked by other outlets.

Contact: Email managing editor Zoe Loftus-Farren or reach out on LinkedIn.

Rate: $0.25/word for print features; $100 for online reports.

30. Homeschooling Today

Homeschooling Today is a magazine geared toward providing encouragement and helpful tools for homeschooling parents. It’s published quarterly in both print and digital formats. This pub doesn’t accept queries, so you’ll need to email the editor your written manuscript as an attachment with “Article Submission” written in the subject line. 

The editors look for feature articles (900-1,200 words) about a specific topic relating to homeschooling or unit study. They also seek articles that provide encouragement, feature an interview, or share helpful information about overcoming homeschool-related challenges. 

Contact: Email editor Ashley Wiggers

Rate: $0.10/word.

31. Rooted in Rights

Rooted in Rights is a nonprofit organization geared toward erasing the stigmas faced by people with disabilities, mental health challenges, and chronic illnesses. Written exclusively by writers with disabilities, it covers topics such as accessibility, discrimination, healthcare, and voting rights. The editorial team accepts both narrative and reported articles.

Contact: Email editor-in-chief Emily Ladau

Rate: $100+ per post.

32. Truity

Truity is a hugely popular blog about personality types and personality psychology. They look for passionate writers who can create high-quality content about topics like Myers Briggs, the Enneagram, and Jung’s typology. 

Contact: Reach out to publisher Molly Owens via Twitter or complete an application to write for Truity. 

Rate: $100-$150 per post.

33. Upworthy

The Upworthy blog focuses on making a positive social impact. Stories should be “surprising, meaningful, shareable, and visual.” Review their content to get a better sense of what kinds of pieces are successful.

Contact: Complete the pitch form or reach out to editor Annie Reneau.

Rate: $0.23-$0.35 per word.


34. The Atlantic

The Atlantic is a digital magazine that covers news, politics, culture, science and health, tech, and more. They frequently publish high-quality feature stories from experienced writers.

Contact: Email Deputy Editor Ross Andersen or refer to the staff directory to find a specific section editor.

Rate: Up to $0.65/word.

35. Business Insider

Got your pulse on business news? Check out Business Insider. This is a U.S-based site with a focus on e-commerce as well as finance, global tech, media, markets, and healthcare.

It’s the largest website of its kind on the internet today and frequently relies on contributions from freelancers who specialize in business writing.

Their editors are especially interested in pitches for:

  • How-tos
  • Reported features
  • Profiles
  • Personal essays

Do your homework, and make sure your ideas are different from what they’ve already published.

Contact: Editor Alyse Kalish

Rate: Varies; typically in the range of $0.20-$0.35/word.

36. Christian Science Monitor

The Christian Science Monitor is an independent, international news publication. It covers a range of topics, including the economy and ecommerce, science and nature, culture, and U.S and global news.

  • Write on spec. That’s how they do it at the Christian Science Monitor. It means they want to see the fully-written story before they decide whether or not to accept it.

Contact: Review the newsroom directory and/or editorial leadership guide and pitch the appropriate editor based on the topic you’re interested in writing about.

Rate: $0.25-$0.40/word.

37. Forbes

Getting an article into Forbes magazine is a huge accomplishment for any writer (Carol would know!).

But if you’re an experienced freelancer with relevant knowledge and business news writing experience, you might have a shot at writing for money for this pub.

On occasion, Forbes also hires experienced news writers to work on a contract basis, and the role is typically remote. You can keep an eye on their job openings for writers here

Contact: Send your pitch to assistant managing editor Brett Knight on LinkedIn.

Rate: $100+ per published digital article.

38. The Economist

The Economist is a weekly magazine that’s published in both print and digital formats.

It’s been around for a long time (since 1843!) and today reaches a global audience. It features stories about global news topics, politics, and the economy. It’s sister publication, aptly named 1843, also accepts freelance pieces of narrative journalism.

When crafting your pitch, plan to write not only about something current and relevant, but also explain the importance of the topic by providing analysis and context.

Contact: Email finance editor Rachana Shanbhogue or send a message on LinkedIn.

Rate: Pay rates vary widely, ranging from $0.20/word to more than $1 per word, depending on the content and your experience.

39. The Guardian

The Guardian is a British-based publication. But this pub has a diverse global readership and covers a wide variety of content including American and international news.

Tip: Demonstrate personal or professional expertise on the topic you want to write about to increase the chances of your pitch being accepted.

