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If you are a young writer looking for gift ideas to give your family and friends, or a seasoned writer wondering what the young people like these days, you’ve come to the right place. If a young writer aspires to write as a hobby or even a career, this list will help you know how to support them. 

For your ease of reading, we’ve broken the list down into three different categories. Within these categories are several gift ideas, some modestly priced, others that better fit extra special occasions. 

Whatever gifts for young writers you choose, we can almost guarantee your writing friend will love it. Writers are passionate about their craft, and any gift that can help them on their way to their goal is sure to be a big hit. 

We start with writing tools, because as they say, writers write!

Writing Tools

Different writers write in different formats, so here is a list of various choices for you to choose from.

#1 – Unique Pens

Does your writing friend write by hand or prefer to plot out their story on paper? Consider purchasing a special fountain pen (don’t forget the ink!) or another writing utensil that fits their needs.

Keep in mind that some writers are left handed, and a fountain pen may not be the option most conducive to their writing needs. If you worry about the ink not drying quickly enough, consider a high-quality, ballpoint pen.

#2 – Notebooks For Writing

What writer doesn’t love a great notebook? Whether you browse the leatherbound journals at your local Barnes & Noble, or scour the web for writing-themed notebooks, this gift is sure to stay with the writer for years to come. 

You can personalize it with an engraving, or simply purchase a blank notebook or one with lined pages. 

#3 – Desk Accessories 

Options are limitless when it comes to ideas for a writer’s desk. Whether they want to write with a candle flickering on their desk, desire a clean workspace and need organizational tools, or simply need a new pencil holder, accessories are a go-to. 

Writing Resources

One of the most inspiring aspects of the writing craft is that it’s so subjective that there’s no cap on what writers can learn. Writing resources can be budget-friendly, or a little more extravagant. Find options with the below list:

#4 – Books On Writing

Here is a short list to get you started: 

  • Bird by Bird, Anne Lamott
  • On Writing Well, William Zinsser
  • Exploring the Art of Plotting, DiAnn Mills
  • Book Proposals That Sell, W. Terry Whalin
  • The Art of War for Writers, James Scott Bell
  • On Writing, Stephen King

#5 – Writing Courses 

There are many different types of writing courses that can be helpful for young writers. A few options are a writing guild or a more private writing course, or even providing the link to a free class or webinar.

#6 – A Subscription 

It’s common knowledge that writers are encouraged to keep their day jobs until they actually write and publish that first book. Paying for a subscription can help writers further their learning and writing expertise without paying anything out of pocket. Master Class offers great writing courses, and subscriptions to famous magazines are another helpful resource. 

#6 – Writing Conference 

With writing conferences happening both online and in person these days, paying for a young writer to attend a conference would be a dream come true for them.

Whether you sign them up for an online conference or pay for them to network and mingle in-person, writing conferences are spread across the US and globally as well. 

#7 – Airbnb 

Sometimes all a new writer needs is a space that is quiet. Writing in the midst of their cluttered dorm room, parent’s busy living room, or typing away at their laptop inside their car (parked, of course!) shows dedication but is not always practical. 

When a writer can devote a day or two of uninterrupted time to strictly write, they can move mountains. Imagine what you’d give to be offered a night or two away, just so you can dedicate that time to the craft you love so much?

Writing Fuel

Writers need fuel, just like any other profession. Carpenters need gasoline for their equipment, mathematicians need batteries for their calculators, and athletes need protein powder and lots of water bottles. 

#8 – Coffee Maker

Writers are stereotypically known for what they drink while writing. Hemingway is often regarded for writing while drinking, but this is likely a myth. While you likely don’t want to fall into the category of F. Scott Fitzgerald, Hemingway’s opposite in this matter, a good cup of coffee can set the aesthetic for your next scene. 

There are many options when it comes to coffee makers for your young writing friend:

  • Aeropress
  • Kalita wave
  • Moka pot 

Just don’t get too carried away and take them from their writing!

#9 – Tea Maker

Teabags are a simple, on-the-go way to make coffee, but what if your young writer needs a mental break? Consider investing in a tea maker so they can make their own fresh tea and take a step away from writing as it steeps. 

  • Loose leaf tea infuser 
  • Saki Turkish tea maker
  • Tea press with a filter

Don’t  forget a starter tea flavor to help them begin. 

#10 – Popcorn Maker

Popcorn is a great go-to snack when you feel like you need a little something to munch on, but don’t want to cook an entire meal or just grab a few cookies. Gifting a homemade popcorn popper is a wonderful inbetween.

Not only is popcorn filling, but it takes just a few minutes to make and can be seasoned to whatever mood you’re in. Toss in a handful of M&Ms for a sweet, melty mix, or season with some light oil and salt and you’re set to go.

Don’t Forget It’s About The Writing

Writing themed gifts are a fantastic way to show your support to your writing friends. When giving a gift, try to keep in mind how your gift will support the writing itself. It’s easy to spend unnecessary time purchasing every new desk gadget, the newest technology in writing utensils, but it all comes down to writing. 

Gifts are fun and encouraging, but try to choose with intention. Which gift in the above list will help your writer friends use their time more efficiently, create a more aesthetically pleasing environment for them, or keep them fueled up?  

Choose a gift that isn’t just fun to receive, but practical to use. If a writer uses an ergonomic keyboard and you give them an expensive fountain pen, it may just sit in a drawer. That said, sometimes the most practical gift to receive is something that just sits on the desk, encouraging them to keep going! 

Whatever gift you choose to give this season, the writer receiving it will likely feel supported. Writing can often go underappreciated, and the long hours at the desk can go unnoticed. While writing isn’t about being applauded, it’s encouraging for writers to know their friends see their effort. 

Enjoy choosing the perfect gift, and don’t forget to purchase your friend’s book when it launches! 

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