17 Super-Useful Posts About Story Ideas, Article Writing, Interviews, and Editors

Carol Tice

story ideas equal moneyEver wondered why article writers often get paid more than bloggers?

Well, here’s something interesting that just happened to me that explains why I keep encouraging writers to learn reporting: I did a Google search on a term, and got some results…and then a section of results labeled “In-depth Articles.”

Article writing is the future. More businesses will be paying for it, online magazines are springing up — the lucrative opportunities for writers who can develop a great idea, do a sharp interview, and weave it into a compelling story are growing like mad.

We’ve also got article writing on the brain around here because of an upcoming writing class I’ll be teaching with Linda Formichelli — we’re giving out some free article-writing trainings to celebrate that right now, if you haven’t seen. (Editor’s Note: The free resources have expired.)

For more article-writing help, I thought I’d help you ring in the New Year with a roundup of the most useful posts ever seen on this blog about article writing. Enjoy!

Story Ideas

1. 5 Unusual Places to Find Great Story Ideas by Sally Ashworth

2. The Easy Story Idea Sale That Few Writers Think to Pitch

3. Here’s Why Your Article Idea Isn’t Getting You $1 a Word

4. How to Get an Editor to Buy Your Unsalable Story Idea by Linda Formichelli

5. Never Run Out of Story Ideas by Asking This Quick Question


6. 7 Stress-Busting Interview Secrets from a Successful Freelance Writer

7. 10 Killer Interview Tips for Amazing Articles

8.  When Your Interview Source is a Total Blowhard: 5 Survival Tips

Article Writing

9.  5 Telltale Signs of Lazy Article Writing — Avoid These Blunders

10.  How I Wrote a $2,000 Freelance Article in 1 Week Flat

11.  How to Get Over Your Paralyzing Article Writing Fears

12.  How to Make Absolutely Sure Your Article Gets Killed by Linda Formichelli

13. The Trick to Writing Business Profiles So They Aren’t Sleazy PR

Working with Editors

14. 5 Simple Ways to Build Great Writer-Editor Relationships by Mary Davis

15. 7 Types of Articles That Editors Hate and Don’t Want to Pay You For

16. How to Get Twice as Many Article Assignments When Your Editor Leaves

17. Why Editors Don’t Respond to Your Query

Hope these give you a quick shot of learning that ups your article writing knowledge!



  1. Alberto

    Dear Carol, thank you so much for this post! I just want you to note that some of the links are broken. At least for me… Could you please take a look? Thanks!

    • Alberto

      (I think it’s because “http://” is written at the end of the link)

    • Editor

      Thanks for letting us know. The links have been updated and tested. Enojy!

  2. Lori Ferguson

    Wow, a veritable ‘treasure trove’ of goodies! Thanks so much, Carol, and a very Happy New Year!!

  3. Philippa Willitts

    Amazing articles here, thank you so much! I’ve seen a couple of them before but there are several hours of great reading ahead, I think!

  4. Cherese Cobb

    A great round-up of article to start out the New Year on the right foot. Thank you–Carol, Mary, Sally, and Linda!

    • Carol Tice

      Thanks Cherese! And thanks to Jenn for coming on and fixing our link problems. 😉

  5. Willi Morris

    You’re really going to make me read 17 articles today, aren’t you Carol? LOL Wow. Thanks!

    • Carol Tice

      Nobody’s making you, Willi — but if you want a ton of tips for better articles, you’re all set. 😉

  6. Rob S

    Online or off, articles do pay better. I just got $300 each for 3 short (450 words) articles that took about an hour longer to write than my $40 blog posts. That’s $900 vs $120 for an extra hour’s work.

    • Carol Tice

      Right on, Rob. Positioning what you’re doing as article writing rather than blogging — and taking the time to do an interview or two and find some statistics — can make a *huge* difference in your income.

  7. Shahrukh

    Hi Carol,

    Just want to know your opinion about Academic Writing…..do you see it along the line with article writing?

    • Carol Tice

      Shahrukh, if you mean writing college essays and dissertations, this is an unethical niche that damages your reputation. Thanks for giving me yet another chance to mention that anyone serious about building a freelance writing career should avoid this type of work.

      The sites claim students are merely ‘inspired’ by what you write, but we all know how it really goes — they plagiarize your essay, and are expelled when it’s discovered. It bears no relationship to writing a magazine article, or writing an article for a business website, and the style of writing and the requirements and conventions are entirely different as well.

      This is why I offer Article Writing Masterclass, so writers can learn to move away from low-paid academic and mill work to better paid article writing.

      • Shahrukh

        No prob…looking forward to learn more from you in the new year.

        Best wishes and hope that everyone here gets a brilliant 2015.

  8. dojo

    I’m a web designer mainly, but I’d love to also earn some money as a content writer. Love the resources you have listed here and will read each article carefully. Thanks for sharing.

  9. sneha K

    Hi Carol,
    I really like your posts and your style. It’s very clear and keeps the reader interested till the end.
    I’ve recently opted out of my full-time job and turned to freelancing.
    I’m finding it hard to look for forums/publications looking for writers and content contributors.
    I’d really appreciate it if you could help me with links or anything you can, where I could get some writing done.

    Thank you 🙂

    • Carol Tice

      I find it hard to believe that your Google can’t deliver you unlimited numbers of places you can ‘contribute’ for exposure.

      For paying markets, check out my list of 140 of them: https://makealivingwriting.com/140-websites-that-pay-writers-updated-2014/

      But remember, ultimately it’s not ‘links’ or websites that take lots of writers that you’re looking for — you have to do your own marketing to identify and get hired by better-paying markets. See my ebooks tab for lots of useful info on how to do that.


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