Contact: To pitch U.S-related e-commerce stories, contact John Mulholland. The rest of The Guardian’s staff can be viewed here.

Pay: $300/1,000 words.

Personal Finance

40. Doctor of Credit

Doctor of Credit is a personal finance website that features daily deals, money-related workshops, and information about credit cards and banking. 

They’re looking for guest posts of at least 600 words that cover one of the specific topics described in their guidelines.

Writing for money opportunities? If you can contribute guest posts that are accepted regularly, you can secure ongoing work for this website.

Contact: Contact Editor Will.

Rate: Pays a flat rate of $50 per article.

41. ElitePersonalFinance

ElitePersonalFinance features a website and blog that offers actionable advice on topics like:

  • Building credit
  • Securing loans
  • Preventing identity theft (with a focus on millennial readers. They spend over $100,000 each year on high-quality content.)

Pitch a 1,000-3,000-word post on one of the topics defined in their guidelines. Once you’re in, you might even be able to secure regular, ongoing work.

Contact: Reach out on Facebook or send your pitch by email.

Rate: Up to $300 per published article.

42. Investopedia

Investopedia has been a popular personal finance hub on the web for over 20 years. Their goal is to help readers feel more confident when managing money and investments by simplifying complex financial information. 

If you’re interested in writing consistently for money opportunities with Investopedia, you’ll need to apply to become a contributor.

Be sure to include your credentials and clips related to one of the topics they cover.

Contact: View Investopedia’s contributor openings and submit an application here. You can also send a message to Personal Finance Editor Julia Kagan.

Rate: While Investopedia doesn’t publish their rates, they do state that their pay is competitive. One freelance writer for the company reported earnings of over $50,000 per year (Glassdoor, 2015).

43. First Quarter Finance

First Quarter Finance exists to provide readers with helpful advice related to earning, investing, spending, and saving money. 

They don’t accept one-off pitches. Instead, they strive to establish long-term relationships with reliable freelance writers. If you secure this gig, you can expect to receive one assignment per week on an ongoing basis.

Contact: Carefully review the required application questions and send an email to the human resources department or contact Editor Emily Perschbacher.

Rate: Averages $80.00 per article.

44. Money Crashers

Money Crashers is a well-known personal finance website that covers topics like:

  • Investing
  • Money management
  • Retirement
  • Estate planning
  • Tax preparation

Writing for money opportunities? They regularly hire writers to contribute engaging, high-quality posts related to these issues, and they often like to publish longer, detailed articles of around 3,000 words. Instead of submitting a pitch, you’ll need to fill out an application and provide links to writing samples.

Contact: Submit a contributor application here or reach out to editor Kelly Gurnett.

Rate: Negotiable; averages $0.05 per word.

45. MoneyPantry

MoneyPantry aims to provide its audience with practical ideas for earning money.

They’re looking for detailed stories-generally 1,000 to 2,000 words-written in a conversational style with the goal of helping the reader.

Want a business writing assignment from Money Pantry? Pitch article ideas with real numbers and useful strategies.

Contact: Editor and Founder Saeed Darabi.

Rate: $30-$150 per article

46. The Dollar Stretcher

The Dollar Stretcher aims to help people live better lives on a frugal budget. Their articles focus on saving money, managing money, and conquering debt.

Note that this publication is currently only paying for articles published in their print newsletter and not for stories that appear on their website. Send a query with a specific idea related to one of the topics they cover, and plan to include real statistics or quotes from experts in the field for the best chance of having your pitch accepted.

Contact: Email editor Gary Foreman. Be sure to indicate whether you’re submitting for the printed version or for the website in the subject of the email.

Rate: $0.10 per published word. 

47. The Motley Fool

The Motley Fool regularly seeks out writers to contribute content to their network of websites. Instead of pitches, they’re looking for writers who are flexible and able to cover a variety of finance topics regularly.

To write for The Motley Fool, you’ll need to fill out a short application and provide links to three writing samples.

Contact: Fill out the writer application or send a message to Editor Michael Douglass.

Rate: Typically $140 for published articles.

48. The Penny Hoarder

The Penny Hoarder aims to provide readers with advice on topics like:

  • Budget management
  • Homebuying
  • Saving and investing
  • Retirement

Pitch a relevant, informative article, and plan to incorporate an interview from an expert source into the piece.

Contact: Send a message to Editor John Schlander.

Rate: Rates are determined upon acceptance of a pitch and typically average $0.07-$0.09 per word.

49. Wise Bread

Wise Bread is one of the leading personal finance blogs on the web. It provides advice for living well on a limited budget and features how-to articles on topics like:

  • Frugal living
  • Debt management
  • Investing
  • Retirement

They hire experienced personal finance and credit card writers who can offer advice in an easy-to-understand way. 

To write for this website, you’ll need to submit an application with three sample posts of at least 500 words along with five pitches. 

Contact: Send your completed application to recruiting@wisebread.com or contact Editor-in-Chief Lynn Truong.

Rate: Pay varies and is partially dependent upon ad revenue, but writers report earning about $25,000 per year for the content they contribute.

50. Working Money

Working Money is a magazine geared toward readers looking for information on how to invest money wisely.

Their most popular articles offer:

  • Financial planning strategies
  • Tips for choosing mutual funds
  • Tutorials related to investing

 Your pitch is more likely to be accepted if the editors feel confident in your ability to craft content relevant to readers. This publication looks for in-depth stories that span three pages and feature graphs, charts, or figures when appropriate.

Contact: Send an email to the editor

Rate: Flat payment of $180 per published article.


51. Couchbase

If you’re a tech writer with knowledge of topics like NoSQL databases and programming languages, pitch Couchbase. This blog focuses on providing readers with technical guides written in a clear, informative, and friendly style. Your pitch is most likely to be accepted if you have samples of other tech tutorials.

Contact: Email community developer Laura Czajkowski.

Rate: $200.

52. GoDaddy Blog

The GoDaddy blog, dubbed “GoDaddy Garage,” is geared toward helping entrepreneurs plan for, launch, grow, and maintain a business. The blog features content relevant to various industries, such as healthcare, real estate, restaurants, and even art.

In addition to its entrepreneurial focus, GoDaddy Garage also includes a section geared specifically toward web professionals. Topics range from using WordPress and designing websites to web development.

The blog’s editorial team accepts pitches and assigns specific article topics. If you have an interesting, original idea, submit it! You can also apply to be a regular contributor.

Contact: Pitch managing editor Andrea Rowland or complete the pitch submission form.

Rate: Usually around $100 per article, depending on various factors.

53. Pixlr Blog

Pixlr is a popular online photo editing platform, and its website features a blog that publishes content by freelance writers. If you have expertise relating to photography or graphic design, pitch the Pixlr blog.

Contact: Submit your idea by completing the pitch form.

Rate: $200 per post; more for tutorials.

54. SitePoint

SitePoint is a blog geared toward helping people understand how to use new web technologies, including various types of codes, web-based tools, and design programs. If you have experience in web development, design, or content creation, hit up the editor with a pitch.

Contact: Contact managing Editor Joel Falconer on LinkedIn or submit the pitch form.

Rate: $150 to $250 per post.

55. Smashing Magazine

Knowledgeable about web building? Consider pitching Smashing Magazine, a website and 

blog geared toward designers and developers. They accept articles from both new and experienced writers and are especially in need of tutorials, guides, opinion pieces, and case studies. Carefully follow the guidelines and pitch a 200-300-word outline of your idea.

Contact: Send a message to editor-in-chief Vitaly Friedman or use the pitch submission form.

Rate: $0.07-$0.13 per word.


56. AAA Washington

Want to write about the state of Washington? AAA Washington runs a travel-themed website as well as a magazine, Journey, that focuses on destinations in Washington state and northern Idaho. The content is geared toward educating and informing readers about interesting activities, places to go, and places to stay in the region.

Contact: Tweet or email editor-in-chief Jim Hammerand.

Rate: Reportedly pays up to $0.50/word, but freelancers can also pitch a rate.

57. Backpacker

Backpacker is a bimonthly print and digital magazine focused on foot-based travel-primarily hiking-throughout North America. About 50 percent of the stories in this pub are written by freelancers, which means there may be opportunities for you. 

Your pitch will have the best chance of being accepted if you’re willing to start off by writing a short assignment for the pages in the departments section. Plan to write an impactful story with a valuable take-away for the reader.

Contact: See the Editorial Directory section in the guidelines and pitch the editor of the section you’re hoping to write for.

Rate: Varies; reportedly $0.25-$0.50/word depending on the section.

58. Backroads

Backroads USA is a monthly publication with a focus on providing motorcycle touring-related guides, tips, and information. The editors look for articles about unique or obscure roadside attractions or eateries and interesting destinations. Note that all feature articles submitted to this pub must be accompanied by high-quality photographs.

Contact: Email the editor.

Rate: $75 and up.

59. DesertUSA

Interested in writing about topics related to the North American desert or surrounding regions? Consider pitching DesertUSA. This digital resource features a blog that includes articles about travel, Native American culture, regional history and geology, and southwestern arts and crafts. Note that all writers for this blog are required to provide digital images along with their stories.

Contact: Email or Tweet publisher Jim Bremner.

Rate: $50 per article.

60. Escapees Magazine

Escapees is a bimonthly magazine geared toward RVers who enjoy traveling and exploring. They seek general interest RV-related topics, how-to articles, photo features, profiles, and other travel features. All freelance submissions will need to include photos, and stories should be written in a conversational tone. One particularly nice perk of writing for this mag is that they reimburse the expenses of writers on assignment.

Contact: Email assistant editor Kelly Evans-Hill

Rate: $25-$200 per story.

61. International Living

International Living offers both a blog and a magazine geared toward helping people retire affordably by living abroad. They need interviews, reviews of relevant new products, how-to guides, and travel features. 

Contact: Email editorial director Eoin Bassett to pitch a print article or contact digital editor Annie Hannon to pitch a blog post.

Rate: $250-$400 for print articles; usually about $0.10 per word for blog/website articles.

62. Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet is a travel adventure-themed website that publishes feature content, daily news stories from around the world, and guidebooks. The editors are particularly interested in receiving pitches for inspirational, visually pleasing content. 

Contact: Tweet editor-at-large Sebastian Modak or reach out via email.

Rate: Varies; up to $0.30/word according to reports on WhoPaysWriters.

63. Oregon Coast Magazine

Oregon Coast is a bimonthly magazine focusing on the coastal region of Oregon. Both new and established writers are invited to submit pitches. Regularly featured topics include community profiles, driving or walking tours, special events, historical pieces, nature, and restaurant features.

Contact: Send an email to editor-in-chief Rosemary Camozzi.

Rate: $100+ depending on the word count and type of story.

64. Pathfinders Travel

Pathfinders is a travel magazine geared toward people of color. Its goal is to help readers plan where to travel and how to get there, what to do while at their destination, and where to dine or stay. All articles from new writers must be submitted on spec unless agreed otherwise, meaning that a completed article must be sent in.

Contact: Email editor P.J. Thomas.

Rate: $150 per article.

65. Porthole Magazine

The cruise industry is finally beginning to rebound after a very tough year. If you’re knowledgeable about cruises and want to write about topics that entice readers to travel by cruise ship, consider pitching this pub. 

Regular article themes include personal experience stories, how-to guides, historical and general interest stories, and travel features about destinations that can be reached by ship. Porthole pays for the travel expenses of writers on assignment.

Contact: Send a message to Editor-in-Chief Bill Panoff or email a pitch to publications@ppigroup.com.

Rate: Varies; generally pays $500-$600 for assigned feature stories.

66. Recreation News

Recreation News provides travel coverage with an emphasis on destinations in the Mid-Atlantic (including Delaware, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia). 

They publish print and digital editions as well as a weekly newsletter. Pitch an interesting, conversational article that focuses on a specific place of interest with details about where to stay and eat.  

Contact: Email Editor Marvin Bond

Rate: $50-$300.

67. Road & Travel Magazine

Road & Travel Magazine is an online publication dedicated to automotive, travel, and personal safety. This pub’s mission is to help readers make informed decisions when it comes to planning trips, staying safe on the road, and purchasing vehicles. While the articles are intended to appeal to a wide variety of readers, the target audience is women ages 29-59. 

Contact: Reach out to editor-in-chief Courtney Caldwell via email or LinkedIn.

Rate: Varies; typically up to $100.

68. Rova

Want to write about road travel? Check out Rova-a digital and print magazine that emphasizes embracing life on the highways and byways of North America. Millennials and Gen-Xers are the target audience for this mag, and the editors seek articles with a focus on the ways in which roads connect people to places and experiences.

Contact: Send a message to editor-in-chief Gemma Peckham on LinkedIn or fill out the pitch submission form.

Rate: $200 per article.

69. RVTravel

RVTravel is a website that features a blog and other content relating to camping and the RV lifestyle. They accept submissions of full articles as well as pitches for stories, press releases, and even poems. If your article is successfully published, there’s a chance you could be brought on as a regular paid contributor or columnist.

Contact: Send a message to editor Chuck Woodbury or submit your pitch via the pitch form.

Rate: Undisclosed.

70. Transitions Abroad

Transitions Abroad is an online resource for people interested in traveling to work, study, volunteer, teach, or intern. Regularly published articles cover topics such as worldwide bargains for travelers on a budget; how-to guides related to living, working, and studying abroad; and features about travel opportunities and community-organized tours.

Contact: Contact editor Gregory Hubbs on LinkedIn or send your pitch via email.

Rate: $50-$150 per post.

71. Texas Highways

If you live in Texas or have strong familiarity with the state, consider pitching Texas Highways. The official travel magazine of Texas, this publication is geared toward all Texans and everyone who is interested in exploring the state. Review the guidelines carefully and consider pitching a story about Texas culture, history, or scenery; a small town; or a hidden gem.

Contact: Message managing editor Matt Joyce on LinkedIn or send your pitch via email.

Rate: Up to $0.50/word.

72. Wanderlust

Wanderlust is a UK-based website and print publication that seeks articles about unique, intriguing destinations around the world. Regular topics include destination features, trip planner features, advice articles, and shorter “pocket guide” and “dispatch” pieces.

Contact: Message managing editor Tom Hawker on LinkedIn or send an email.

Rate: Pay varies but averages around $0.25 per word.

73. World Nomads

World Nomads publishes content about transformative travel-related experiences in the form of authentic, personal narratives. Pitch a story that describes a life-changing journey and how it affected you, the way you view the world, and what you learned from the experience.

Contact: Reach out to managing editor Kate Duthie on LinkedIn or via email.

Rate: $0.50/word.

Writing & Freelancing

74. Copyhackers

The Copyhackers blog is geared toward helping copywriters and marketers achieve success and upward mobility in their careers. It features stories about topics like conversion copywriting, freelancing for hire, and product marketing. 

It’s not easy to get your pitch accepted by Copyhackers. They only accept 1 in 30 pitches and only publish a third of those. But if your article is published, you’ll be compensated quite well.

Contact: Email your pitch to the content strategist or contact founder and editor Joanna Wiebe.

Rate: $300-$1,000 per post.

75. Freedom with Writing

Wanna help other freelancers get paid for their writing? If you have useful advice to share, pitch this blog. They’re looking for how-to guides, essays, and case studies. They also occasionally publish eBooks.

Contact: Email editor Jacob Jans.

Rate: Up to $150 for articles; $500+ for eBooks.

 76. FreelanceMom

FreelanceMom is a popular website for moms who work as freelancers and solopreneurs. The editor is looking for writers who can provide original blog posts offering in-depth, actionable advice for their readers. Pitch an article that is deeply personal, well-researched, or education-based.

Contact: Email Editor Lisa Stein.

Rate: $75-100 per post.

77. Make a Living Writing

Did you know our blog pays writers for guest posts about the business and craft of freelance writing? 

If you’re a current or former Freelance Writer’s Den member, or if you’ve graduated from Jon Morrow’s blog mentoring program, submit an idea! On occasion, founder Carol Tice offers open pitch windows, where anyone who subscribes to the blog can pitch.

Note that almost all of the pitches accepted are from subscribers of the blog.

Contact: Email our editor.

Rate: $75-$150 per post.

78. WritersWeekly

Writers Weekly is geared toward helping writers earn money from their craft. They publish stories covering topics like self-publishing, corporate writing, and marketing tips for freelance writers.

Contact: Contact publisher Angela Hoy after reading the writer’s guidelines.

Rate: $60 per 600-word article.

Start pitching to land more content writing jobs

The remote working boom that began last year isn’t going away, and more companies than ever are hiring freelancers. Jump on this opportunity and start pitching to blogs, magazines, and other businesses in your niche. Every article that’s published helps build your portfolio and gives you more opportunities to score additional work and – ideally – great long-term clients.

And remember: Before you pitch any of these markets, be sure to research the publication and familiarize yourself with its content. It’s also important to carefully read and follow the writer’s guidelines whenever they’re available. 

Craft your pitch, review it, and send it off. Then keep going. If you do that, you’ll be well on your way to finding more content writing jobs and working your way up the freelance ladder.

Plan to use this list to land more content writing jobs? Let us know in the comments.

Christin Nielsen is a freelance writer based in Virginia. She specializes in writing for digital and print publications as well as nonprofit organizations.

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